The girl with the keyboard hat – Chinese fashion designer delights and baffles【Photos】

One Weibo user has attracted a lot of attention overnight by posting her unconventional fashion designs. She has already gained nearly 75,000 followers, even though she has only been a member for 42 days. While some think it’s all a big joke, she may just be ahead of her time.

The designer doesn’t say much about her work; most of her posts are simply captioned “my design.” She models her own works, but her face is usually expressionless. It’s not surprising, as her designs - which mostly involve balancing computer keyboards, rocks, plastic bottles, and vegetables on her head – speak so loudly.

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Extremely well-behaved Chinese dogs “say Grace” before daily meal

I can’t even remember the last time I “said Grace” before a meal. It must have been before my teens, when my parents realized I was a Godless, hopeless heathen that shoveled food into my mouth so fast I couldn’t even taste it.

Which, I guess, puts my manners one level below four Chinese dogs that dutifully bow and lower their heads as their owner/trainer says a few words of thanks for their meal.

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Gross! Kindergarten teacher pees in his female colleagues’ tea

Ever felt like you’re not getting the respect you deserve at your workplace? Personally, I’ve been lucky and never had to bear the brunt of any serious sort of disrespect at work, though I did encounter a co-worker who was always too eager to speak; he kept interrupting before I could finish saying something. One evening while working overtime, he did it again and I snapped… that guy left the company one week later. I’m pretty sure he didn’t quit because I snapped at him, though I did feel slightly guilty for losing my cool.

Some people have it harder though. A male teacher in Jiangsu Province, China, felt that he wasn’t getting enough respect from his colleagues and decided to vent his anger by urinating in his colleagues’ mugs and tumblers. Eew!

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Cute girls are universal! Japanese netizens rave over a Chinese girl who is “too cute”【Photos】

Japan has never ceased to fascinate us with their truckloads of girl idol groups, gravure idols and, well, just cute girls in general. The Japanese population seem to be rather satiated with their ever-increasing troops of idols too. However, there has been some hype on some Japanese websites recently, with netizens uploading photos of a Chinese girl whom they think is “too cute”.

And the good news is, no “traps” are involved this time!

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Chinese celebrity caught cheating on his wife triggers rush for “love insurance”

We’ve heard of celebrities and famous athletes spending insane amounts on insurance for their body parts, but it would seem that in China, the trend now is to buy insurance for love.

Recent reports of the infidelity of popular Chinese actor Zhang Wen not only set flame on Chinese social media networks, they also triggered off a rush for “love insurance”, generating more than a thousand new clients solely in Xiamen of Fujian Province. How does this “love insurance” work? Details after the break!

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Chinese consumers are completely obsessed with pizza

China is going through a pizza renaissance. 

Because Chinese consumers see pizza as an iconic part of the American diet, demand for the food is expected to continue surging, writes David Stringer at Bloomberg.

China’s biggest cheese supplier, Fonterra, predicts demand for mozzarella cheese will surge 20% in the next two years because of the trend, according to Bloomberg.

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Ancient Chinese characters prove that ninja cats once ruled Asia

Despite many of us considering them to be pets, with the immense power they wield over humans and their near total domination of the internet, cats are clearly the ones in charge. They appear with such frequency in ancient Egyptian iconography that many have wondered whether the Egyptians knew something about cats that we don’t, and no matter how many treats we give the felines we share our homes with, they just never seem to accept us as equals, let alone their masters.

And now, a photo of an ancient set of Chinese characters has given internet users in China even more reason to believe that cats were once the true rulers of the world. Behold: kanji characters depicting cats with ninja headbands!

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A quick refresher on the difference between Macau, Hong Kong, and Mainland China

The artist who created a super-helpful explainer on the differences among England, the UK, and the British Isles is back, this time with a primer on China.

If you’ve ever traveled from Macau to Hong Kong to mainland China, you’ll notice that your passport gets stamped every time. Each one has its own government, money, police force, schools, and even languages.

But Hong Kong and Macau are not their own countries, despite the fact that Hong Kong had its own team in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Check out the video below for the quick, correct, and funny explainer, which will make you feel a lot more confident about any future Macau, Hong Kong, or China references.

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Do not try this at home: Man threads rubber cord into penis, lodges it in bladder

Men aren’t exactly known for making good decisions when it comes to their penises. Now, normally that just means that guys will take absurd risks to impress someone they fancy, but sometimes their idiocy can run a bit deeper. And if you add boredom into the mix, all bets are off! It’s impossible to say what a guy wont try to stick inside his little fella.

Wait, inside? Yep, you read that correctly! As much as you probably don’t want to know more…well, you still definitely want to know more. Click to read all the cringe-worthy details below!

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The kid’s got moves: Tiny dancer wows audiences on Chinese talent show 【Video】

Don’t even bother getting up on stage; this kid has just stolen the show.

