Japanese kids set hilarious and ingenious traps to capture Santa Claus【Pics, Videos】

A leg snare trap, a swinging ball trap, and more to capture the Santa while he’s in Japan.

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Frozen’s Elsa enjoys a cosy Japanese winter break under the kotatsu

The cold never bothered her anyway! Check out Elsa showing the proper way to enjoy winter in Japan!

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Japanese couple capture their 400-day honeymoon around the world with spectacular drone footage

This beautiful video is so uplifting it will bring tears to your eyes.

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Yoshitomo Nara accuses Korean beauty company of ripping off his art, gets sued by them instead

The Japanese artist known for his distinctive anime-style illustrations of children expressed surprise at this turn of events.

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Merry Christmas from RocketNews24!

We’re not sure if we should thank Santa or Pikachu, but when we woke up this morning, our homes were filled with presents!

Christmas might work a little differently in Japan, but it’s still an occasion for sharing time and joy with loved ones, so you might be hearing from us a little less frequently over the next few days. Rest assured, though, that you’re all in our thoughts and we’ll be back to full speed shortly covering all things weird and wonderful from Japan and Asia.

In the meantime, whether this holiday season has brought you an eye-opening calendar, some captivating reading material, a chance at romance, or even just some nice, practical coal, all of us here at RocketNews24 wish you and yours the very best.

Decorate your legs with colorful ninja stockings that offer style over stealth!

Ninjas are known for their stealth, but there’s nothing stealthy about these eye-catching stockings

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Japanese YouTuber sticks rubber chicken in tailpipe, unleashes screams from bowels of hell 【Vid】

Who knew that rubber chickens and exhaust pipes were the ingredients needed to summon a howling demon?

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Tokyo taxi company to release smartphone app with battling princesses

Gojyo Taxi is hoping that the ability to evolve pig-tailed magic girls in their cars will boost usage, and “hope” is a wonderful thing.

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Magikarp now appearing in Japan as a traditional taiyaki sweet 【Taste Test】

Warm, cute and delicious – this is the type of Pokémon everyone in Japan wants to catch right now.

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Cheapo News: This may be Japan’s cheapest (and saddest) Christmas dinner deal for singles

No Christmas date? No problem! We’ve found one of Japan’s cheapest Christmas dinners at Italian chain, Saizeriya.

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Japanese designer creates beautiful VR map of his country, destroys it with laser beams【Video】

VoxelKei has been working to create the ultimate VR map of Japan, allowing people the chance to explore an extremely detailed rendering of the entire country. Oh, and also fire massive death rays at it.

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Japanese company brings back “cotton wife” body pillow to enhance the realism of VR games

Now you can explore the world of virtual reality while stroking the soft body of your favourite character at the same time.

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When they’re done holding your keys, let your anime keychains start a second career decorating your home.

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It’s the RocketNews24 Christmas Party! Coming to you from the McDonald’s off Highway 8

Ain’t no party like a RocketNews24 Christmas party because a RocketNews24 Christmas party don’t stop…even if you pray it does.

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Second super-chic cat cafe in Harajuku will make all your cafe dreams come true

Because nothing says “high-class” more than the company of cats.
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Sleep in a Japanese rail carriage at new train hostel in Tokyo【Pics】

This beloved sleeper train might be off the rails now but it’s still bringing joy to guests from all around the world.

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Tokyo yakiniku restaurant will hook you up with 2.9 kilos (6.4 pounds) of beef for less than US$3

You’ll need to bring a big appetite but just a little cash.

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Tokyo salaryman can’t be bothered to change expression, no matter how crowded the train is【Vid】

Even with three station attendants shoving passengers in to pack them like sardines, this guy remains cool as a cucumber.

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Move over KFC! Japan is serving slices of New York-style pizza for 99 yen this Christmas

Enjoy a 99-yen (US$0.99) highball with your pizza too!

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Origami onigiri: the art of paper folding meets rice balls to make munchable masterpieces【Video】

The highest art form is always one that you can eat.

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