Six Business Hotels in Tokyo You Can Spend the Night in For Under 3,500 Yen

When deciding to travel in Japan we are faced with a rather large assortment of hotels that don’t exist in our home countries, one of which is the “business hotel”. The label of business hotel may conjure up images of the infamous “capsule hotels” for some, while for other’s it may have the sense of a dank, narrow, room that was occupied by the cast of Mad Men. I suspected such things at first until, in an effort to save money, I bit the bullet and tried a few out.

I can now confidently say that despite their label, business hotels are actually rather comfy – some of them downright elegant!

These hotels don’t skimp on the amenities. For instance, it wouldn’t be hard to find a business hotel that offers air conditioning, humidifier, or even an air purifier. Most have fairly spacious bathrooms and offer a complimentary breakfast. Even if you are just looking for a place to have a brief romantic rendezvous, a business hotel can be a cheaper alternative to a dingy motel or robotic love hotel.

Let’s take a look at 6 prime business hotels that can be found in the Tokyo area. All hotels charge rates less than 3,500 yen (US$44.80) per person when two people are staying in the room at a rate of 7,000 yen total ($89.60).

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Wendy’s Strikes Back In Japan With Foie Gras, Wasabi Avacado. Wendy-chan Spotted Loitering Outside New Store At 4AM

American fast-food chain Wendy’s is back in Japan!

The flagship store opened at midnight on December 27 in Omotesandō, Tokyo, two years after the company had pulled out of the market due to falling profits.

We headed out at 4AM to see the Wendy’s for ourselves and when we arrived, TV stations were preparing their cameras to cover the burger chain’s grand re-opening.

It looks like Wendy’s will have some media coverage to help it get its name out there, but will Japanese customers heed the call?

There was already one person lining up outside by the time we arrived, though we have reason to believe that she may be just a little biased.

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Ever since the Great Tohoku Earthquake led to one of the worst nuclear disasters at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant people have been left with a lot of uncertainty. Information has not been coming from places of authority in a free and timely fashion. News broadcasts often tell stories of contaminated food and radioactive puddles near schools. Still, these stories are after the fact and often hard to process given the complex nature of radiation.

Luckily, on 27 December, Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute (KURRI) announced they are working with Fukushima Transportation Inc. to begin testing a system to monitor radiation in Fukushima City that is in real time and is accessible by anyone over the internet.

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Chinese Message Boards Warn Citizens of Stairs that Look Like Escalator; Number of Embarrassed Shoppers Expected to Reach the Hundred Thousands

Every once in a while I come across an escalator that seems out of order. But upon taking my first disappointed step to walk up, the elevator gently shakes to life and carries me triumphantly the rest of the way thinking “How do they know?”

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Apple’s Lucky Bag Returns for 2012! We Are in for Some Massive Line-Ups Again

Apple has given word that they will be selling Lucky Bags (Fukubukuro) again this New Year’s! The sale will begin on 2 January at 8:00am.

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The Fermented Soy Cheesecake Challenge

Natto, for those of you that haven’t been introduced to the smelly, sticky Japanese foodstuff, is fermented soy beans. And if you do know natto, you probably also know that Mito in Ibaraki Prefecture is the place to go for the good stuff. Well, recently a venerable Mito natto company started selling a rather surprising new item: natto cheesecake. That’s right, a cheesecake made from fermented soy beans. Read More

According to a book recently published by Tomohiko Suzuki, a freelance journalist who went undercover as a laborer at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant for two months this year, people who were unable to repay loans from yakuza gangs were forced to work at the site as a means of repaying their debts. Tokyo Electric issued a refutal, calling the claim that organized crime would be allowed to influence the recruitment process “groundless”.
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Survey Shows 2 of 3 People Who Enjoy Sweets Get Lucky On Christmas, Morinaga Sells Condensed Milk Love Elixir

So you’re in Japan, it’s almost Christmas, but you still don’t have any plans for Christmas Eve and, as we established in a previous article, we know that can only be because you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend to spend it with.

Well my lonely friends, there’s still luck! A report recently published by Japanese dairy and sweets company Morinaga Milk Industry reveals that 2 out of 3 people who like sweet foods have plans for Christmas.

We want you to think about the implications of this. In Japan, saying you have plans on Christmas is basically an indirect way of saying you’ll be spending a not-so-silent night on the 24. 66% of people who enjoy sweet foods won’t be spending Christmas alone. It can therefore be deduced that people who eat sweet foods regularly have a 66% chance of getting some action at least one night a year.

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Transexual Model With Body That Men Go Crazy For, And A Cosplayer To Boot!

Kayo Sato is a famous model in Japan who confessed that “she” was a “he” on a TV show in 2010. She has been pretty popular since then among not only men but also girls due to her femininity and cuteness.

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Harbinger Of The Next Big Earthquake? Rare Deep Sea Fish Washed Up In Japan

The giant oarfish is a rare deep sea fish said to be found in depths of over 1000 meters in the Atlantic Ocean. While sightings of the fish are few and far between, Japanese legend tells that when the fish does appear at the surface, it is a sign that an earthquake is imminent.

In the early morning of December 21, one such giant oarfish was found washed up on the shore of Makinohara city in Shizuoka prefecture, causing a commotion among the locals that another big earthquake may soon strike Japan.

