Catch a movie in bed…at the theater! Four awesome theaters from around the world with beds for seats

We love movies. That’s not really a surprise or a secret, but it certainly is true! Whether it’s some kung-fu cop action or the latest from Ghibli, we would be hard-pressed to decline a trip to the theater. But even we have to admit that not all theater seating was created equally. Sure most of it isn’t bad, but sometimes we just wish we could bring the projector and screen home so we could lie in bed in our jammies with a bowl of popcorn and really relax. Too bad we can’t bring our beds to the theater…

Or can we??

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China’s “Most Beautiful Marathon Girl” wows the internet with her stunning bod! 【Photos】

Widespread use of the internet and social networking sites these days makes gaining fame and reputation online fairly easy, especially if you’re young, hot and people want to see your photos. Sometimes, such internet fame comes when you least expect it, such as, when you’re running a marathon.

An athletic babe shot to fame when pictures of her taking part in a marathon went viral across Chinese websites, bringing her over 10,000 new followers on Weibo (China’s homegrown version of Twitter) overnight!

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The weird and wonderful Quiz of the Week: Round 3

Welcome to round three of our weekly multiple-choice quiz!

It’s been another fun week, with plenty of weird, wow and “WTF?” news stories from Asia, so it’s time to recap and, as well as see who’s been paying attention, give you a chance to discover some of the best stories that have emerged over the past seven days. Plus, if you can get 10 out of 10, Mr. Sato promises to lose the loincloth, or at least cover his nipples.

Mongoose taunting, chocolate massage and nostril flaring all after the jump.

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Sailor Moon fan art: Often baffling, sometimes terrifying, and occasionally both

Like many people, we’re happy about the recent announcement that the new Sailor Moon series will finally debut this July, and are keeping our fingers crossed that the third time is indeed the charm for the release date of the twice-delayed project. All the same, we’re getting a little impatient, not the least because the upcoming anime’s producers have yet to release so much as a single promotional sketch for it.

It’s gotten to the point that in order to sate our desire for Sailor Moon imagery, we’ve had to turn our attention to non-official creations. But while a few months ago we stumbled across some amateur drawings that looked so professional we mistook them for the real deal, we found out that the quality of Sailor Moon fan-art isn’t always as high as the enthusiasm of the fans behind it.

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No grown-ups allowed! Chef with a very sweet motive opens a kids-only sweets shop

Children in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture currently have good reason to celebrate, as a huge new sweets shop officially opened in their town on December 7. But the news gets even sweeter: only kids in sixth grade or younger are allowed inside! Sounds like any child’s wildest fantasy come true, right? Parents must wait outside (and no doubt prepare themselves for the inevitable sugar-high antics to come) while their children explore the hidden wonders within.

Join us after the jump for a rare glimpse inside the shop and read what inspired the owner to open it in the first place.

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Hollywood blacksmith forges Sephiroth’s massive sword from Final Fantasy VII【Video】

When Final Fantasy VII hit PlayStations around the globe in 1997, featuring some of the most gorgeous graphics and CG cut-scenes gamers had ever seen, it single-handedly opened up the Western market to Japanese console RPGs. In years since, though, there’s been some contention over just how deserving developer Square’s biggest hit ever is of its exalted place in video game lore. Does it have a gripping story, or does the narrative become a confused mess after its midgame plot twist? Do the title’s numerous mini games flesh out its world, or is spending hours breeding giant flightless birds to race for sport both silly and boring?

But no matter which side of the debate you fall on, there’s one thing gamers everywhere can agree on: Final Fantasy VII’s antagonist, Sephiroth, is a stone-cold badass. Now, Hollywood blacksmith Tony Swatton has brought the villain’s iconic weapon, the gigantic blade named Masamune, to life.

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We play Russian roulette with new spicy “Tyrant Habanero” snacks

Russian roulette is the ultimate in high-stakes games of chance. A revolver with five empty chambers and one loaded, there is no more intense or insane way to spend a Saturday night. However, since none of our minds were warped from being a POW in the Vietnam War we haven’t had the pleasure of partaking in such a game.

But now, we might enjoy the culinary version with Tohato’s Russian Tyrant Habanero snack cups. The premise is that one out of every six corn chips in the cup is seasoned with enough habanero spice to take your face off. In the interests of science and comedy, we wrangled our weakest-tongued reporter to try some out and see if it truly is the rush its makers describe.

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Sanrio’s newest cutsy character, an anthropomorphic salmon fillet, set for major debut, grisly death

Japan never fails to amaze when it comes to transforming the quotidian into cute. I mean, this is the country that turns cucumber-stealing, human-throttling swamp monsters into adorable toys for kids. The country’s latest go at cute-ification comes from Hello Kitty producing toy company Sanrio: Kirimi-chan, a walking, talking salmon fillet, who is set to debut next month with a line of kawaii craziness.

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Fan makes detailed clay figure of Hayao Miyazaki, even his cigarettes look life-like

Hayao Miyazaki has created some of anime’s more memorable characters, winning legions of fans all around the world. As such you would imagine that along with the thousands of pieces of fan art, an aspiring sculptor somewhere would pick up the gauntlet and recreate some of them in three dimensions.

One sculptor answered that call, and set out to make the ultimate Ghibli character from clay: Mr. Miyazaki himself… We hear his friends say he’s “a real character.”

