Have the Ultimate Domino’s Pizza – All the toppings and Over $100!

Our adventurous reporters previously tried a plate of Coco Ichiban Curry with everything on it, and this time we decided to follow that up with an order of Domino’s Pizza with all the toppings on it. But we didn’t order just a regular pizza with all the toppings; that would be too simple.

No, we ordered a Triple Mille-Feuille crust pizza with all the toppings! The Triple Mille-Feuille crust consists of three layers of thin ultra crispy crust with plenty of cheese sandwiched in between. So, we placed our order and waited to see what the pizza would be like. Read More

Welcome to the Crappiest Toy Store in Thailand

Disclaimer:  This article contains some graphic depictions of doo-doo and is not  for the faint of stomach.

One of the great things about visiting Thailand is that everything is so cheap.  Especially if you want to buy souvenirs for a lot of people, it’s a very shopping friendly country.  However, even with these low prices, travelers are still faced with the dilemma of what to get loved ones.

You don’t want to spend your whole vacation picking out the perfect gifts but you also don’t want to be like your aunt Grace who gave you a lame souvenir spoon from her trip to the Grand Canyon last year.

Luckily we stumbled upon a toy store in Thailand that lets you confront your fear of buying a crappy present by selling literal pieces of crap.  Small coilers will run you about 50 baht (US$1.60) but a larger log will cost 150 baht ($4.80).

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The iPhone Headphone Jack Smells Like Pineapple

The Japanese internet is currently engulfed in debate over a startling new technological discovery: the iPhone headphone jack smells like pineapple.

Mmmm, pineapple.

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New iPhone Attachment Takes It Back to ’07, By Which We Mean 1907

Apple has had their share of run-ins over patent infringement these days, but it looks like Sanyo Transport’s recently released iPhone attachment may get an angry letter too – from the Edison Speaking Phonograph Company.

The iPhone 4S/4 Exclusive Bugle-Type Speaker certainly doesn’t win points for a catchy name, but it may hook you in with its low price, simplicity and heck even for its retro charm.

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You’ve probably never eaten melon with mayonnaise before. Well, we saw it being done by actress Erika Toda on the T.V. drama “SPEC” and thought we would give it a try. But seriously, melon with mayonnaise? Wouldn’t melon taste better as, well, simple melon?

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Triangle-Shaped Head New Benchmark for Beauty in China?

In the past, we’ve reported on some of the more extreme cases of plastic surgery in China. These men and women are obsessed with beauty and are willing to go to any lengths to reach their ideal. Changing everything from the contours of their face to its features, they become completely unrecognizable from their former selves.

Among these dedicated beauty seekers is a subgroup that has been garnering a lot of attention recently: the triangle heads. Recently, we discovered another of this terrifying breed. Read More

New Social Network “Yankee I Love You” Caters to Japanese Juvenile Delinquents

Americans might be surprised to learn that in Japan, the word ‘Yankee’ refers to a type of delinquent youth, recognizable by their intimidating appearance and fondness of gaudy hairstyles like the punch perm, mullet, or the waning-in-popularity yet ever so glorious pompadour.

The term originated in Osaka in the 1970s, referring to the young people who wandered the city streets dressed in the flashy clothes symbolic of the fashion shops of the city’s America-Mura (“America Village”) district. As the term spread across Japan, ‘Yankee’ became synonymous with ‘juvenile delinquent’ and it eventually came to describe an entire subculture as the Yankee image was popularized in magazines, television dramas, comic books and other forms of media throughout the 80’s and 90’s.

And now, Japan’s bad-boy culture has entered the digital era with a new social network designed exclusively for Yankees, Yankee I Love You.

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KDDI Releases First Iridium Satellite Phone with GPS Capability

On April 13, KDDI will begin selling “Extreme,” the newest Iridium satellite phone model and the first equipped with a GPS function.

With the GPS function, Extreme users can periodically update people in their address book on their location via email. In case of emergency, they can push the SOS Button on top of the unit to send an automatic message containing their GPS position.

At 10% thinner and 7% lighter than 9555, the previous model, it is now the thinnest, lightest Iridium satphone, and it also features better resistance to water and dust. Read More

Spa Staff Pop Group OFR48 Warms Hearts With Song and Dance, Naked Bodies With Daily Work

You may have raised an eyebrow the first time a fully clothed spa staff member ambled into the sauna and whistled while she worked in front of you and the other sweaty, naked dudes.

You’re a pro by now, though, and you hardly bat an eyelash while the spa staff simply blend into the background.

A new Japanese female idol group is out to change the status quo. OFR48 is comprised of women who actually work at hot springs resorts, saunas and other public bathing facilities throughout Japan. The women sing and dance on stage at spa facilities, entertaining customers and fostering deeper communication and familiarity with them. Read More

♪The Best Part of Wakin’ Up Is Freaky Asian Lady in Your Postbox♪

Even in this age of iPads and net-delivered news, there are still some who maintain that relaxing morning ritual of reading the newspaper over a cup of coffee. The world turns, and the steadfast deliveryman starts his rounds before dawn breaks to ensure a paper for every post that desires it.

But what if, one day, that tranquil cycle was interrupted by a home delivery of fear? What if you awoke one morning to find an unknown Asian woman smiling maliciously as she peers through your postbox?

