Parody of Akira movie poster makes pretty much any character look as cool as Kaneda【Art】

Akira‘s theatrical poster is almost as iconic as the movie itself. But who knew that a character walking towards their ride could look as badass as Kaneda?

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Cats pretending to be humans get caught in the act, give adorable synchronized reaction

The Three Mus-cat-teers are at it again!

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Happy New Year from RocketNews24!

And just like that, 2015 was no more! It’s now January 1 all the way across Asia, which means it’s officially the Year of Monkey! Happy New Year, everyone!

We’ll be putting our feet up for the rest of today, but we promise we’ll be back tomorrow with more of the news, cuteness, cats, food, fukubukuro, Mr Sato and all the weird and wonderful stuff from Japan and Asia that you know—and hopefully love—us for.

Thank you for continuing to visit our site, share our stories and follow us on Twitter and Facebook (281K and counting!!), and for helping us to grow and grow. 2015 was very good to us, but here’s hoping that 2016 will fill us all with the sprightly energy of a whole mess of merry monkeys and that we can continue to make our little site even better—although hopefully without any poo-slinging.

Stay tuned, Rocketeers, and have yourselves a great New Year’s Day!

Number fortune-telling: What your birth date can tell you about your own shortcomings

In order to change yourself for the better, one Japanese website is offering a simple way to identify your own faults based on your date of birth.

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NEW GAME! author tweets teaser site link for anime adaptation site

Moe-style anime NEW GAME! gets new official website with TV broadcast and cast reveal info.

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McDonald’s Singapore makes clever, delicious-looking use of its Instagram account【Photos】

With so many celebrities and businesses with their own social media accounts, how can you make sure you attract users and get them to follow you? McDonald’s does it by making you see their food in a whole new way.

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Clever ad publicly shames commuters in real-time for “smartphone walking” in train station【Video】

A metro operator set up a monitoring device and announcement system to single out individual commuters caught using their smartphones while walking near escalators or passing trains.

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Check out these super-hot renditions of Dragon Ball couples!

Talented Canada-based artist Sakimi-chan wows us again, this time with sizzling images of Dragon Ball couples! Read More

The suave and stylish Pokémon cosplay of Comiket 89【Pics】

You’ve never seen Pokémon as classy as this before.

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Step back in time with Japanese-themed rooms at rare vintage love hotel in Osaka【Video】

Live out your fantasies of love-making in Japan’s bygone eras at this unusual love hotel in Osaka.

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Forget geisha and samurai, experience Japan by dressing up as an Osaka Obachan

Coming to Japan and dressing up like a geisha is a bit like going to the USA and dressing up as a confederate soldier. Sure it’s fun, but it doesn’t really reflect modern society. What you need to feel the Japan of today is leopard print…and lots of it!

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Exhibit in Kyoto features collaboration of anime and 400-year-old Rinpa school of painting!

This is what happens when you combine centuries-old traditional Japanese painting with modern anime, and we love it!

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Traditional Japanese New Year’s decorations with a Mad Max theme? WHAT A LOVELY DAY!


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The Force doesn’t awaken amongst cats, despite Yoda’s best efforts【Video】

Our favourite family of Munchkin cats (and a dog!) do battle with a motorised duelling Yoda in this adorable video!

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New Philippine mail order site makes Japanese items available at the click of a button

Philippine residents can now get their hands on a plethora of Japanese items at TOKYO STYLE.

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Homeward bound: Professor reunited with missing dog after nearly a decade

Nine years after his dog went missing, a Singaporean professor received a phone call that his long-lost companion had finally been found.

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Does the experience of living in Japan make you a better person? The good, bad and ugly

We asked expats living in Japan if they thought that simply living here has made them a better person. Find out the results: the good, the bad and the ugly!

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Japanese Twitter has its collective mind blown by “map of Europe” illusion

There’s more going on here than meets the eye.

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Decorative animal toys with massive chins now a thing in Japan for some reason

Toy manufacturer Takara Tomy A.R.T.S continues its line of bizarre “gacha” capsule toys with cute (?) animals that have developed enormous underbites.

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Cosplaying beauties, knights, and sextuplets brave the cold on Comiket 89’s opening day【Photos】

Comiket 89 is now underway at Tokyo Big Sight from December 29-31. Check out our photo montage of the best cosplays from Tuesday’s opening day!

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