Compared to the reserved and soft-spoken Japanese, the Chinese are an enthusiastic people. When they’re happy they show it with unrestrained laughter and when they’re upset their temper often gets the best of them.

Because of this disposition, small arguments between complete strangers are nothing out of the ordinary in China. However, a video recently uploaded to Chinese video sharing site Youku shows one quarrel between two people on a subway train that quickly turns into a full-out brawl. Not only that, but the person who uploaded the video was polite enough to add combat sports-style commentary so users can follow the fight as it unfolds. Read More

Everyone is familiar with Sea-Monkeys: just by pouring the contents of an “instant life” packet in purified water, you can witness the miracle of life as a colony of Sea-Monkeys hatch right before your eyes.

While Sea-Monkeys have been around for years, a more recent novelty insta-life product called Magic Fish has been recently gaining popularity in Taiwan.

The Magic Fish instant fish kit contains a glass tank, a plastic cup and some tools, and packet of soil, salt and shrimp eggs. Pour the soil in the plastic cup, pour water over it and in anywhere from 15 minutes to a day, you will be the proud parent of your very own magic fish! Read More

Unofficial Chinese Steve Jobs Memorial iPhone4 Case Sells Like Mad

Soon after Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ death was reported, a design featuring Job’s silhouette incorporated into the white Apple logo to appear as a bite went viral and spread rapidly across the internet.

The logo, thought up by Hong Kong graphic design student Jonathon Mak, was actually created after Jobs announced his resignation in August, but it didn’t receive much attention until after Jobs’ death.

Now, one enterprising Chinese company has printed the design on an iPhone4 case and put a limited number up for sale on Chinese internet shopping site Taobao, where it immediately started selling rapidly. Read More

They say that God creates no one perfect, but after laying eyes on 23 year old Chinese supermodel Ai Shangzen, we’re beginning to think that claim is debatable. Read More

China’s Anthropomorphic “Map Girls” Stretch Imagination, Constrained By Borders

In Japan, it’s fairly common to see internet users upload pictures of anthropomorphic characters based on technology or popular brands and products to message boards. It appears that a similar trend has recently become popular on Chinese boards, only that the things being personified are entire countries. Read More

Lady GaGa has gained international fame for her often-bizarre and always-dazzling performances.

In China, there is word on the street of a new performer in town who rivals Lady Gaga in audacity of dress and performance with one not-so-subtle difference – he’s a 70 year old man. Read More

Ambiguous Young Chinese Male Baffles China, Looks A Little Like Justin Bieber

While many people use CG to fulfill their anime-like delusions of beauty, a young Chinese male by the name of Ma Lishan has become an internet sensation for being able to pull off the unnatural look in reality. Read More

Yakiniku Restaurant Offers Free Tongue To Customers Who Tongue

It’s a common business strategy for restaurants and bars to offer discounts or free food and drinks for customers who come in groups or dress up as the opposite gender.

Beijing yakiniku restaurant Yakinikunin (烧肉人) promises customers a little literal tongue for a little metaphorical tongue. Read More

Man Smuggles Live Hummingbirds In Pants

A Dutch man was caught attempting to smuggle live hummingbirds from French Guiana into Brazil by taping them to the inside of his pants. Read More

Our Top 10 International McDonald’s Hamburgers

McDonald’s is one of the most prominent symbols of modern globalization. Yet while it is possible to order a Big Mac in all corners of the world, many travelers seek out the golden arches to see what regional specialties are served in that country.

Throughout my own travels I’ve encountered many a fascinating and exquisite McDonald’s hamburger not available here in Japan. Wishing to share my findings with other potential McTravelers, I have compiled a list of my top 10 regional McDonald’s hamburgers.

Read More

Part of the fun of traveling on long-distance trains in East Asia is eating the lunch boxes that they sell within the train network, called ekiben in Japanese. Everyone knows how outstanding Japanese ekiben are, and Taiwanese ekiben are just as delicious. The other day, I hopped on a Chinese bullet train and prepared to find out where the Chinese version stacked up!

Read More

Chinese Weather Girl’s T-Shirt Eludes Censors, Causes Storm

An apparently unwitting weather forecaster walked into the WZTV studio in Zhejiang Province, China wearing a T-shirt bearing arguably the most offensive (and versatile) word in the English language.

The censors slumbered and studio personnel allowed the young woman to give her cheerful report of the day’s weather with said word emblazoned across her chest above an angry and possibly homicidal cousin of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

Read More

We’re smack in the middle of summer’s stifling heat, and it’s hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk. It’s hot enough to boil a monkey’s bum. But is it hot enough to cook meat and vegetables on your car dashboard?

Read More

Chinese Girl Tries Too Hard to Look Like Anime Character, Terrifying Results

Update: Chinese Model Takes Beauty Tips From Aliens, Terrifying Results

A Chinese girl with a face like that of a shoujo manga character has been attracting attention on the Internet. Read More

Snail cream is a natural skin care product made from snail mucous, the liquid they secrete to climb along walls without falling. The medicinal and cosmetic effects of snail mucous on human skin have long been recognized, and snail cream is popular among some women as a miracle cream that works well against wrinkles, acne, stretch marks and other conditions.

Recently, one woman in China was so impressed by the effectiveness of snail cream that she decided to cut the middle man and let living snails spread their mucous around her body directly. However, this romance was short lived: within a week of using the snails, they began to mysteriously die off. Read More

The 2011 World Aquatics Competition is set to take place in Shanghai from July 16 to 31. The athletes here in Japan are training hard and things are starting to heat up as the competition gets closer.

Like any other event in East Asia, China has created a mascot character to represent the event. However, the character design is so awful that it only serves to take away from the excitement surrounding the event. Read More

Chinese City Boldly Scraps National Tracksuit Unifom For Miniskirt

In our last post we wrote about China’s fascination with other country’s school uniforms and dissatisfaction their own. While Japan has the cute sailor outfit and Thailand has the sexy black miniskirt, China has to settle for 12 years of tracksuit.

However, photos showing the school uniforms used in the city of Zhuhai, posted to a Chinese image sharing site earlier this month, suggest the tracksuit may soon be on its last lap. Read More

China Ranks Asia’s School Uniforms, Laments Its Own

The sailor outfit is the most commonly used school uniform in Japanese junior and senior high schools. It is also something of an international symbol of Japanese pop culture: in China the uniform has become fashionable among young people in recent years due to the extreme popularity of Japanese anime and drama, which often features characters wearing a sailor outfit.

Obviously, school uniforms are prevalent in other Asian countries as well. Here’s how news site weighs in on several female school uniforms from around Asia: Read More

Construction is often thought of as a man’s job. The work can be physically demanding and dangerous, and many women may not be interested in drilling nails and operating heavy machinery. However, in the Sichuan province of China rumor is going around of one lovely young lady who’s got the wrecking balls to sweat and grunt with the big boys. Read More

On April 26, police in the Jinlin province of China crashed a local brothel, causing panic as staff and customers fled to avoid arrest.

One customer and his escort were caught in the heat of the moment and, having no time to dress, ran frantically through the building and outside to the roof full monty.

Fortunately for the Internet the scene was caught on camera.

Read More

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