Fantastic Ghibli-inspired sculpted dragons take our breath away!

Sculptor Emily Coleman’s three-dimensional creations that look like half plant and half mythical beast are an absolute delight to behold!

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Nostalgia overload: Ninja Turtles theme song recreated frame by frame in Mario Paint! 【Video】

YouTube personality Mike Matei created this truly impressive tribute animation using nothing but this 16-bit era Super Nintendo game!

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Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto performs Mario theme with hip hop’s The Roots 【Video】

Legends of video game design and music team up for awesome live performance.

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Stan Lee impresses audiences in Japan at Tokyo Comic-Con

The revered comic book writer impressed everyone at Comic-Con with a joyous energy that defied his 93 years.

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Producer Masi Oka announces first Japanese actor in Netflix Death Note movie

Well, you’ve got to start somewhere…

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Nintendo announces its Universal Studios attractions are coming to the U.S. too!【Video】

Shigeru Miyamoto promises fun for theme park guests not just in Japan, but also California and Florida.

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High fashion meets Pokémon to create clothing that only the elitest of the elite four can afford

Loaded and love Pokémon? There is a $1,300 skirt that has your name on it.

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Student trolls classmates, teachers for entire year with fake Japanese accent 【Video】

See this half-Japanese student reveal his prank in this surprising finale to a video series in which he documents an elaborate social experiment.

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The heartwarming story behind the Starbucks “Green Cup”【Video】

This was no pre-Christmas cup; just a wonderful way to show we’re all connected.
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Japanese news program criticized for translating Lady Gaga’s protest message as “I hate Trump.”

Liberal translation of statement at protest against conservative politician has fans wondering what happened to the love.

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Be Mr. Sato’s online friend, and he might take you to dinner, like he did with these foreign fans

When two loyal readers from Hawaii said they’d be in Tokyo for a few days, Mr. Sato sprang into action.

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Hit anime film Your Name’s Academy Award qualification run dates officially announced

Makoto Shinkai’s latest film has seen huge success in the Japanese market, but can it win a nomination for the North America film industry’s top honor?

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Anime hit Your Name to get Academy Award-qualifying U.S. theatrical run this year

Move would make Makoto Shinkai’s hit eligible for consideration at February’s Oscar awards, but does it have a chance of winning?

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Japan has established itself as King of the Thrones【Video】

As long as you are able to find a Western-style toilet.

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Super Barbie fan has spent over $67,000 on products, clothes and accessories【Video】

Needless to say pink is the major color motif for all the goods.

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This Michigan Starbucks barista looks just like a Final Fantasy character

It’s hard to believe this photo of a barista in a Michigan Starbucks is a real photograph of a real person, not an image created by the team at Square Enix.
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New York City restaurant shocks customers’ taste buds with new sweet treat: ice cream ramen【Pics】

Is it still ramen if it’s cold, fruity, and made of gelatin? One restaurant says yes!

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Adam Savage, co-host of TV show Mythbusters, cosplayed at New York Comic Con as Totoro 【Video】

The experience, in his own words: “That was AWESOME.”

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Britney Spears’ son loves Dragon Ball Z, cosplays as anime villain

And that’s not the only hit anime the pop star’s offspring are fans of.

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Japanese cosplayer steals the show at New York Comic Con with awesome Iron Man costume 【Photos】

Iron Man’s photo account of Comic Con in New York is a beautiful reminder of the bonds that tie fans and cosplayers together.

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