【Brain Teaser】 You May Need to Think Like a Child to Solve This One!

Feeling a little rusty upstairs after a relaxing weekend? Nothing gets those gears turning smoothly again like a little mental exercise, so loosen up those lobes and take a look at the problem below!

7111=0   8193=3

Find the value of ???

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Amazon Buys Robot Company for $755M Reducing Warehouse Staff’s Duties to Standing Still and Pushing Pretty Red Buttons

Kiva Systems is a company that found some success selling their warehouse robots to many major retailers looking to keep up with the juggernaut that is notable clients of their included the GAP and Toys “R” Us.

However, just recently Amazon responded with a big capitalistic FU to their competitors by buying Kiva Systems. This means that Amazon now kind of owns the distribution systems of many of their rivals.  The price of $755 million doesn’t sound too crazy now, does it?

But as we shall see, the real loser in this deal is the human race.  This is because along with this acquisition, Amazon is now the proud father of Kiva’s army of tiny orange warehouse robots.  Kiva’s promotion video gives us a bleak view of how the world will look when the robots take over.

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Does Japan Have New “Hottest Politician?”

The Japanese Internet is erupting with debate over whether newly elected 26-year-old Niiza City Councilwoman Asuka Tachikawa is more beautiful than Hachinohe City Councilwoman Yuri Fujikawa, previously dubbed “too hot for city council.”

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Mark Zuckerberg Makes Surprise Visit to Japan, Meets With Prime Minister and Drives Them Japanese Girls Crazy

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a surprise appearance at a Tokyo event on March 29.

As is the case with any international celebrity who comes to Japan, Zuckerberg’s visit threw the country in a state of excitement.

Even Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda was knocked off his feet when he met with Zuckerberg the same day, reportedly telling the young CEO:“It’s a funny feeling to see you here because I watched the film.”

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VANS Customer Sent Home With New Pair of 2 Right Shoes: Even Japanese Customer Service Slips Sometimes

In Japan, if you want a pair of VANS, you gotta go through local retailer ABC Mart.

Luckily, they’ve got stores across the country, so purchasing a pair of your favorite skate shoes should be as easy as, well, ABC.

However, as one unfortunate Japanese customer learned the other day, discerning left from right is apparently slightly more difficult than the ABCs for some people.

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What Apple and Microsoft Would Look Like if Personified as Anime Characters

Curretnly, one of the most popular manga in Japan is a series called Saint Young Men, a comedy manga that follows the everyday happenings of Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha as they take a much-needed vacation from presiding over the cosmos to live together as roommates in a Tokyo apartment.

For fans of the manga, there’s just something endearing about watching two of the world’s most prominent religious figures stick together through the ups and downs of modern life—something that reminds us that even if we adhere to completely different belief systems, we’re still the same humans living on the same planet. After all, if the two head honchos can get along through the good and the bad, there’s no reason why we can’t!

While the peaceful nature of Jesus and Buddha might make them a match made in heaven, what about the chieftains of other warring tribes?

An image posted to Twitter earlier today gives a glimpse at what it might look like if tech giants Apple and Microsoft were main characters in their own manga.

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Side-by-Side Profile and Morning Face Photos Show the Power of Makeup, Teach a Valuable Lesson

Some people go to such great lengths to snap the perfect Facebook profile picture that it could probably be considered a new branch of amateur photography.

And who could blame them? After all, we’re only given 125×125 pixels to compose our visual greeting to the ‘un-friended’ world and, as Chief Sitting Bull said before the Battle of Little Bighorn, “Can’t go to war without my war paint on.”

Yet while it’s only natural we would want to put our best out there, there are some people who slather themselves with so much makeup that their profile picture seems like a desperate rejection of the face they were born with.

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You can tell a moving story in a number of different ways through a number of different mediums. None of them are inherently more effective than the other; it’s through the creator’s vision and execution that a truly exceptional piece is defined.

Furiko (Pendulum), an animated film recently featured on Japanese late-night TV program DO! Shinya and later uploaded to YouTube is a perfect example of this, having viewers in tears despite being no longer than 3 minutes.

Even more surprising, this “film” is actually a 1038-page flip book illustrated page-by-page by Japanese comedian Tekken.

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Get a Complete Psych Profile in a Few Minutes Using Only a Pen and Paper

The internet is home to thousands of thousands of tests and quizzes each promising everything from your IQ to the Glee character that most resembles you.  Now we bring you a new test that really kinda probably doesn’t work, but it’s fun to try.

Using just a pen and paper you can get a snapshot of your current mental state. But to get a super-duper accurate reading you CANNOT scroll down to until you complete each step, OK?

