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And now for some photo fun from Asia 【Pics】

The continent of Asia itself contains over half of the world’s population. Looking solely at the numbers, this means that there’s a much higher chance for something crazy to go down here than in other parts of the world.

So when you see pictures of people like the woman above, you might get the sense that a lot of Asians are a little bit out-there, but actually for the most part they’re just as plain as you, me or my buddy Kenji who dresses up like a panda at his local zoo and pretends to mate with another panda-dressed co-worker to encourage the real pandas to get it on.

So please keep people like Kenji in mind when viewing these 14 photos of strange occurrences around our lovely continent.

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39 looks at the lighter side of Asia

As you’re probably well aware, we at RocketNews24 strive to tackle only the most serious issues of the day. Whether we’re breaking down the complexities of the TPP and its effects on soy bean subsidies, or providing in-depth analysis on how modern Japanese silk arts have deviated from their traditional routes, we never stop thinking about important matters. Even though we cover these topics with deadly seriousness, however, we have been known to let our hair down once a year or so.

With that in mind, today we’d like to bring you a collection of photos which pretty much no point or underlying theme aside from the fact they all come out of Asia and are really weird. Don’t worry though, we’ll be back to our usual coverage of tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests of Japan soon enough. For now just sit back and enjoy these little pieces of Novocaine for the mind.

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A six-year-old smashed the previous limbo skating record, in case you wanted to know

Who would have thought the world of limbo skating would be so competitive? Also, who would have thought limbo skating was a thing that exists?

Limbo skating is the sport of using old-school roller skates – we presume there’s some kind of rule about them having to be in pastel colors – to project yourself across the ground while staying as low as possible. Sometimes, limbo skaters can squish their bodies down to about the same height as a Coke bottle while bending their ankles at seemingly impossible angles to keep the roller skate’s wheels on the pavement.

So, since we went ahead and told you that limbo skating is a thing, we might as well also tell you that a 6-year-old just broke the previous limbo skating world record by limbo skating under 39 cars like it was nothing.

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Princest Diaries: Artist uses Disney Princesses in Rape Awareness posters

An artist has been causing controversy online recently with a set of posters featuring Disney princesses in incestual embraces with their fathers. Entitled “The Princest Diaries”, the three posters in the series are designed to raise incest and rape awareness using simple imagery and characters well-known to people of all ages and nationalities. Disney fans may find the following pictures disturbing but according to the artist, this is exactly the point.

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Iraqi Shadow of the Colossus is hardcore (plus more fun with bootlegs) 【Photos】

It’s become less common with the increasing globalization of the video game industry, but not so long ago, box art for the same title could vary wildly from one region to the next. Much of this was due to the nature of licensing contracts. For example, it may have made sense to commission a popular anime artist to draw the cover for a Japanese release of a game, but without that same fan base and recognition overseas, oftentimes executives judged it was wiser to hire a struggling artist to draw new art on the cheap than to shell out the extra money necessary to procure the rights to use the anime art internationally.

But while these sorts of legal technicalities explain how North American gamers ended up with such horrible art on the packaging for Mega Man and Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle, it doesn’t explain why someone felt the need to create strange new covers for bootlegged video games in Iraq.

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Prominent political figures like you’ve never seen them before… FABULOUS!

Saint Hoax is a Middle Eastern artist who recently set up a website which combines the kitsch of pop art with cynical political commentary. In their post, Saint Hoax muses on the similarities between drag queens and world figureheads. Thinking that they share unique fashions and stand-out personalities, the only real difference between a drag queen and a king boils down to flashier colors and a whole lot of money.

So Saint Hoax took nine political and religious figures and applied some sequins and foundation – a lot of foundation – to make them queen for a day.  They certainly work – sashay, shantay – but if you happen to have strong political or religious leanings in one direction or another, you’ll probably find yourself offended by these images.

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Car surfing reportedly being banned by Saudi Arabian killjoys

Sometimes, I feel sorry for kids in today’s safety zealous world. More and more, it seems like the things I grew up with are being banned, whether it’s the thrilling bloodsport of dodgeball or the razor’s edge of a cafeteria in which some people are allowed to eat peanut butter.

Now comes the latest step in the inevitable march towards a global nanny state, as Saudi Arabia is apparently moving to ban the undeniably safe pastime of car surfing.

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Turkish cold snap literally freezes animals where they stand

It appears that Turkey is one of the few parts of the world that gets so cold it’s not an exaggeration to say, “It’s freezing out here.”

