Danish Variety Store “Tiger” in Osaka Can’t Keep Up With Japanese Shoppers, Shuts Down Soon After Opening

Danish variety store, Tiger, had recently opened up its first store in Osaka, Japan, in the shopping area known as American Village. Little did they know about the propensities of the Japanese shopper.

Or maybe they just didn’t give them enough credit. In this case, it was the intensity of Japanese shoppers that resulted in the store having to unexpectedly shut down. Despite having the experience of managing stores in 16 different countries, Tiger underestimated the insatiable drive of Japanese people to shop, even if it meant queueing in line for hours and hours.

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We Lose All Sense of Time and Space in the Magical and Beautiful Lello & Irmão Bookstore

In these days of digital media the world is losing more and more brick & mortar shops, which is a shame.  Take ebooks for example.  Sure they’re infinitely more convenient and less space consuming.  But half the fun of reading is going to the book store to find hidden gems and what could be your next favorite. No matter what book store you go to you can’t help but get filled with a sense of elegance and tranquility.

With that in mind, photographer Koach, before capturing the second most beautiful bookstore in Argentina, started his journey in Portugal at the oppositely designed but equally beautiful, Livraria Lello & Irmão (Lello for short).

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Soccer Scientifically Proven to Raise Our Sex Drives, Just Wait Until After the Game

We recently ran a report on how the sexual drives of younger Japanese people have been plummeting in recent years.  Little did we know that lady luck would swing by this nation in crisis taking the forms of Japan men and women’s Olympic soccer teams.

So what does Olympic soccer have to do with knocking boots?  According to a recent study, it may be a bigger aphrodisiac than oysters.

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[Olympics] Hot Japanese Male Gymnast Inspires Chinese Women to Create Homo-Erotic Fantasies with Equally Sexy German Male Gymnast

Controversy hit the men’s team all-around gymnastics event as a mishandled score was appealed by the Japanese team earning them a silver medal thereby knocking out an angry Ukraine team and angering fans of a now Bronze winning Great Britain team.

It’s a murky controversy that may have implications on how appeals are dealt with in future games.

However, leave it to women with their filthy minds to make everything about sex.  For as the Japanese team accepted their silver with mixed emotions, women in China were going nuts over “the sexiest guy of the London Olympics.”

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We Eat at Chernobyl Power Plant Cafeteria, Can See Why Workers Would Come Back

On April 26 1986 several explosions caused a fire at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine that sent a radioactive plume across large parts of the Soviet Union and Western Europe. It became the first level 7 nuclear disaster until the Fukushima Daiichi disaster in 2011 and remains the worst nuclear accident in history.

Today, over a quarter-century since the disaster, workers continue to tread through the 30-km exclusion zone in hazmat suits every day to construct a new concrete shield around the deteriorating sarcophagus built in 1986 that holds the still-radioactive core.

There’s no question that a wasteland commute followed by a day spent laboring in a bulky suit and ventilation mask doesn’t make for ideal working conditions. However, there is one saving grace for the brave workers at Chernobyl: delicious meals at the employee cafeteria.

Our globetrotting correspondent Kuzo recently visited Ukraine, where he had the opportunity to dine at the Chernobyl cafeteria. Kuzo writes: “The meals at the cafeteria are all authentic Ukrainian cuisine. Even the Ukrainian woman I was traveling with told me with confidence that the food there is great.”

Want to know what’s on the menu? Check his report below!

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Olympics-Schmolympics, Who Makes the Better McDonald’s Burger; France or Japan?

Fresh off the most recent stint of Big America burgers released in McDonald’s restaurants across Japan like the Texas Burger, Idaho Burger, and Broadway Burger, the taste of the month now has turned its eye toward France.

This time though McDonald’s Japan has completely copied one of French McDonald’s sandwiches, the Le GrandTo see if it lives up to the original I tried one in France and Japan for a tête-à-tête taste test.

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What Happened With These DVD Packages? They Don’t Look Anything Like the Anime We’re Familiar With!

Fans of Japanese anime may be familiar with the popular animated film “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” (Kaze No Tani No Naushika), created by successful anime director Hayao Miyazaki. Since its initial release in 1984 (gosh, has it really been 28 years?), the film has been much loved by the Japanese public, both the young and old alike. The anime, which touches on timeless topics such as non-violence and humanity’s struggle to coexist with nature, has become a Japanese classic, and even today, it holds strong appeal and is broadcast in Japan from time to time on prime-time television. Read More

It’s not Exactly Disney Magic, But See the Lovely Ladies of Disney Transformed – Into Characters From a Popular Japanese Manga/Anime Series!!

Fans of Japanese manga and anime may be familiar with the Sailor Moon series – you know, the manga/anime where a group of cute teenage girls in sailor-style uniforms (with the obligatory short skirts, of course) use their magical powers to kick serious butt and save the world from the forces of evil. The original manga/anime started quite some time ago in 1992, and after capturing the hearts of not just little girls but adult fans as well, has remained a popular icon of the magical-girls (“maho-shojo“) genre.

