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It’s been less than six months since the iPhone 5S went on sale here in Japan, but already Apple devotees are chomping at the bit to get their hands on an even newer model. One such would-be early adopted is blogger Yoppy, who’s still feeling the pain from failing in his quest to be the first person in Japan with an iPhone 5.

Not wanting to let greatness slip between his grasp two times in a row, Yoppy decided that this time he was going to line up early for the release of the upcoming iPhone 6. How early? Seven months ought to do it.

As the smartphones and tablets pioneered by Apple become a vital part of daily life for an increasing number of people, it’s getting harder and harder for initial supply to meet launch day demand. If you want the latest iPhone in your hand on the day of release, you’ve got to spend a few hours standing in front of the Apple Store. And should you want the bragging rights of being first in line, be prepared to spend a few nights on the sidewalk. At the launch of the iPhone 5S in September, some technophiles spent ten days sleeping on the pavement (although our own Mr. Sato managed to snag the first Docomo iPhone 5S with only two days braving the elements).

At the release of the iPhone 5, Yoppy arrived at his local Apple Store a day before the model went on sale, only to find other Apple fans had beaten him to the punch and were already occupying the head of the line. So when Yoppy read online that the iPhone 6 would be released in September. He knew what he had to do: get in line now.

He also knew what he had to wear: the same iPhone costume he’d decked himself out in for the 5’s launch.

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Yoppy’s unusual look earned him a bit of fame during the iPhone 5 launch, when he was interviewed by various media outlets and even featured on national TV. Despite Apple’s ever-growing popularity, dressing up as their products still ranks as a unique fashion choice. The blogger attracted plenty of attention as he made his way from Shibuya to the Apple Store in Ginza. Proving that crazy is the international language, he even took time out of his journey to pose for pictures with some overseas tourists.

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It’s a long way from Shibuya to Ginza, though, and we’re not sure that headgear gives Yoppy the level of peripheral vision you need to navigate busy intersections without getting clipped by a car. Adopting a safety first policy, Yoppy hopped on the subway line that connects the two neighborhoods.

▼ Easiest way to get a seat on Tokyo’s notoriously crowded Metro? Dress up like a maniac.

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After hopping off the subway at his destination, Yoppy climbed the stairs up to the surface and headed for the Apple Store. Once there, his eyes were greeted by a beautiful sight. No one was standing in line. He was first!

Just to make sure he wasn’t mistaken for a common loiterer, Yoppy pulled a marker and notebook out of his bag and scrawled out a sign letting everyone know that the line for the iPhone 6 started right there.

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Needles to say, he stood out just a little. Notice how everyone is looking at Yoppy, but keeping a safety buffer that keeps them well out of reach of the bizarre-looking individual.

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Still, the emotional rush of being first in line only lasts so long. As Yoppy’s excitement dissipated, he began to wonder just how much time he was going to be out there for. All he’d heard was that the iPhone 6 would be released in September, but the waiting would go a lot easier if he knew the exact date. Hoping the Apple staff could shed some light on the timeframe, he headed into the store to ask.

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But while the helpful sales associates gave him an answer, it definitely wasn’t the one he wanted to hear.

“The release date isn’t set yet,” he was informed. “Actually, that product hasn’t even been announced yet, and we don’t know when, or if, it will.”

Yes, it seems that Yoppy got the jump on not only other Apple fans, but on the electronics maker himself, by patiently waiting for a product that doesn’t officially exist yet. We’re sure it came as a shock, but this in no way changes the fact that he still the first person in the world to line up for the iPhone 6, whether Apple has fessed up to the gadget being in development or not.

Incidentally, this technicality also makes him the first person to line up for the iPhone 7 and 8 as well. So congratulations, Yoppy! Thank you for showing us all that by throwing logic and societal clothing norms out the window, sometimes we can achieve more than we ever set out to.

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