The Force doesn’t awaken amongst cats, despite Yoda’s best efforts【Video】

Our favourite family of Munchkin cats (and a dog!) do battle with a motorised duelling Yoda in this adorable video!

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Artist creates epic customised steampunk mecha for Sylvanian Family bunny

An amazing scale model artist has created a rideable steampunk mecha for a Sylvanian Family doll, out of… a tub of chewing gum?!

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Merry Christmas from everyone at RocketNews24!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s December 25, and that can mean only one thing: we’re currently either lying on our couches watching Die Hard on loop or are slumped over a table somewhere, breathing heavily and sweating a combination of chocolate Santas and Colonel Sanders’ secret mix of 11 herbs and spices.

We’ll be slowing things down a little over the next for days to get in some much-needed R&R, but rest assured there will still be plenty of Japan and Asia-related news, weirdness, cats and hamster bottoms to keep you going over the year-end break, so be sure to check back soon!

So from me and all of our sexy, hard-working writers here at RocketNews24, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Fantastic Festivus, or whatever else you want to call this time of year. Thank you, as ever, for stopping by our site. Now go and spend some time with the people you love or, failing that, eat some more fried chicken.


Protect Your PSVita with Official Gundam Cases

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We talk with actors Daisy Ridley and John Boyega about The Force Awakens (and manga) 【Interview】

Want to know who Finn’s manga hero is, or which anime character shares a voice with Rey?

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Could the kind of coffee you drink affect your brain function? New studies say yes

What do you like to get from your coffee, relaxation or focus? Apparently, the type of beans can change the affect on your brain, but which does what?

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Ask Mr. Sato Episode 2 is here!【Video】

Episode 2 of our new video series, Ask Mr. Sato, is here! Join us after the jump to hear the advice of RocketNews24’s very own agony uncle!

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Japan’s netizens react angrily to foreign pick-up coach’s “guide to getting laid in Japan”

A self-styled pick-up coach active throughout Asia has released a series of YouTube videos showing his attempts to “pick up” Japanese women.

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Live-action, Western-made Death Note film opening in Japan, but it’s not what anime fans think

Despite the name, this new Death Note movie isn’t a Death Note movie.

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Shonen Jump + now taking manga submissions from Japan and abroad in new contest

The publisher of Shonen Jump + is teaming with digital distributor MediBang to hold an amateur manga submission contest. Those who make the cut will see their manga on the virtual pages of the magazine!

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American reporter visits Ramen Jiro for super salty ramen, Japan’s netizens love his reaction

When a reporter for popular social news site BuzzFeed ate at Ramen Jiro recently, Japan’s netizens had plenty to say about it!

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Just how much do you love Super Mario? Enough to buy a $700 sweater?

Luxury designer brand Moschino has come out with a line of Super Mario apparel and accessories, but the prices may make you think twice!

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Get ready for excitement, Japan—Steve Wozniak’s Comic Con is coming to Tokyo in December 2016!

Comic Con, a festival of pop culture and entertainment, will be coming to Tokyo next year, and they’ve already put on a huge announcement bash!

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Final Fantasy VII’s PS4 port now available

Port comes with trophy support, static custom theme.

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Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom announced for PS4

Level-5 head Akihiro Hino, designer Yoshiyuki Momose, Miyazaki’s composer Joe Hisaishi return.

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Dragon Ball fans rally for petition to officially change name of planet Kepler 22b to Namek

Who will win this epic battle between Johannes Kepler and Demon King Piccolo?

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Sekai Project explains Yohjo Simulator game’s removal from Steam

Video game localization company Sekai Project explained to the Hardcore Gamer website its reasons for removing DEADFACTORY’s Yohjo Simulator game from Steam on November 20.

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New Legend of Zelda tabletop book heading to gamer book shelves

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Take a look at these gorgeous goldfish… created by a Japanese artist!【Pics & Videos】

Wait, you mean these aren’t real goldfish? Well, they look simply amazing—and you can see them now on display in New York!

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The life of Satoru Iwata, late Nintendo CEO, remembered in documentary

Thousands paid their respect when Nintendo company president Satoru Iwata passed away in July, facing the brunt of typhoon at his service in Kyoto or leaving notes and letters at The Nintendo World Store in New York and the Nintendo headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

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