See how this unbelievable Japanese robot makes sushi!

Japan’s robotics industry is freaking us out with this new sushi-bot. Is it the harbinger of an impending robopocalypse or merely a futuristic way to enjoy lunch? You be the judge!

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Cute black cat waiting at register in Japanese convenience store makes us wonder where Kiki is

The unaccompanied kitten is winning hearts for looking just like Jiji, the cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service, out on a magical errand.

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Fan artist fuses Pokémon into creatively cute combinations【Pics】

We’re more than a tad disappointed we’ll never be able to catch these fusion versions in any of the games.

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Can you spot the cats hiding like ninja in this photo of a Japanese backstreet?

They’re not just alley cats, they’re shadow warrior alley cats.

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German Re:Zero cosplayer is winning over the hearts of Japanese netizens

This Chinese-German cosplayer is getting lots of love for her portrayal of some of the series’ less represented characters.

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Idol singer dating bans are unnecessary, say majority of Japanese college men in survey

”Idols are people too,” says one man in favor of freeing idols’ love lives.

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Creative artist turns Kit Kat flavors into hot anime character designs

Why pick between falling in love or falling for chocolate, when you can do both?
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Pokémon’s Eevee becomes the latest adorable PC cushion wrist rest from Japan【Photos】

Pikachu’s old Pokémon rival isn’t going to let him hog all the cuddly spotlight.

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Need a new cosplay idea? How about dressing up as an old Japanese man?【Pics】

Why be a robot or sexy superhero when you could be an awkward old dude instead?

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Tokyo photo studio turns you into street samurai with armor photo shoot in the heart of downtown

Shibuya photography session will give you a literal snapshot of two of the coolest aspects of Japan.

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Google Maps captures “only in Japan” moment as sumo wrestler sneaks a peek at Google car

In Japan, children don’t chase ice cream trucks — sumo wrestlers chase Google cars.

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Why isn’t Maximum the Hormone officially against ticket scalping?

The answer may not surprise fans of the lovable rock band.
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Measles confirmed in Justin Bieber concertgoer, Japan now worried about possible epidemic

Worries increase that some of the 25,000 people that attended Bieber’s concert in Chiba Prefecture may have brought back an unpleasant “souvenir” with them.
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Looks are deceiving when it comes to these backpacks from anello, the new hot-item bags in Japan

The storage capacity of the popular anello bags seems to rival that of Mary Poppins’ magic bag!

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Japanese artist stumbles upon stunning scenic site at hidden shrine outside of Tokyo

The secluded site is enthralling people across Japan with its mysterious and untamed beauty.

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Jokes about balls – the true universal language.

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Pizza Hut teams up with Japanese fitness chain to bring you “diet pizzas”【Taste Test】

New pizzas promise you can still keep the pounds off, but without the cravings.
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Disney Villain cakes and vampire Mickey Mouse coming to Japan in time for Halloween

No wonder Mickey doesn’t look any older today than he did 80 years ago.

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Top 20 most popular castles in Japan revealed for 2016

How many of the top 20 most popular Japanese castles (according to TripAdvisor) have you been to?

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Words they don’t teach you in Japanese class: How to say “straw man” in Japanese

Could a straw man survive the attack of even a single sumo wrestler?

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