The video below depicts some donkeys found in a small village that have cartoonishly frozen in place due to the extreme cold weather and snow – a phenomena we thought only possible in Christmas-time claymation films, and the closest thing we know of to the exact opposite of China’s hellish summer heatwave that caused cars to explode.

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Rare Turkish rose is the most heavy metal flower you’ll ever see

Until now, we never really understood what all the fuss was about roses. Women seem to love them, and men seem to spend inordinate amounts of money to purchase them for their sweethearts. But now that we’ve seen the pitch-black Turkish Halfeti Rose, we’re starting to understand that roses can be not only dangerous, kind of smelly and enchanting all at the same time, they can also be the perfect centerpiece of the most hardcore heavy metal album or low fantasy book cover of all time.

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7 surprising realizations during our Japanese reporter’s trip to Turkey

Turkey! It’s more than just a giant bird. It’s a mysterious country straddling the border between Europe and Asia. Practically everyone has heard of it, for its likeness to the popular holiday dish if nothing else, but it seems that a majority of people know very little about the region’s culture.

Recently, members of our Japanese staff took a trip to the alluring land of Turkey. While they weren’t exactly sure what to expect, they were nonetheless surprised by a number of things on their visit. Here’s a list of seven things that surprised our Japanese staff on their trip to Turkey.

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Afghani Embassy picks up a copy of Saint Onīsan to learn about Japan’s religious views

For those learning Japanese, manga can often be a good text. With the help of pictures and rather short sentences we can read along without much effort and perhaps enjoy the studying process a little more.

Well it turns out a member of the Embassy of Afghanistan in Tokyo thought the exact same thing. While out on a stroll last Sunday he picked up a particular manga that he thought would help him learn both the Japanese language and what Japanese people think about religion.

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Iranian Murderer Pardoned Seconds After Hanging

Last Wednesday in Mashhad, Iran, a man was sentenced to hang for the crime of murdering a police officer. However, just moments after the sentence was carried out, the bereaved family cried out their forgiveness, demanding that they put a stop to the execution. Read More

Crime of Passion: Three Men Forcibly Deported from Saudi Arabia for Being “Too Handsome”

TV Emirates reported recently that three United Arab Emirates nationals were deported from Saudi Arabia for the crime of being “too handsome.”

This is certainly an uncommon criminal accusation, but one that we can relate to (some of our writers are banned in 26 countries for the opposite reason). Read More

China and Ukraine Offer Coffin Therapy: Climb in, Close the Lid, Five Minutes Later a New You!

Did you think coffins were only for the dead, haunted house managers, and vampires? Well apparently not! Climbing into a coffin for a few minutes is supposedly therapeutic, too! An artificial near-death experience is allegedly good for the soul, a great stress reliever and growing in popularity in China.

Karapaia Livedoor.biz, a Japanese news blog that reports oddities and adventures from around the world, decided to take a look at this special psychological therapy which is taking off in Shenyang China. Read More

When Regular People Ride in F1 Cars, Funny Things Happen

Japanese site Livedoor News gave us a chuckle earlier this week when they presented a short article detailing how regular, everyday folk like you and me (when I’m not dining on roasted swan with the queen, that is) can take a ride in a Formula One racing car and experience every skeleton-crushing g-force and stomach-wrenching twist and turn for real.

In a video taken at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dabi, United Arab Emirates, we see the unfortunate passenger in the rear of a specially adapted 1999 model Tyrrell F1 car thrown about as the professional driver tears around the track, almost as if he’s trying his hardest to get his passenger to throw up a lung.

All we can say is: thank goodness she’s wearing a helmet.

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【Video】Kuwait Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Constitution With Record-Breaking Fireworks Display

Kuwait celebrated it’s 50th anniversary of its constitution this month with a grand fireworks display, never seen to this extent before.

77,282 fireworks exploded into the air on November, setting the Guiness World Record for most fireworks launched during an event.  This oil-rich country knows how to put on a great show of fireworks, but it wasn’t cheap! Read More

The Breathtaking Allure of the Stained Glass of Nasir al- Mulk Mosque in Iran

During a recent trip to Iran, RocketNews24 correspondent Photographer Koach visited the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz and was absolutely blown away by its extensive colored stained glass facade.

Following his report on why Iranians are the kindest people in the world, here are his thoughts on the beautiful piece of architecture and the morning sunlight that shines through it.

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