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Newspaper Companies Rally Against Inevitable Demise by Giving a Few Free Copies Away with the Purchase of an Egg McMuffin

McDonald’s may not be the best place to get nourishment for your body, but for one week at selected branches you could get some food for thought, in the form of a free newspaper.

That’s right, McDonald’s restaurants and the Japan Newspaper association have collaborated to bring you Spring Newspaper Week (April 6 to 12), which many are lauding as a glorious waste of time.

The purpose of Spring Newspaper Week is to combat the growing trend of young people not using newspapers.  Strangely, more and more younger people prefer reading their news on phones that fit in the palm of their hands rather than cumbersome sheets of paper that make their fingers black.

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Fukushima Refugees Rather Gamble than Work, Claims Iwaki City Mayor

The city of Iwaki lies 30km south of the Fukushima Daiichi just outside of the evacuation zone created after the nuclear disaster struck.  As such it has become home to approximately 25,000 displaced people from Futaba District, where the Daiichi reactor is located.

On 9 April, Iwaki Mayor Takao Watanabe had this to say about the evacuees: “With the compensation money they received from TEPCO, most people are choosing not to work.  The pachinko parlors, however, are packed every day.”  Pachinko is a highly popular game similar to pinball that is often used for gambling much like slots or video poker in other parts of the world.

Although this may sound like another case of a Japanese politician putting his foot in his mouth, it appears Mayor Watanabe is not alone with his opinion.

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“Procrastinate”? “Calm Under Pressure?” Take a Page from the Pros

Time limit, cutoff, due date. AKA “deadline”. Of course the concept applies to any number of jobs. But let it be said that the real experts on the subject are cartoonists / comic book artists.

These professionals truly know the possibilities of pre-deadline behavior. Today, we present to you 99 ways comic book artists find themselves approaching, or avoiding, their day of reckoning. See if you compare… Read More

Japan-Korea Tensions Boil Over Sea of Japan Name, Korea Calling for “East Sea” Inclusion

The International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) is holding general meetings in Monaco starting on April 23, and on the agenda is the hot debate over the name of the body of water between Japan and the Korean Peninsula.

Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo reported on April 10 that the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade was feeling doubtful of global support for its request that “East Sea” appear alongside the current “Sea of Japan” name. The ministry is said to be making special arrangements for the IHO meetings, including ramping up the urgency of its requests for support from IHO member nations. Read More

Hello Kitty turns scary and cosplays as Japanese horror character – but still manages to be cute!

What happens when you combine one of the cutest, most beloved mascot characters in the world with one of the most terrifying characters in modern Japanese fiction and cinema? You get “Sadako Kitty”, or Kitty dressed up as Sadako, the character from the hit Japanese horror series “The Ring”. Of course, it’s Hello Kitty, so she’s still cute, but she does look quite different from her usual self. Read More

Dial M for Music: Push-Button Telephone Cover of Vocaloid Song is Off the Hook 【Video】

Before the days of downloadable ringtones, the only way you could get original tunes on your cell phone was by using the built-in ringtone composer, using the phone’s numeric keypad to enter a sequence of tones (press 1 for Do, 2 for Re, etc) to create a custom monotone melody.

While the days of trying to figure out the right key combination for “Hit Me Baby One More Time” have long since passed, it seems the tradition of push-button telephone composing has been carried on into the 21st century and mastered by Japanese Otaku.

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HEMORRHOIDS! The Best of Comically Bad Japanese T-Shirts on Non-Japanese Torsos

Everyone loves Engrish, and everyone enjoys lampooning the machines that create it and the silly humans who wear it.

Is it as funny when the tables are turned? What happens when non-Japanese deck themselves out in clothing with unintelligible characters on it, only to have the true meaning outed on the web for all to see? Read More

Forget Surgical Masks and Fake Glasses, Wear Your Allergy Remedy Around Your Neck With the Virus Blocker!

Spring brings new life, new love, warmer weather and so many other great things. It also brings with it heaps of pollen, and we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of pollen season. While it’s been a pretty easy year in terms of pollen, many of us are still shut indoors and suffering. I may have stumbled upon an easy, cost-effective way to take care of that, though.
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IT Company’s Recruitment Ad Offers Sexual Healing to Unemployment

Anyone who’s ever clicked through corporate recruitment pages is well accustomed to the stock photo montages of multicultural, gender neutral, in colorful-but-not-too-colorful blue shirt business people shaking hands with unrealistically large smiles on their faces.

They’re so bland and innocuous that they become the visual equivalent to white noise.  That’s why when a company tries something different, they stand out big time, and the reason why I now know who Telecom Support Inc. of Tokyo is.

Their recent recruitment ad posted on a website for job hunters, displays an employee seemingly reaching the height of sexual ecstasy over how awesome his job is.  Intrigued? Me too.

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Mind-Controlled Cat Ears Hitting Shelves in Japan Later This Month, International Release to Follow

The wait for communicating feelings via neural-controlled mechanical cat ears is finally near its end.

Japanese company neurowear, the world’s foremost leader in brain-controlled fashion accessories, announced it will release the consumer version of its brainwave-reading cat ear headband nekomimi later this month.

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