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Like all things Evangelion, whether this hoodie is creepy or cool depends on the viewer’s interpretation

Over the past several months, we’ve seen wave after wave of wearable Sailor Moon merchandise, from accessories to lingerie to even bibs. But what about the other colossal ‘90s anime hit featuring combat-ready adolescents, Evangleion? Is there no new way to dress yourself in a way that shows your love for the franchise that ping pongs back and forth between scenes of its 14-year-old protagonists battling horrific aliens and coming to grips with the sexual confusion and frustration of puberty?

Why yes there is, and you can keep yourself warm at the same time with this crazy zip-up Evangelion hoodie.

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Things Japanese women love (and hate) about foreign guys

With the majority of the foreigners on extended stays in Japan being male, and more Japanese women than men having a strong interest in languages and cultures other than their own, it’s natural that the most common international pairing for Japanese nationals is a Japanese woman and foreign man.

Of course, every society has its attractive and unattractive aspects, which Japanese women revealed by sharing both the things about their foreign boyfriends and husbands that thrilled them, as well as the less pleasant parts of the package deal of a romantic partner.

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Snazz up your wardrobe with style cues from Tiger & Bunny characters

Looking for some style inspiration? How about Barnaby Brooks Jr. and Kotetsu Kaburagi from Tiger & Bunny? Premium Bandai’s Bandai Fashion Net has started selling clothing inspired directly by the characters’ duds from the upcoming Tiger & Bunny The Movie -The Rising- film (check out all the new character wardobes and designs at the official website).

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Ace Japanese photographer teaches us how to take sexy pictures of girls’ legs

I’m going to go ahead and get out in front of this one by assuring you I’m not in the least bit sexist and I don’t condone objectifying women in photographs and magazines. Besides, my mother and sister would literally obliterate me from the face of the earth if I ever did or said anything untoward in regards to the female sex.

That said, I think we can all agree that the female form is a thing of beauty – while the typical male body in general looks something like an extremely hairy potato that’s been sitting out for too long – and if you’re going to photograph girls, they deserve to be photographed right. So it was with open ears that I listened to ace photographer Yuki Aoyama‘s advice for taking sexy pictures of girl’s legs.

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Truckload of stray cats earmarked for use as food rescued by volunteers in China

As many as 2,800 stray cats in China lived to see the light of another day this week when concerned activists in Wuhan pursued and detained the truck that was carrying them to their fate – as food – in Guangxi Province.

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Tokyo DisneySea offers unbearably cute limited-edition Duffy sweets and souvenirs

From now until March 20, Tokyo DisneySea is offering some very cute snacks featuring Duffy, the Disney bear, and his lady friend, ShellieMay. Take a look after the jump, but be warned: the cuteness is off the charts!

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Venus Angelic teaches us all how to truly doll up, with her make-up techniques

We have long followed the exploits of Real-life Barbie along with her friends and family. Many were shocked and awed by the convincingly artificial look she achieved while others wanted to look like her too. At least I think I remember some people wanting that… I swear there was that girl that one time with the earrings…

Anyway, for those who want to achieve the doll look themselves, we present an instructional from England’s Venus Angelic teaching us how to create doll-eyes. Although it looks time intensive, her techniques look easy enough for anyone with rudimentary make-up skills to be able to pull off.

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We try mail order chanko stew from a swanky restaurant

Chanko stew is a very heavy dish that most people associate with sumo wrestlers. The high protein and high caloric content of these pots are perfect for putting on the bulk or just to warm your bones on a cold winter’s day. Chanko is also known to be rather pricey due to the bounty of ingredients used. That’s why most people would probably steer clear of Chankoya Suzukichan and its reputation as “a restaurant frequented by celebrities” for fear of breaking the bank.

But now, thanks to (oddly enough) the convenience store Family Mart’s online shopping site, we could get a taste of the high-life delivered straight to our door. So we did.

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We get ready for romance by eating Krispy Kreme’s limited edition Valentine’s Day donuts

With less than a month to go until Valentine’s Day, Japan has got sweets on the brain. Japanese tradition dictates that, on the special day, women give gifts to men, including at least one form of chocolate.

But while common opinion holds that homemade chocolate is best, not everyone has the culinary skills or free time to whip up a batch. So for those of you looking for the next best thing, we bring you our taste test of Krispy Kreme Japan’s three limited edition Valentine’s Day flavors.

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Japanese fishermen catch live giant squid near Niigata Prefecture

Imagine you’re a Japanese fisherman. It might be hard to visualize if you’re a woman in landlocked Slovakia, but just try, will ya? Okay, so you have your little fisherman hat on with your rubber fisherman boots and you’re just going about your morning, hauling in your nets when you spot a giant red object swimming amongst your usual catch. It’s over twice the size of an adult human being and uglier than most. What do you do? If you ask us, you obviously ride the beast to shore, but last week’s close encounter with a live giant squid near Niigata Prefecture ended a little differently.

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Connect to sushi-poo Wi-Fi using smartphone or tablet devices

Looking for a way to give those in your immediate area looking for Wi-Fi a delicious treat? No? Well, me neither. But I do enjoy some pointless yet fun tricks to do with devices like Apple’s iPhone or iPad. Take, for example, this incredibly easy way to make your device show up on others as pieces of sushi and poo – or more!

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