In the past, we’ve brought to you a story on our Japanese site about some cool Sailor Moon drawings by a Mexican artist, but this time we have an awesome rendition of Disney heroines posing as Sailor Moon characters created by an artist from the Netherlands. And we have to say that we are seriously impressed by how perfectly natural the characters all look in the picture! Read More

McD’s “Miami Fries”, Only in Italia! We Went to Have a Taste

They don’t mess around in Italy. Next to the regular french fries on the McDonald’s menu, you’ll find Miami Fries. Customers regularly substitute these fries with the combo sets. Read More

We Visit Fucking, a Quaint Little Village in Austria

Austria is a country of breathtaking natural beauty, of clean and safe cities home to a friendly and welcoming people. It is in this fantastic country, nestled in the picturesque countryside, lie the tiny little village of Fucking.

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In Soviet McDonald’s, Delicious Rye Bread Hamburger Eat You

Russia is one of the less commonly visited countries by Japanese travelers and so when we put the sleeping bear on our itinerary, we made sure to hit up all the important historical landmarks: St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Kremlin, McDonald’s

That’s right: RocketNews24 went to Russia to eat at McDonald’s and we have no regrets, thanks to the Beef a la Rus, a delicious rye bun hamburger introduced 2 years ago to celebrate McDonald’s 20th anniversary in Russia.

So come McKomrades, let us share with you the glory that is the Beef a la Rus.

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That’s the Power of Music – It Really Does Bring Joy to the World!!

A delightful surprise performance that recently took place in Spain has been receiving acclaim from around the world on the internet, and we thought we’d share the feel-good story with you. It’s all captured in a video clip titled “Som Sabadell flashmob” and it begins when a girl drops a coin in a musician’s hat on May 19, 2012, in the city of Sabadell, Spain. But what follows is no ordinary musical performance. Everyone who happened to be there was in for a real treat!

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One Man’s Junk Food is Another Monsieur’s Gourmet

There’s this new potsticker (aka gyza, aka dumpling) restaurant that opened in Paris, that people are actually lining up to get into. We wondered what all the fuss was about, so we went there to check it out ourselves. Read More

Thousands of Paper Lanterns Illuminate the Night Sky in Poland to Celebrate Summer Solstice

If you were to measure your life in sights that left you spellbound, whether they be of natural beauty or formed by the hand of man, to what extent could you say you have truly ‘lived’?

Okay, existential conundrums aside, a beautiful view can be a pretty life-affirming experience. On June 21, the sky above the Polish city of Ponzan was transformed into such a view when 50,000 paper were released into the night sky to celebrate the summer solstice, known as St John’s Night.

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Are the people of Evian Naïve Enough to Buy Evian Bottled Water? We Investigate

It’s safe to say Evian is the most popular brand of bottled water one the market today. It’s also well known that the water is said to come from various collection points of a spring around Évian-les-Bains (Evian for short).

However, the metaphysical question of the day is, do people in Evian drink Evian?  Rumor has it that all through the town, the water is readily available for free, and no one ever buys it. RocketNews went in to answer this and deeper questions.

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From Starbucks Russia With Love: Cute Nesting Doll Tumblers!

You’d have to be living in a cave not to know Starbucks Coffee has stores all over the world, but did you know that there are limited edition Starbucks tumblers and mugs that are only available in certain countries? Among those much-in-demand merchandising items, the one often said to be the cutest and most desirable comes from Russia.

On a recent trip there, we decided to check them out for ourselves. Entering the shop, we immediately clapped eyes on them! Designed to resemble traditional Russian matryoshka, or nesting dolls, these tumblers were a hot cupful of cute. It would be hard to see one and not want to put your morning latte in it. They come in three sizes, and lined up next to each other, they looked so much like real matryoshka, I couldn’t resist buying the set. Read More

A feast for the eyes – look at all these beautiful women from Belarus!

We have to say that we’re seriously excited about this piece of news from Eastern Europe – Belarus to be precise. Why? Well, we think the reason will be obvious once you see the pictures, but we’ll give you a hint anyway. Eastern Europe, particularly Belarus, is a region known for beautiful women. Top tennis players Victoria Azarenka, who is from Belarus, and Maria Sharapova, who has parents from Belarus, are both known in Japan as athletes of exceptional beauty, just to give a few examples. Read More

Beautiful White Girl Fronts Japanese Rock Band, Is Actually a Swedish Boy

I was watching television here in Japan the other day when something caught my eye. A TV program was featuring a beautiful young white girl with adorable curly blonde hair singing in fluent Japanese.

This in itself is nothing special: Japanese people love seeing foreigners who can speak their language, and variety shows here make stories out of them all the time. What dropped my jaw, though, is when I looked closer and realized that this beautiful young girl is actually a boy.

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How to Convert Minutes to Cheeseburgers? New McD’s Ad Campaign

You will stop thinking in minutes and hours, and start seeing time in terms of cheeseburgers and milkshakes, if the McDonald’s new ad campaign’s persuasive power works its charms.

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Our Top 10 International McDonald’s Hamburgers

McDonald’s is one of the most prominent symbols of modern globalization. Yet while it is possible to order a Big Mac in all corners of the world, many travelers seek out the golden arches to see what regional specialties are served in that country.

Throughout my own travels I’ve encountered many a fascinating and exquisite McDonald’s hamburger not available here in Japan. Wishing to share my findings with other potential McTravelers, I have compiled a list of my top 10 regional McDonald’s hamburgers.

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