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One For The Books! Taiwanese Netizens Choose 2011’s Top 10 Beautiful Girls

Since the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake in Japan, Taiwan has shown itself to be a nation of extremely generous and caring people, who helped us through one of our darkest times. What you may not know, however, is that Taiwan is also a nation full of some of the hottest women you’ve ever seen. With the announcement that an online poll has selected Taiwan’s 10 Most Beautiful Women, Rocket News 24 would like to return the care and attention that they have given Japan. We also hope you join us and not miss out on the hottest women Taiwan has to offer!

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Japanese Packed Lunches That Are Hard to Swallow; Edible Batteries and Bathroom Cleansers Enough to Make Andy Warhol Blush

Recently a lot of attention has been directed at Japanese mothers’ painstakingly crafted packed lunches called charabens (character bentos). It’s something of a competition for mothers to send their children off to school with not just the best tasting or healthiest food, but also the most creatively arranged. The BBC ran a feature showing how housewives attend classes to arrange rice, seaweed, and other ingredients into characters ranging from Hello Kitty and Totoro to Michael Jackson and Barack Obama.

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KARA’s Han Seung-yeon Crafts Cute Bunny Wieners

Korean female pop idol group KARA is riding the top of the Korean wave here in Japan.

In particular, member Han Seung-yeon has been growing in popularity recently with the release of the video for the their hit single “STEP,” with many charmed fans lauding her as having the “most adorable baby face in history.”

Now, Seung-yeon, who is also known to be something of a foodie, has uploaded photos of her own home cooking: a sausage dish with the sausages cut to look like adorable little weenie-bunnies.

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Need a Last Minute Christmas Present? How About a “Whale Sword”?

On Yahoo Shopping, a site famous for its oodles of unique merchandise, an ornamental sword is attracting a lot of attention. It’s called the “Whale Sword” and it’s a model of a style of ornamental sword used in the pre-war days, with a blade close to a meter long. Who wouldn’t want that in their stocking?

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Japanese Christmas Is For Lovers

As we mentioned briefly in an article we wrote earlier this month about Japanese New Years, Christmas is a far less family-centered holiday in Japan than it is in Western countries.

Instead, Christmas in Japan is a time for romance. Streets of major cities are filled with smiling couples walking hand in hand and restaurants and hotels are booked full, sometimes months in advance.

On the flip side, Christmas can be an extremely lonely time for those longing for some holiday affection but without anyone to give it to them. Single people therefore usually make it a rule to avoid going out on the 24 and 25—in fact, if you ever want to figure out if a Japanese person is single, just ask if they have plans for Christmas.

The lucky ones, however, generally follow the basic Christmas game plan outlined below!

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The Words That Saved a Woman’s Life; “Get Up! It’s Time for Mahjong!”

We’ve heard similar stories before. A woman involved in a car crash falls into a coma. Doctors are unable to wake her and things begin to look bleak, until the voice of a loved one miraculously brings them back to consciousness. Here at Rocket News 24, we are especially interested in such amazing events. What set this story apart from the others though are the magic words that against all odds accomplished what medical science could not.

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Manhattan Japanese Restaurant EAST Serves Unexpected Tear-Jerker

I happened upon a kaiten sushi-ya (conveyor belt sushi restaurant) while on an extended trip to New York, and I was surprised that something other than the hot wasabi brought tears to my eyes.

Japanese Restaurant EAST in Manhattan is a far cry from any Japanese kaiten sushi-ya – this place is as hip as any nightclub in the area. The chef is not Japanese, but his skills are just as good as those of any “genuine” sushi chef. He rolled out perfectly squeezed nigiri sushi and delicious miso soup.

And though I like to get adventurous with the wasabi from time to time, I was not prepared for the rotating item that would move me to tears on this day.

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What Recession? World’s Largest Uniqlo to Open in Ginza

Uniqlo, the clothing retailer who has achieved ubiquitous status in Japan is continuing its ambitious plans to expand worldwide. In order to achieve their goal of earning 5 trillion yen (US$60 billion) by 2020, they have been aggressively building larger and larger flagship stores around the world.

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Can’t Get More Relaxing Than This! Osaka Hotel Offers Running Natural Hot Spring Water In All Guest Rooms

While I was on business in Osaka the other day I had the opportunity to stay at the Hanshin Hotel, located across the street from Fukushima Station on the JR Osaka Loop Line.

When I checked in, everything about the hotel seemed like standard Japanese business hotel until they told me that all 289 rooms in the building are equipped with running natural hot spring water.

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7 Reasons New Years Is The Best Time To Experience Japan

Christmas is less than two weeks away and I’m sure many of you in the Americas and Europe are looking forward to a (hopefully) relaxing day spent with family, good food and, of course, presents.

Here in Japan, Christmas seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year, but the flavor of the holiday is probably much different than it is abroad.

For example, Christmas was originally popularized here as a holiday for couples to have a special night out in the city: have dinner at a fancy restaurant, exchange gifts and then spend the night together ‘celebrating’ at a hotel.

While still viewed as ‘lover’s holiday’, Christmas has since spread to the household, with many families feasting on the now-traditional Japanese Christmas foods of cake and—thanks to an incredibly successful marketing campaign by KFC—fried chicken.

But for most Japanese families, the real holiday spirit is felt during the time around New Years. In fact, New Years is probably to Japan what Christmas is to America and other Western countries.

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