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Earlier this month in Kanagawa Prefecture, a high ranking government official was arrested for allegedly assaulting  his wife’s “male acquaintance.”  The attack took place when Mr. Noda (47) discovered his wife entering a hotel with another man (44) after following her when she left home late in the evening.  In the heat of the moment, Mr. Noda confronted them and allegedly ended up severely beating the man in the face and chest, breaking several ribs.

A few days after the confrontation, the alleged victim filed a complaint with the authorities.  After Mr. Noda was arrested, the story hit blogs across the internet and triggered a landslide of support for him.

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The Heartwarming Story of a Nepali Curry Shop That Won Over the Hearts and Twitter Followers of Japan

Arguably the most famous Nepali curry shop in Japan is Daisuki Nippon (I Love Japan) in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo.  Since its opening in 2010, this tiny, independently-run restaurant has managed to get attention from all corners of the country in a story that plays out eerily similar to the plot of a Seinfeld episode.

The story begins with shop owner Pradahan Vikas struggling to get anyone to come to his store.  Sometimes he would go the entire day without serving a meal.  Faced with such hard times, Mr. Vikas turned to Twitter to chronicle his worries, unbeknownst to him that they would be the key to his success.

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Possibly Korean, Definitely Effeminate Young Man has Some Choice Words to Share with Japan: “Please Die Quickly.”

A young man who is assumed to be Korean has decided to share his feelings to the world on YouTube and as a result ignited a powder keg of tensions between Koreans and Japanese internet users.

In broken Japanese, the boy gave a minute and a half speech about his take on the post-Tohoku Earthquake situation which, as one Japanese commenter said, “crossed the line.”  He then gives a glimpse into his own homicidal fantasies before politely asking all Japanese people to “die quickly.”

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The Moe-ification of a McDonald’s Teriyaki Burger

It all started when some created a thread on Japanese message board site Hamusoku titled “Make a Moe Character From McDonald’s Teriyaki Burger.”

The artistic, burger-loving community quickly answered the call of moe and the thread expanded with discussion over the characters submitted.

Of course, like any good otaku message board, it wasn’t long before the thread went completely out of control.

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iOS5.1 Update Turns Your iPhone Into a Suspenseful Thrill Ride By Only Sometimes Telling You the Real Battery Power

On 7 March Apple made their latest press release announcing the upcoming iPad, and also happier news for Japanese users that the new update to iOS has taught Siri how to speak their language.  Yet, beneath all this fanfare one whopping issue lurks that’s enough of a let-down to crush even the most ardent fanboy’s heart.

The battery display is all out of whack.  Not only that it’s out of whack in the most disappointing way possible.

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Cover of Hey Jude by Japanese Voice Actress is “An Insult to the Beatles,” Destroyed by Internet

A cover of “Hey Jude” performed by Aki Toyosaki, a Japanese singer and voice actress best known for her role as Yui in the anime K-On!, has become the joke of the internet after a video of the performance was uploaded to YouTube earlier this year.

Toyosaki is an avid Beatles fan and in the video, which is taken from the DVD of her first solo tour “love your live,” she appears to singing her heart out in tribute to the band.

Unfortunately, that enthusiasm only seems to amplify Toyosaki’s ‘cutsy’ high-pitched voice and thick Japanese accent, which, to the ears of most of the internet, make for an unforgivably disastrous cover of the beloved Beatles classic.

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Pikachu Shoes: The Only Way to Get Your Boyfriend to Notice Them

Ladies, are you looking for something to liven up your wardrobe but not go overboard? Are you tired of the man in your life not paying attention to your new shoes that you spent hours choosing?

If so, then visit for your next pair.  Here you can find sparkly and eye-catching designs that are too far over the edge of good-taste.  I guarantee your husband or boyfriend will compliment you on your 1-UP designed shoes faster than you could imagine.
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Japanese Prime Minister Address Apathetic Public in YouTube Video, Struggles to Break 300 Views in 4 Days

Yoshihiko Noda is Japan’s 6th prime minister since 2006 and it’s no surprise that over half a decade of gridlock has left most Japanese people feeling either cynical or apathetic towards politics.

Recently, a thread emerged on popular Japanese internet message board 2 channel that highlights just how much people don’t care about what their political leaders are talking about.

According to the initial post, an official video of a public address made by Prime Minister Noda regarding comprehensive reforms of Japan’s social security and taxation systems had received no more than 300 views after 4 days of being uploaded.

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BREAKING NEWS: If You Wear a Dog Costume While Walking a Dog, it Looks Like the Dog is Walking You

The image you see above has become the meme of the day for the Japanese internet, who have concluded from it that if you wear a dog costume while walking a dog, it looks like the dog is walking you. In Soviet Russia.

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