Dog’s response to other dog is perfectly acceptable…for a parkour athlete【Video】

Dogs are clearly man’s best friend, until they meet dog’s best friend: another dog.

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Happy New Year from RocketNews24!

Ordinarily, Japan has no problem working itself to the bone. That’s not the case at the start of the year, though, as the nation pauses to catch its breath and charge up for the months to come by visiting relatives, leisurely reading New Year’s cardseating osechi, and buying lucky bags.

While we at RocketNews24 like to think of ourselves as proficient multitaskers, even we’re not capable of getting much work done as we use both hands to stuff our faces with food or carry as many shopping bags as possible, and so we’ll be slowing down a bit as we take advantage of one of the few times Japan relaxes its hard-line stance against anything remotely resembling laziness. We hope you all get to do the same, regardless of where in the world you are.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to have even more great stuff for you whenever you visit our site in 2017!

Sephiroth’s One Winged Angel absolutely dazzles on the hand of one you’ve ringed

Who knew Final Fantasy VII’s baddie would make such a gorgeous engagement ring? Takayas Custom Jewelry knew.

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Colonel Sanders gets a needed makeover to bring him into 2017

Is the change a welcome eyeful? Or is this a case of too much too soon? You be the judge.

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Dog days of winter look like much more fun than the heat of summer

These pups are definitely enjoying their winter wonderland.

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Mario enlists help from dozens of Rubik’s cubes in epic stop-motion adventure【Video】

If you are a Mario fan, you are going to love every single bit of this!

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Google Street View catches Russian bear in the middle of snacking on a salmon

Even bears can’t get any privacy these days.

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Help choose RocketNews24’s “Cat of the Year 2016”

We look back on five cats who have contributed the most to shaping the world in 2016, and you can help us by submitting your vote for the top Cat Of The Year.

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Merry Christmas from RocketNews24!

We’re not sure if we should thank Santa or Pikachu, but when we woke up this morning, our homes were filled with presents!

Christmas might work a little differently in Japan, but it’s still an occasion for sharing time and joy with loved ones, so you might be hearing from us a little less frequently over the next few days. Rest assured, though, that you’re all in our thoughts and we’ll be back to full speed shortly covering all things weird and wonderful from Japan and Asia.

In the meantime, whether this holiday season has brought you an eye-opening calendar, some captivating reading material, a chance at romance, or even just some nice, practical coal, all of us here at RocketNews24 wish you and yours the very best.

Tiny wool animals and what it takes to make them, like you’ve never seen before!【Photos】

This behind-the-scenes look might make it seem like a tiny house of horrors, but the results are too cute for words!

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Japanese boy’s sneeze blows “meerkat” off ledge【Video】

This boy’s sneezing is a lot more powerful than his animal species recognition.

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Japanese Twitter goes ga-ga over artist showing off how to easily draw the perfect pair of legs

Just four steps to be able to step around in some well-drawn legs.

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Final Fantasy XV Gladiolus cosplay is as gorgeous as the game itself 【Photos】

We would gladly take more of this Gladiolus cosplay!

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Ninja cats blend into their surroundings in photos on Japanese Twitter 【Pics】

These guys have perfected the art of cat cloaking.

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Star Wars characters drawn in anime style is the perfect mashup 【Pics】

More Star Wars, we say! More!

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Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto shows what to do with your other hand while playing Super Mario Run

Being able to keep one hand free while playing Nintendo’s first smartphone game might turn out to be a pretty sweet deal.

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20-year-old mystery code in Super Mario 64 finally solved

All of our childhood conspiracy theory brains can finally rest.

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Nostalgia overload: Ninja Turtles theme song recreated frame by frame in Mario Paint! 【Video】

YouTube personality Mike Matei created this truly impressive tribute animation using nothing but this 16-bit era Super Nintendo game!

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Moving Filipino Rogue One promo will cause tears to escape from your eye’s exhaust port【Video】

You’re crying, they’re crying, we’re all crying. As good a reason as any to see the movie!

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Video compares the Japanese, Korean, and American Pokémon theme songs and Pokéraps 【Video】

Which country does the Poké-songs the best?

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