KK Miller

Writer After falling in love with Totoro and always thinking how delicious Satsuki’s bento looked, KK Miller continued to study about Japan all the way through university. Frequent time was spent between learning about Japanese history and rereading Harry Potter for the bajillionth time. A year abroad in Japan only cemented her decision to live in Japan, so she moved here right after completing her degree. Dressing up as a Harry Potter character every Halloween since being in Japan, KK continues to spread the magic and her love of Totoro and Harry Potter to everyone around her. While Satsuki’s bento turned out to consist of all the Japanese foods she doesn’t like (umeboshi, dembu, and whole grilled fish), she continues to enjoy Japan through traveling, photography and writing.

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Rurouni Kenshin sumi-e prints are the most wanted holiday gifts on our wish list

Turns out the tales of Battousai the Manslayer make for great ink paintings.

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Chinese period drama mannequin challenge is worth stopping to take a look at 【Video】

Who knew the Song Dynasty was familiar with social media trends!

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Moving Filipino Rogue One promo will cause tears to escape from your eye’s exhaust port【Video】

You’re crying, they’re crying, we’re all crying. As good a reason as any to see the movie!

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Heading to Comiket this year? Be sure to donate blood for a special gift!

Nothing goes better with a weekend in costume than a bag of blood for the Red Cross.

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Anime idols from μ’s boogie down to Japan’s “Love Dance” in epic stop-motion clip 【Video】

Because even figurines find the song extremely catchy.

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Pokémon wedding aims to catch all of our hearts, totally hits the mark 【Photos】

This Pokémon Master couple are also Wedding Masters.

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2016 on track to be (subjectively) worst year yet, so here’s a bunch of amazing cats!【Photos】

Here’s a roundup of the best pictures of cats from Japanese Twitter users.

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Japanese Twitter users lament that they can only grow potted cats 【Pics】

These people might not have a green thumb, but their results are much cuter.

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Determine the characteristics of a country based on how passports are stamped!

Could this be as accurate as horoscopes, blood-typing and how we make a fist? How could anything match their exact precision?

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Nothing says “Happy Holidays” quite like a stuffed, cooked turkey plushy

It looks so delicious, but if it’s soft and cuddly, we’ll take that too!
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High fashion meets Pokémon to create clothing that only the elitest of the elite four can afford

Loaded and love Pokémon? There is a $1,300 skirt that has your name on it.

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Toyota’s new Mark X car paints a picture that depicts its Japanese roots【Video】

It doesn’t take a wind god and a thunder god to explain how good your car is, but it certainly helps.

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Stunning works of art in various mediums, all inspired by Ghibli classics 【Pics】

Totoro, Princess Mononoke, and other favorites inspire some new masterpieces.

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Purple Witch Hot Pot is the newest Japanese Twitter craze and it looks deliciously poisonous

We promise it will magically warm and fill your empty stomach.

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Aomori mascot shows no fear in front of legendary X Japan drummer Yoshiki【Video】

Nyango Star must have apple-cat nerves of steel as he absolutely kills a performance of X Japan songs in front of a discerning audience.

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Comic about international travel hits the nail on the head about the most bizarre spa behaviors

You miss doing what in Russia?!

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People all over the world wish Mickey Mouse a very happy 88th birthday!【Video】

It helps that he’s willing to travel the globe to receive our birthday wishes.

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Comedy team tackles Naruto tropes to great effect【Video】

Chances are you’ve never seen Naruto like this: live-action and totally in your face!

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Cat finds perfect seat that is equal parts comfortable and badass

You totally want to get mad at it for taking your stuff, but look how cute it is!

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The heartwarming story behind the Starbucks “Green Cup”【Video】

This was no pre-Christmas cup; just a wonderful way to show we’re all connected.
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