Shortly After the iPhone4S, Yet Well Ahead of the iPhone5, the iPnoho6 Surprises Chinese Consumers

A few weeks ago, the iPhone4S was released in China amid much fanfare mixed with a healthy dose of pandemonium as we covered in the story Thousands Flock to Buy China’s Release of the iPhone4S, Very Few Actually Use Them. One thing China shares with every other country is our very short-lived satisfaction with Apple’s half-step improvement as we all eagerly await the iPhone5. Chinese citzens closely watch microblogging sites like for any hints about when and what the iPhone5 will be.

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I’m sure there’s a lot of iPhone users out there among our readers. Heck, every time I get on the subway I can see five people using them in any direction I look. But how many of us ever think about the wallpaper we use on our phones?

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Another handy new feature that came along with the recent iOS5 update has been discovered! With this little hack you can listen to your favorite YouTube videos without having to stare at the actual video, which most of the time is just a still photo of an album cover for me anyways.

Using this feature closes the full YouTube application and lets you run just the audio stream in the background. As I type this I can almost hear all Apple devices’ batteries breath a collective sigh of relief.

This should sound familiar for those of you who used to do this iTunes, because it’s exactly the same thing, except using YouTube. For those who are new to this, don’t fret. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to enjoy a new level of App freedom.

– How to Play YouTube Audio-Only Streams

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Epic Advertisement Recounts 10 Years in the Life of a Family

We often take the simple invention of the light bulb for granted. Even though our lives have their bright and dark moments, we are always under the reliable warm glow of our lights.

This is the premise of a new commercial by Toshiba, created to promote its new LED light that they claim lasts 10 years, that follows the life of one bulb as it lights a family’s life for 10 years (3653 days including leap years).

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Japanese Parents Hit With Up To $1,300 Cell Phone Bill For Free-To-Play Games, Government Steps In

Anyone who has spent time sitting in a Tokyo train knows that the Japanese love their cell phones. From junior high school students to elderly women, it seems that just about everyone is texting, surfing the net or, of course, playing games.

Needless to say, the mobile gaming market is a multi-million dollar operation in Japan and these days most of the profit is made by charging users for special in-game items or features used in free-to-play games, a business model known as ‘Freemium.’

However, the Freemuium model has recently come under criticism in Japan after a flood of complaints from parents saying that their children unknowingly ran bills of up to as much as ¥100,000—nearly $1,300 US—in in-game payments.

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Japan Tweets Happy New Years 16,197 Times In One Second, Crashes Servers

When the clock strikes midnight on January 1, some people celebrate the New Years by raising their champaign glasses for a toast, some people kiss and some people just yell “Happy New Years!”

During the first few seconds of 2012 in Japan, 16,197 people twat.

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Pictures Of Beautiful 43 Year Old Japanese Model Without Makeup Exposed, Still Way Hotter Than Our Moms

We previously reported on Mizutani Masako, the unbelievably gorgeous 43-year old Japanese mother who—thanks to a 5-hour per day skin care routine—looks half her age.

While pictures of the made-up Mrs. Masako are enough to convince us that she is the world’s most beautiful woman in her 40’s, some of you may be wondering how that goddess-like face holds up after the powder comes off.

After looking at pictures recently posted to her blog of her without makeup, we think it’s safe to say that the makeup was no more than icing on a beautiful, sexy cake.

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Need a Last Minute Christmas Present? How About a “Whale Sword”?

On Yahoo Shopping, a site famous for its oodles of unique merchandise, an ornamental sword is attracting a lot of attention. It’s called the “Whale Sword” and it’s a model of a style of ornamental sword used in the pre-war days, with a blade close to a meter long. Who wouldn’t want that in their stocking?

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Medieval Japanese Castle  Town Up For Sale On Internet, May Be Cheaper To Build Your Own Castle From Scratch

Property hunters: Have you ever considered adding Japanese medieval real estate to your portfolio?

It just so happens that Sendai Sengoku Mura (lit: Warring States Village), a 3300 square meter recreation of a 16th century Japanese castle town located in Kagoshima prefecture is up for sale on internet shopping site Rakuten. Read More

Amazing Concept Art For Fighting Game Puts Unlikely Characters In The Ring: Professor Layton vs. Waldo!? Rei Ayanami vs. Bob Ross!?!?

Admit it: you’ve always wondered who would win a fight to the death between Ronal McDonald and Colonel Sanders (we’ve got our money on the clown only because he has a posse—no, not that posse).

Unless they bring back Celebrity Deathmatch for another season, there’s really only one logical way to find out which of our favorite fictional characters can bring the most pain: a Japanese fighting game.

Luckily, Japanese game artist and illustrator Kei-Suwabe has created a series of images that tease at what such a fighting game might look like.

