“Spies” from the police force confuse and anger Hong Kong protesters

We can (not) decide which of these stylish Evangelion boots we like best

Disney villains have never been sweeter — they’re now beautiful mini-cakes!

6 creative uses for old video game hardware

Häagen-Dazs Japan making ice cream classier than ever in Japan with wine and Opera flavors

Hit key chain from Aomori Prefecture isn’t poop, but it is still pretty gross

【Monday Kickstart】Kitty defends tissues【Video】

Think you’ve had every type of tempura? Not until you’ve eaten deep-fried maple leaves

Watch liquid turn into food at Japanese sample food factory 【Videos】

Feast your eyes on these Disney princess oil prints fit to be hung in a real castle

Sapporo police speechless after discovering one man’s creative use for a bomb: a door stopper

New UFO caught on tape at Hong Kong protest may spell the end of UFO videos as we know them

(Self) Attack on Censorship! Gruesome titans skip humans and eat fast food in Tokyo station ads

Catch a film in Laputa, the Tokyo movie theater inspired by Studio Ghibli’s classic animation

Tetsuya Nomura draws Sora for Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- release

Confusion as bizarre mass pants-ripping occurs at Chinese military reserve training

Eating soufflé and hanging out in hammocks at Cafe Asan

Chinese cat with unfortunate dark patch of fur tired of people asking why it’s shocked

Top 10 food disasters prepared by Japanese wives who have extraordinary talent in the kitchen

We try eating insects — they don’t taste like chicken

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