Felissimo adds new “Tokyo Seeds” collection to its popular 500 Colored Pencils series

The Japanese mail order company’s new monthly pencil set release will undoubtedly have art lovers wanting to collect ’em all.

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Toyama Park, where skeletal remains of over 100 people are said to have been found【Haunted Tokyo】

We pay a midnight visit to this central Tokyo hill where rumor holds a ghost sobs in the dead of night.

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Japanese pool player gives hilarious English interview complete with PPAP reference【Video】

Easily the best sports interview of 2017 so far.

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Japan’s new luxury overnight bus is the conveniently classy way to get from Tokyo to Osaka

We take a ride on this new travel alternative to the Shinkansen bullet train.

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Japan introduces new maternity taxi service in Tohoku to help pregnant women

Iwate Prefecture is the latest region to receive a designated maternity taxi service, in a trend that’s becoming increasingly popular around Japan.

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McDonald’s releases new “Yakki” burger based on a popular Japanese meal

There’s even a scent-filled 4-D promotional movie being screened to coincide with the new burger’s release.

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Japanese student breaks Guinness record for fastest finger snapping

Beating this record certain wasn’t a snap for Satoyuki Fujimura – it was 296 snaps.

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J-pop idol group gives us a lesson in iconic Japanese high school girl poses【Video】

Do you know the names of all these Japanese photo poses that have appeared over the years?
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Twitter user shares her cakey creation that looks just like a plate of curry rice

Curry or cake…. Why not both?

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Japan’s largest housing website to offer LGBT support in finding tolerant landlords

It may not be the first, but it is easily the largest service of its kind.

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“Magikarp, use splash!” Mysterious Pokémon mobile app game to be released this spring

Is it finally Magikarp’s time to shine?

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Evidence of world’s tiniest cat? Pawprint found in ikura

Japanese twitter user finds a miniscule pawprint inside salmon roe.

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Japan’s Animate Cafe sends out apology to fans after discovering error in Yu-Gi-Oh! merchandise

There might be a rare fault in the design, but we have a feeling some fans won’t be exchanging the faulty item as requested.

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Our reporter infiltrated the “Happy Science” religion…accidentally, when in junior high

Serendipity has given RocketNews24 an inside look at the controversial religion currently making headlines: Happy Science.

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Want to make sure your Eevee evolves into Umbreon or Espeon in the Pokémon GO update? Here’s how

Because some things in life, like Pokémon training, are too important to leave up to chance.

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Traditional Japanese braiding is in high demand thanks to success of anime Your Name

These “gathered threads” have leapt through time and space to return as popular fashion accessories.

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Japanese Twitter seems to have no problems with Karlie Kloss’ “geisha” photo shoot

With the controversy over the model’s Vogue photos ongoing, has anyone bothered to check on how Japan feels?

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Cute orange octopus from Japan is here to keep your instant cup noodles hot and tasty

The three-minute wait to make cup noodles just got a lot more exciting.

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Japanese news reports miracle kid winning long-distance footrace after being in last position

Not a bad turnaround as child goes from 263rd position to first and then makes the nightly news. Read More

Yoku Moku’s Cigare cookies to become available in new matcha flavor!

The internationally popular cigar-shaped cookie will be getting its first new flavor in 13 years!

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