This Disney x One Piece Crossover Art is What Dreams Are Made Of

Look, if Disney can team up with Square Enix to make video games, there’s no reason why they can’t work something out with Jump either, right? Please?

While a Kingdom Jump Super Stars may never be a reality, deviantART artist scaragh has shared her take on what it might look like if the cast of popular manga One Piece were redrawn by Disney.

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Cockroach Forecast Now Available Online, Check the Weather and How Likely You are to See a Roach Today!

As summer crawls along, people in many parts of the world are braced for encounters with cockroaches.  Any time they come into our home we are left feeling vulnerable, frustrated, disgusted, and pretty much every negative emotion you can think of.

Courtesy of Japanese chemical company LION, those of us in Japan can now get a detailed report on the level of cockroach activity in our area via the website “Gokiten” (Cockroach Weather).  On the surface this might not seem so useful, but looking deeper into it, this website has a lot to offer, especially to people who just met a roach.

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Taiwan Fans of Japanese Singer Make an Odd and Possibly Rude Cosplay Homage During Concert

While touring Asia this July, Japanese Singer and television personality Shoko Nakagawa (often called Shokotan) was confronted by two young fans with a costume that could be interpreted as brashly mocking her were instead praised by the artist as Genius.

Looking at the picture, though, it might be hard to see what the problem is. People with a background in art might be able to figure it out.

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[Biography] The Life and Times of Pedobear

Pedobear’s most recent appearance on Nestle’s Facebook page for Kit Kat got them in a heap of trouble.  It appeared that the chocolate maker had posted a photo of a man wearing a suit resembling that cute bear with a reputation for having a penchant for minors.

Many who know of Pedobear, also know of his roots on the meme factory internet site 4Chan.  A percentage of those people probably know that he was imported from its Japanese precursor, 2Channel, where he is known as “Kuma” even to this day.

But what is known of his life then?  To answer that RocketNews 24 is prepared to peel back the layers of Pedobear’s surprisingly wholesome – if not heroic – roots.

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You Can Now Slide Down a Giant Rei Ayanami Statue Until August 26

Well Evangelion fans, the moment you’ve been waiting for all these years has finally arrived: you can now slide down the leg of a 18.5 meter (60ft) statue of Rei Ayanami.

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Tokyo Ramen Shop Lets Customers Decide Price, Open Only Until August 8

Ramen is one of those foods that is usually either a hit or a miss. We know places in Tokyo where you can get a great bowl of ramen for 500 yen and places that charge you 1000 yen for something you could probably make better yourself with instant ramen from the convenience store.

In a perfect world, customers would be able to choose how much they pay for food based on the satisfaction derived from it. But alas, a perfect world it is not. Or is it? (It’s not)

Good news for ramen lovers out there, though! On July 25 a ramen shop opened in Shiodome, Tokyo that lets customers choose how much they pay for their meal after eating it!

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RocketNews Begins “Hyper-Gentleman’s Cool Biz” Campaign, Results in 1 Arrest

The summer of 2012 is shaping up to be the hottest in recent years, and with nearly all nuclear power plants still shut down here in Japan, energy conservation is a necessity.  Here at RocketNews24, we believe wholeheartedly in saving mon… I mean protecting the environment, which is why we’ve made an effort to shut off all air conditioning in the office.  To compensate, we have elevated the concept of “Cool Biz” to “Hyper-Gentleman’s Cool Biz.”

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Totoro Cream Puffs Are too Cute to Eat, We Do So Anyways

Imagine opening a box to find 5 little Totoro cream puffs staring up at you with their curious little chocolate eyes like in the picture above.

Even if you managed to catch your breath from the world’s longest “d’awwwww,” would you have the heart to eat these guys? I mean look at them. It’d be like eating a box of kittens. Flaky, cream-filled kittens….

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Brighten Up a Rainy Day by Shooting a Fireworks Party from a Bazooka, Results May Vary

Who doesn’t love a good fireworks display?  It’s a great way to relax on a warm summer evening with a BBQ and some beers.  However, with a stagnating economy and tightening safety regulations these majestic works of gunpowder art seem to be slowly fading away.

Light-based toymaker Uncle Milton has tapped into this by combining people’s innate love of fireworks and bazookas with Fireworks Lightshow (called Anywhere Fireworks Bazooka in Japan).  But can they really pack the beauty of a fireworks show into a plastic gun wieldable by a child?  Let’s start by watching the advertisement for it.

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Get Naked and Prove Your Brotherhood with “Fist of the Gods” Rock-Paper-Scissors Game

Japanese people love rock-paper-scissors – or as it’s known in Japan, janken – and use it to settle all forms of disputes, such as deciding who gets the last slice of cake or what to name your baby.

