Iron Man masterfully rendered in suiboku-ga style evokes ancient feelings

Even in ink-wash, this Marvel hero looks ready to rumble.
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Gucci’s Japanese-style “owl fan” is kind of cute, and also baffling expensive

Mundane materials belie an eye-popping price.

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Awesome otaku room has a huge secret: It’s an amazingly detailed miniature!【Photos】

You might not think you have enough space in your home to display all these anime and movie robots, but you’re wrong.

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Want to make sure your Eevee evolves into Umbreon or Espeon in the Pokémon GO update? Here’s how

Because some things in life, like Pokémon training, are too important to leave up to chance.

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Japanese Twitter seems to have no problems with Karlie Kloss’ “geisha” photo shoot

With the controversy over the model’s Vogue photos ongoing, has anyone bothered to check on how Japan feels?

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Over 80 new Pocket Monsters being added to Pokémon GO this week【Video】

The Johto region is coming to Pokémon GO this week in the game’s biggest update yet.

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Looking to add some Pokémon flair to your home interior? Gigantic Lapras plushie is here to help

This Pocket Monster is way too big to fit in your pocket.

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Osaka resident follows Twitter suggestion and befriends neighborhood crows with shocking result

Don’t mistake crows for being dumb birds. They will remember your face and never forget you!

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Kong: Skull Island’s exclusive Japanese movie poster reigns supreme over the original

For the first time in forever, this Japanese movie poster seems to be hitting all the right marks.

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Legendary chicken-loving Japanese yodeler releases new music video: “Chicken Attack”【Video】

Yodeling, chickens, ninjas, and more! What else do you need?

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We troll Japanese adult video site scam artists, because our reporter backs down from nobody【Vid】

An epic tale of pornography, revenge, alcohol, and pumpkins.

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Japanese models and Internet users celebrate Twintail Day 2017【Photos】

For fans of the girlish hairstyle, it’s like Christmas in February, with twintail cosplay photos on the Internet taking the place of presents under the tree.

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The true story behind the giant coffee mug/Starbucks’ refugee plan Internet meme

RocketNews24’s Mr. Sato went out for coffee, and somehow came back at the center of a political debate.

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The story behind some of the most and least successful video games in history

Mario rises in one corner, E.T. gets buried in another. This handy infographic explains it all.
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Why settle for an original? Artist paints over famous Ghibli scenes to add detail and texture

If your talent is in the minutiae, you should use those powers for awesomeness like this.

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One Piece and Ed, Edd n Eddy is the crossover we never knew we wanted until now 【Pics】

Will the Eds manage to become king of the… cul-de-sac?

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Japanese fashion fans and fan artists go gaga for sexy “virgin-killing sweater”

Ultra-revealing sweater may not be all that warm, but it sure is hot, as is the anime-style artwork it’s inspiring.

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Japanese gaming chair is blowing up on online retail sites and Twitter

If it looks like a chair and acts like a chair, but has over two million on back order, is it really just any ol’ chair?

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Fan-made “fierce” Pokémon art of original three starters makes a stunning case for a style change

If Nintendo ever wants to “reboot” the franchise to be grittier, we hope it looks like this.

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“Super Real Mario Odyssey” video ponders what trouble Mario may get into in upcoming Switch title

Mario can handle goombas and koopas, but what about cops and gangsters in the “real” world?

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