Three-year-old Zhang Junhao blew audiences away recently with a genuinely impressive performance at a Chinese talent show. After handing the judges the remote control to flick between audio tracks at will, the pint-sized performer showed his skill on the stage, wowing the judges with an array of cute dances before revealing that his dream is to “make people happy.”

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The Real Barbie Army grows larger with the appearance of a Chinese recruit【Photos】

There must be something in the water…or maybe in the atmosphere? Well, whatever it is, the ranks of the “Real Barbie” army seem to only be growing faster! All across the world, new recruits keep appearing, one after another, in the most…peculiar of forms.

Our most recent example hails from China and has garnered quite a bit of attention in her native country–and has gotten noticed in Japan as well. But what will her role be in the Real Barbie plans for world conquest?

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New hands-free binoculars let you see far, look like something out of One Piece

Don’t you hate it when you’re out birding in Tibet and you spot a Sillem’s Mountain Finch? The find itself is great of course, but immediately upon sighting it you want to light up a cuban cigar in order to celebrate, in accordance with birdwatching tradition. The problem, is you have to put down your binoculars to do so, thus potentially losing sight of the rare bird.

To address this problem that we all must deal with at one point in our lives, a Shanghai wholesaler is offering “Meganegata Sogankyo” or “Glasses-type Binoculars” which allow you to see long distances while retaining the use of both your hands, in the most steampunk way possible.

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【TBT】China’s Photoshop experts will fix your bad photos, but be careful what you wish for

Thanks to the high level of image processing technology available, even a picture taken by an arthritic spider monkey can be made to look like something from Ansel Adams’ portfolio. Beyond that we can even create scenarios which stretch the limits of our imagination. With a little practice, one could create a seamless photo of Mickey Mouse punching Mr.T in the stomach while gold coins shoot out of his ears.

With this in mind, some Photoshop artisans have taken to the web in China and are using their unique skill sets to make right what once went wrong in the world of photography. However, sometimes wires intentionally get crossed, leading to some seriously hilarious results.
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Pearl River Delta confirms recent risk ranking with severe hail storm

No sooner was it announced the third most at-risk area for natural disasters in the world than the Pearl River Delta in China was hit by extremely severe rain storms with giant hail and damaging winds. The region, which is composed of several major urban centers has experienced flooded subways stations, canceled flights, and destroyed shopping centers due to heavy downpours.

Some of these scenes have been recorded and shared online in video form.

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Hatsune Miku themed restaurant opens in China

If any Hatsune Miku fans find themselves in China’s Guangxi Province, they might want to stop by the city of Yulin for an unexpected surprise, because it’s in this city that the Vocaloid singing sensation has gotten a fast food restaurant dedicated to her, though likely not in any official capacity.

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Chinese man files for divorce, is denied because he can’t remember his wife’s name

Nobody’s perfect. No matter how deeply you love your significant other, there are bound to be times when you get so frustrated with your partner that you feel like airing out your grievances and revealing all to your best friend. It could be something trivial and even somewhat funny, like how he/she always farts in bed thinking that you’d never realize, or something more depressing like being cheated on.

But even getting cheated on doesn’t sound as bad as having a spouse who can’t even remember how to write your name, does it?

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And how are the “virgin boy eggs” this year? A bit more sour than usual, apparently

Following tradition, the citizens of Dongyang City, located in the center of China’s Zhejiang Province have prepared the delicacy known abroad as “virgin boy eggs” again this year. Sold by shops and local vendors across the city, the eggs are said to be particularly sour this year, making them extra delicious.

Already a popular spring food, Dongyang City residents are apparently quite happy with this years product, which is nothing more than normal eggs boiled (twice) in young boys’ urine. It make for a grand “wee” time!

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Step aside, idol groups! China’s busty game babes are here to steal the limelight【Photos】

It’s nothing new to hear of game companies hiring lovely booth babes and beautiful models to promote their products but recently, Chinese online game, Jiu Ding Tian Xia (九鼎天下) , hosted by Baidu Games heated up the competition by gathering a sizable group of 15 busty girls to form the “heavenly babe group”, F90.

How heavenly do they get? Check out their pictures and profiles after the jump!

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China goes gaga for versatile yoga beauty

This year has already seen the Chinese media go gaga over a beautiful marathon girla beautiful gym babe, a beautiful university student, and a beautiful journalist. At this point, some of you have probably been making bets about who the logical next “beautiful woman” to pop up would be. Did you guess correctly?

Whether you won or lost your bet, check out this gorgeous and stylish yoga instructor who seems to blend in with any setting naturally!

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Chinese census finds hard facts about the differences between Chinese, Japanese and Koreans

Despite tons of cultural similarities, the people of East Asia’s top three superpowers – Japan, China and Korea – are a wildly different bunch. Not only on a superficial level like clothing choices and which David Bowie song they prefer to sing at karaoke, but also on a deeper and more fundamental level; people in all three countries vary wildly in things like height, education levels and even sexual satisfaction.

According to a new census conducted by a Chinese newsgroup recently, anyway. Here are some of their findings:

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