Recently, a similar game called “Fist of the Gods” has been gaining traction in Japan.

Whereas janken came from China and is used to make impartial choices, “Fist of the Gods” is ritual said to have originated in ancient Greece as a way for two men to confirm their camaraderie.

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This Tomato Looks Like a Duck

Gather around kiddies, today we’d like to tell you the story of “The Ugly Tomato Duckling.

One sunny day in the peaceful city of Numazu in Shizuoka prefecture, old lady Chieko Saito was working in her restaurant “Hakuba” when one of her customers presented her with a bag of fresh tomatoes. Among the fruit, all red and plump, was a homely little creature that resembled something of a duckling more than a tomato.

That’s right children, it was the ugly tomato duckling.

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Male to Female in 14 Months! Series of Photos Document Transgender Girl’s Amazing Transformation

Not everyone is born into their ideal body—that’s why people get cosmetic surgery, right?

But imagine if you were born into a body of the opposite gender, or transgender. If you thought being born with a flat chest or a crooked nose was bad, try dealing with a whole collection of unneeded parts, not to mention the stress of everyone telling you you’re a gender that you know you’re not.

Luckily, just as regular people can get plastic surgery, transgender people can physically change their bodies to match their gender by taking hormones in a process known as hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Wonder how much the human body can change just by rebalancing some chemicals? A series of photographs documenting the physical transformation of a transgender female (chick born into a dude’s body) as she goes through HRT has been dropping jaws across the internet.

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Controversial Results of Beauty Pageant Lead to Do-Over, Previous Winners Deemed “Way Too Ugly” by Public

On June 30 the Miss International Regional Qualifying Pageant was held in Chongqing, China.  However, as the winners (pictured above) were announced, backlash from scores of confused spectators and an allegation that the contest was fixed has prompted organizers to hold a second pageant.

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We Eat at Chernobyl Power Plant Cafeteria, Can See Why Workers Would Come Back

On April 26 1986 several explosions caused a fire at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine that sent a radioactive plume across large parts of the Soviet Union and Western Europe. It became the first level 7 nuclear disaster until the Fukushima Daiichi disaster in 2011 and remains the worst nuclear accident in history.

Today, over a quarter-century since the disaster, workers continue to tread through the 30-km exclusion zone in hazmat suits every day to construct a new concrete shield around the deteriorating sarcophagus built in 1986 that holds the still-radioactive core.

There’s no question that a wasteland commute followed by a day spent laboring in a bulky suit and ventilation mask doesn’t make for ideal working conditions. However, there is one saving grace for the brave workers at Chernobyl: delicious meals at the employee cafeteria.

Our globetrotting correspondent Kuzo recently visited Ukraine, where he had the opportunity to dine at the Chernobyl cafeteria. Kuzo writes: “The meals at the cafeteria are all authentic Ukrainian cuisine. Even the Ukrainian woman I was traveling with told me with confidence that the food there is great.”

Want to know what’s on the menu? Check his report below!

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The Apex of Eraser Technology Has Been Met with “Resare Premium Type Plastic Eraser”

I’m a man of fine taste and refinement.  I write only the highest quality documents on the highest quality paper with the highest quality pencils.  However, when I make only the highest quality mistakes I demand that only the highest quality eraser be used to correct them.  That is why on 10 August, I will be going to the highest quality stationary store to buy the Resare Premium Type Plastic Eraser – the eraser to end all erasers.

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Hot Coffee Part II?  McDonald’s China Attempts to Sidestep Litigation from Woman Who Walked into Their Glass Door

Everyone has heard the one about the lady in the US who spilt McDonald’s coffee on her lap and won a cool US$2.7M.  The figure was later reduced to $600,000 but surely the fear of litigation had sunk deep in McDonald’s psyche all over the world.

This is why the cold reception a Mickey D’s in China gave to a woman who walked into one of their glass doors might seem understandable.  However, when brought to the public they were ultimately judged as “being pretty douchey.”

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There are many ways for an entertainer to show love to their fans: musicians might invite someone from the crowd onstage during a performance, actors might show up unannounced during events and be totally awesome.

When Japanese gravure idol Mao Harada reached 1000 followers on Twitter, she decided to pay tribute to her growing fanbase by “tweeting” to them using her half-naked body.

Now that’s meta.

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Chinese Theme Park Offers Big Discounts for Tiny Skirts

If you see a sign reading “Must be This Short to Ride” at a Chinese amusement park, they’re not talking about height: the Merryland Theme Park, located in the southern Chinese city of Guilin, is offering heavily-discounted admission to female visitors wearing skirts shorter than 38 centimeters (15 inches).

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