Sleeve cats are taking over the internet in Japan this winter

Cats love to squeeze themselves into all types of cramped spaces, and this winter, they’re taking up residence inside shirt sleeves.

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We talk to a real Japanese butler about life as the chief of staff of a household【RocketInterview】

Full-time butlers are pretty hard to come by these days, so when we had the chance to meet one such professional in Japan, we leapt on the chance to ask him a bunch of questions to ask about his role—like how come they don’t wear coattails anymore?

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The cloth bags to be bundled with upcoming Neko Atsume character books are absolutely adorable

Need a new handbag? Love Neko Atsume? Then we have excellent news for you!

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KFC Japan launches multi-tiered boxes, lucky bags, (almost) everlasting coupons for New Year

Kentucky Fried Chicken may be a favorite Christmas food in Japan, but thanks to this limited-time offer, the feasting may just have to continue!

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Snow globes are the newest winter trend in Japan!【Photos】

Christmas is over, but that doesn’t mean the magic of the season can’t live on. Check out these amazing snow globe accessories trending on Twitter!

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Annual New Year’s Eve singing competition Kohaku will be invaded by Star Wars

Disney is getting its hands on all it can this year—you’ll even be able to catch a special performance by Star Wars characters and Arashi at annual singing contest Kohaku Uta Gassen this year.

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What? Isn’t this how everyone celebrates Christmas?

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Taiwan’s PS4 packaging is way cuter than anyone else’s

If your PlayStation 4 packaging is a little plain, then it’s time to head to Taiwan where they have special art gracing the boxes of their PS4s!

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Luxury new year’s lucky bags are in — including a $1.6 million gold tea ceremony set!

New Year’s lucky bags, or fukubukuro, are a fun and exciting Japanese tradition, but just how much would you be willing to spend on one of them?

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Adorably derpy bunny melts even the most frigid hearts on Japanese Twitter 【Pics】

If you listen closely, you can still hear the squeals of kawaii echoing across the internet.

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Goku down! Vast majority of surveyed college students in Japan haven’t read the Dragon Ball manga

Is the landmark manga and starting point of the smash-hit anime losing its cultural relevancy?

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Paired Sailor Moon bracelets are femininely eye-catching and represent all 10 Sailor Senshi

Anime’s most famous magical girls are out in full force in their latest fashion offering.

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Photos of costumed cyclists at start of race leave Twitter users laughing, scratching their heads

A Le Mans-style start in cosplay seems like the perfect way to begin a bicycle race!

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The 10 best anime about idols, as chosen by the Internet masses

With gigantic casts of characters who are groomed to become fan favorites, what’s not to love? Did your favorite idol anime make the list?

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New take on traditional Japanese “osechi” is a sweet way to ring in the new year

Popular bakery Cozy Corner has created its own version of osechi, or traditional Japanese New Year’s food. What better way to start 2016 than with a box full of cute little cakes?

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Spam mail suggests an impending world crisis, famous hero seeking your help today!

Who you gonna call when the hero calls you?

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Sushi chef kicks woman out of restaurant for asking him to hold the rice, manga author approves

The legendary creator of Lone Wolf and Cub has no patience for such affronts to fine dining.

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“Best Body Japan” winners are in just in time to make us ashamed of our holiday gorgefest

Model Saya Kagawa takes the women’s crown, distracts everyone from a bunch of ripped dudes flexing in the background.

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Ease your Christmas loneliness with idol singer Santa cosplay 【Photos】

J-pop vocalists dress up as Miss Claus.

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Merry Christmas from everyone at RocketNews24!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s December 25, and that can mean only one thing: we’re currently either lying on our couches watching Die Hard on loop or are slumped over a table somewhere, breathing heavily and sweating a combination of chocolate Santas and Colonel Sanders’ secret mix of 11 herbs and spices.

We’ll be slowing things down a little over the next for days to get in some much-needed R&R, but rest assured there will still be plenty of Japan and Asia-related news, weirdness, cats and hamster bottoms to keep you going over the year-end break, so be sure to check back soon!

So from me and all of our sexy, hard-working writers here at RocketNews24, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Fantastic Festivus, or whatever else you want to call this time of year. Thank you, as ever, for stopping by our site. Now go and spend some time with the people you love or, failing that, eat some more fried chicken.


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