Three tips to be a better karaoke singer, from a professional singer-songwriter

Drop your books and grab the mic, because it’s time for a lesson in how to up your karaoke game.

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Rejoice! Anime about boys who love Boys’ Love coming this summer!

Because fujoshi aren’t the only ones who enjoy watching boys getting it on. Finally, some love for fudanshi!

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Beefy backpacks are the perfect fashion statement for any meat-loving traveler

Our mouths are watering just looking at ’em.
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Godiva chocolate meets Sri Lankan tea in a new frozen drink just in time for summer

White chocolate and Uva milk tea are a sweet match made in heaven.

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RocketNews24’s giant teddy bear goes looking for some new friends at Costco Japan 【Photos】

Because it was either this or keep watching Sangelica drink alone.

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Giant engraved sword is also a Japanese nameplate (plus most awesome home fixture ever)

If your home truly is your castle, you’ll want this at the entrance to your realm.

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Book for little Japanese kids offers one big reason not to be a systems engineer when you grow up

Explanation of what kind of person would love the job subtly tells readers that a lot of people would absolutely hate it.

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The perfect work out equipment for your fingers is waiting inside Japanese toy vending machines

Because why wouldn’t you buy mini-workout equipment for your fingers? We saw the need, and so we tested out some of these weird capsule toys.

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Funko’s Pop! vinyl figure series adds Sailor Moon, more Dragon Ball Z characters

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Cast of this summer’s live-action Naruto stage play looks more awesome than ever in new photos

Full in-costume cast shown together for the first time.

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Lotteria’s massive Burger with Everything on It dares Japan to ignore/finish it

Looks like the hamburger chain that craziness built wants its gigantic burger throne back.

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Evangelion credit cards mean you will (not) need to carry cash

Visa is everywhere anime fans want to be, including Tokyo-3.

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Keio University professor embodies Cool Japan by cosplaying his way through lectures【Pics】

One university professor in Tokyo is redefining what it means to teach with style.

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Cats in trouble, washing bags, and visual kei bands: What do these three things have in common?

The Japanese Twitterverse has been sharing some handy tricks for rescuing our feline friends in times of emergency.

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Beat your phone into submission with these Street Fighter 2 capsule toy stands

“You must defeat my Shoryuken to stand a chance.”

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McDonald’s recruitment ad paints a grim picture of life in Japan

Work part time for McDonald’s Japan and join the ranks of housewives, students, and Y-san: the saddest person you’ll ever meet.
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Maru the cat sticks his head in a bag, emerges with fashionable pigtails【Video】

All Marus are adorable, but Pigtailed Maru is especially memorable. 

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12 tabi split-toe sneakers to add a ninja flair to your casual everyday wear

The iconic split-toed tabi boot steps out of the ninja scene and into the world of sneakers in this roundup of awesome footwear designed for the street.

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“Escape from the Abandoned Blood Lab II” event to be held in Osaka

No money is needed to take part in this survival game — all the organizers want is that precious blood of yours.

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Enjoy traditional views of Mt Fuji from your very own luxury toilet

Japanese toilets continue to lead the way with a new range of beautifully decorative models.

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