The series is titled Satsui no Hadou, or “The Waves of Malice.” Read More

DJ Arranges 226 Beatles Songs In An 8 Minute Track, Sounds Like Chaos

Perhaps the most beloved band in history, the Beatles’ music continues to charm and inspire fans across the world. Their music has also been covered and arranged by countless artists over the decades, with each generation interpreting the band’s timeless sound in their own characteristic way.

Now, as if to represent the audacity our generation, English DJ Ramjac has created an arrangement that uses every Beatles song ever created (probably).

Unfortunately, as is with the dreamers of today, this bold ideal fails to hold together in an imperfect world and quickly descends into audio chaos. Read More

iPhone5 Sneaks Onto East Asian Market After All

The intense buildup to the iPhone5 ended with the unveiling of the iPhone4S. While we are certainly not disappointed with the improvements and functionality of this latest version of Apple madness, Chinese manufacturers of knock-off goods who jumped the gun can’t be too happy with their mountains of iPhone5 gear.

Of all the strange things they’ve slapped the iPhone5 logo onto, iPhone5 sneakers are creating the greatest stir on the ‘Net. Read More

Doll-Faced Four-Year-Old Russian Model Melts Hearts, Saves World

What better to heat you up as the weather turns cold than some Babes from the North? Russian models have a reputation for knowing how to keep warm, but four-year-old model Kristina Pimenova is crushing hearts with her doll-like features and uber-cute poses.

Down, boy! Here, go chew on Nozomi Sasaki for another 15 years. She’s from the Russia of Japan (otherwise known as Akita Prefecture).

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Worst Own Goal of All Time Replayed 1 Million Times Over

In soccer, the goalkeeper is the essence of defense. No matter what happens elsewhere on the field, you have to get it past the keeper, and that’s no easy task.

Or, it shouldn’t be easy. With the help of Youtube, keeper Virgil Vries of the Golden Arrows of the South African soccer league showed the world a new way to allow your team to score on itself. Read More

Beautiful 43 Year Old Japanese Model Looks Like She’s In Her 20’s, Garners Huge Chinese Fanbase

UPDATE: Now without makeup!

Japanese fashion magazine model Masako Mizutani is stunningly beautiful. Her goddess-like appearance and smart style have enchanted people across Japan and her official blog, where she mainly shares cosmetic product recommendations, has earned her a steady fan base of both men and women looking for beauty tips.

What’s really stunning about this Japanese Aphrodite, however, is that in addition to being a model, Mrs. Mizutani is a 43 year old housewife with a 20 year old daughter. Read More

We Take Cues From Reddit Picture, Attempt The First Japanese “Kubipan”

Recently on our Japanese site, we introduced a picture (above) uploaded to reddit of a young black male who had sits causally with his pants pulled up over his shoulders. The picture was a hit with our Japanese readers, who interpreted it as a herald of the end of koshipan—the Japanese word for ‘saggy pants,’ which is a portmanteau of hips (koshi) and pants (pantsu)—and the beginning of a new age: the age of kubipan (kubi = neck).

Feeling it our mission to keep Japan up to date with the latest hip-hop fashion, we called upon our own Mr. Satoh to model the basics of kubipan for our Japanese readers who are interested in trying it themselves.

However, we soon realized how foolish we were to believe such a challenging new style could be easily manipulated. Read More

Fingernail Genesis Evangelion

Previously, we introduced some fantastic nail art featuring characters from the popular manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It seems the same person, who goes by the Twitter handle Shibupanda, has once again used her nails as canvass for Japanese pop culture, this time with the cast of Japan’s perhaps most beloved anime, Evangelion. Read More

Compared to the reserved and soft-spoken Japanese, the Chinese are an enthusiastic people. When they’re happy they show it with unrestrained laughter and when they’re upset their temper often gets the best of them.

Because of this disposition, small arguments between complete strangers are nothing out of the ordinary in China. However, a video recently uploaded to Chinese video sharing site Youku shows one quarrel between two people on a subway train that quickly turns into a full-out brawl. Not only that, but the person who uploaded the video was polite enough to add combat sports-style commentary so users can follow the fight as it unfolds. Read More

Unofficial Chinese Steve Jobs Memorial iPhone4 Case Sells Like Mad

Soon after Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ death was reported, a design featuring Job’s silhouette incorporated into the white Apple logo to appear as a bite went viral and spread rapidly across the internet.

The logo, thought up by Hong Kong graphic design student Jonathon Mak, was actually created after Jobs announced his resignation in August, but it didn’t receive much attention until after Jobs’ death.

Now, one enterprising Chinese company has printed the design on an iPhone4 case and put a limited number up for sale on Chinese internet shopping site Taobao, where it immediately started selling rapidly. Read More

China’s Anthropomorphic “Map Girls” Stretch Imagination, Constrained By Borders

In Japan, it’s fairly common to see internet users upload pictures of anthropomorphic characters based on technology or popular brands and products to message boards. It appears that a similar trend has recently become popular on Chinese boards, only that the things being personified are entire countries. Read More

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