Master Blaster

Writer / Translator

Master Blaster is the two-man translating team of Canada’s Steven Le Blanc and Japan’s Masami M, a pair who in addition to writing work are in English education and created the StudyNow app for Japanese students of English.

Together they have written somewhere around 1,500 articles for RocketNews24 covering such diverse topics as Chinese men selling sanitary napkins to each other and a Japanese guy dragging an ear of corn around the Tokyo train system. A few of these were actually good, but don’t take our word for it! Here’s what our beloved readers had to say:

“One isn't always in the mood for bold tastes. But when I'm in the mood for bold flavor I turn to you.”
“Stupid article. Who cares what the Japanese think it's cool. You don't call a monkey, "gorilla".”
“You know, this is about the most cogent explanation of how a turbocharger works that I have ever seen in the non-motorsports world.”
“Thanks for the article peter!”
“It's people like you who make exploitation possible.”
“It looks yummy and the story was great. Thank you for the smile.”

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All Stories by Master Blaster

5-year-old Anke from China wows American audiences with her piano and personality【Video】

I don’t think I could even play a cassette tape properly at that age.

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Watch the dying art of the punch perm, a quintessential Japanese hairstyle, in Mr. Sato’s new ‘do

Mr. Sato experiences a classic of Japanese hairstyling from the Showa Era to get in touch with… Eh, okay. He lost a bet.

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Japanese water skier gets hit in crotch by jumping fish【Video】

Four second video shows a true one-in-a-million shot.

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Mr. Sato tones up dramatically in five days to become a better pole dancer

Mr. Sato was feeling in a rut with his progression as a pole dancer, so he decided to take action and improve his core strength.

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Man arrested for living above a public toilet in Oita for three years

Home is where the heart is.

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Does cucumber and whiskey smell like melon?

Whiskey maker Nikka says it does, so we investigate.

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Mystery of flesh-melting road in Kawasaki solved

Simply stepping foot on a stretch of pavement in Kawasaki has left at least three people with injuries on their feet.

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Carbonated drink commercial pulled after being deemed “too dangerous” by viewers

The company behind Mitsuya Cider apologizes for their thoughtlessness in glorifying reckless behavior in their ad.

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Trial begins in the case of Mario Kart v. Mari Car

Nintendo is suing a go-kart and costume rental business for infringing on their Mario Kart copyright.

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Hackers to Gundam: 5 rumors about failed North Korean missile launch surface on Japanese Internet

We cannot say with 100 percent certainty that a giant robot did not intervene at the last minute.

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Musician Ian McCulloch flees Japan amid US-North Korea tensions, show cancelled without warning

You know things are getting serious when the lead singer of Echo & the Bunnymen throws in the towel.

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Burgeoning art of aerial ramen photography making a splash, rarely literally

A new trend is treating us to vistas of soup rarely seen by humans, whether we like it or not.

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We order a “Mystery Lucky Bag of Imperfect Goods” through Amazon, end up with a pile of crab

You can’t go wrong buying a random assortment of flawed seafood through the mail.

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Japanese bakeries can now use a Robocop-style bread recognition checkout system

Overkill or overkill like a fox?

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Four-time boxing champion Koki Kameda will take on all comers, winner gets 10 million yen

You too can experience all the joy and wonder of getting punched in the face by a champion, and maybe even get a lot of money.

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Japanese researchers redesign electric car to go farther than ever before on a single charge

The Wireless IWM Unit 2 turns a flaw of a electric vehicles into a strength, opening a world of possibilities.

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Ultimate “crap game” Takeshi’s Challenge coming to smartphones this summer!

Experience all of the fun and frustration – mostly frustration – of the classic Nintendo game with some added features.

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Japanese professor develops device to allow cars to cleanly run on hydrogen from ammonia

The Plasma Membrane Reactor can take a jug of ammonia and convert it into pure hydrogen cleanly and cheaply to power anything from portable generators to cars.

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The Mr. Sato Car takes part in the trendy “Itasha de Starbucks” movement

We show solidarity with the itasha community by hanging out in a Starbucks parking lot with the Mr. Sato Car.

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Ryo mysteriously loses wedding ring, learns from psychic it saved his life【Haunted Tokyo】

At first our Haunted Tokyo reporter was horrified to notice his wedding band had disappeared, but now he is thankful for it.

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