Namie Amuro Performs Theme Song, Insert Song for 2016 Death Note Film

Film opens on October 29 after 3-episode Hulu mini-series

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Make an impression on paper and your peers with a katana-hilt name stamp

Do business like a modern day samurai and wield your own personal katana name stamp!

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Japanese designers create a knit hat to help you look like Buddha

Japanese designers help you share your religious zeal (or irreverent sense of humor) with this quirky new hat that’ll make you look just like a statue of Buddha!

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In a stroke of genius, Mr. Sato comes up with the best umbrella idea ever! Kind of…【Video】

“Look, mom, no hands!”

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Historical race horse schoolgirl lesbian idol singers, all in one new Japanese video game【Video】

These fillies have definitely filled up at the anime trope trough.

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Small Osaka company gradually working its way to an 18-meter rideable robot

Of course making a giant robot suit is no easy task, but Hajime Research Institute is 22 percent there.

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Only one out of five Japanese people can pronounce these hiragana — can you?

Wait, what? These weren’t in chapter one of Genki….

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Comic illustrates what Japan’s PM was likely thinking moments before emerging as Mario

C’mon Abe, you can do it! You’ve got nothing to lose… Except maybe your pride.
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Psyduck shows off his best side – grooving, sliding and dancing to Hatsune Miku【Video】

These Pokémon think they can dance — and it turns out they really can!

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Korean fan surprised to receive present from baseball’s Yu Darvish after Twitter request

Sometimes when you want something, all you’ve got to do is ask.

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Hamster-lujah! Japanese pet seems to be attracting furry followers to a new religion

Because they can’t take their hamster balls with them when they go, these cute pets seem to have accepted a higher power.

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Fireworks photos make us wonder if we’re seeing “fire flowers” or microscopic organisms【Photos】

Interesting camera technique shows fireworks from a totally different point of view.

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Cat-paw-shaped Japanese delicacy encourages you to play with your food!【Taste Test】

You’ll definitely want to give these paw-shaped fish cakes a squish before you bite into them!

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Tokyo has an all-you-can-eat cookie cafe, and the amazing deal costs less than 10 bucks

Yes, they serve milk.

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Mosaic Sushi: gorgeous culinary craze sweeps the internet【Video】

It seems that sushi isn’t just delicious anymore — creative types online have transformed this classic staple of Japanese cuisine into Instagram-ready art!

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Why didn’t Japan include any Pokémon character cameos in the 2020 Olympic promo?

Netizens fear Japan may have missed out on capitalizing on one of its hottest current exports.
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Japanese fans fund “Animator Dormitories” to help young anime artists working in Tokyo

The crowdfunding project has received huge support to assist new talent, who start out in the industry on notoriously low wages.

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Sega’s been hiding a snarky message on its arcade bags for two years but no one noticed until now

After all, “playing it loud” was Nintendo’s thing.

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Anime shoppers in Japan find amazingly lifelike anime girl browsing right next to them 【Photos】

For anime characters, does the light novel section count as non-fiction?

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Amazing $24,000 life-size anime figure is taller than the character’s voice actress 【Video】

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is the latest anime series to get the 1:1-scale statue treatment.

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