Little kid falls out of third-story window and walks it off – Is this Wolverine’s son?!

When we think of superheroes or other magical beings with fast-healing abilities, we rarely think of children. But if you’ve seen a toddler fall, smack itself in the face, cry for a few seconds, and then run off giggling, you might realize that we’re looking for our superpowered guardians in the wrong age groups.

Of course, that’s not to say that children aren’t vulnerable to all sorts of injury, and we most definitely need to be careful with them! It’s just that they seem to have a strange resiliency that’s somewhat rare in adult humans. Take, for example, this three-year-old who fell out of a window last week, hit a parked car, and then just walked the whole thing off!

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Images float in from around Japan of record-breaking balloon flight【Photos】

Although many of us are looking forward to the future of transportation and being able to zip across the globe in just a few hours as opposed to the best part of a day, last week a handful of people turned their attention to a more romantic form of air travel as a record-setting trip across the Pacific Ocean launched from Japan’s Saga City.

The trip, which aimed to break the world record for both distance and duration of flight in a balloon was witnessed by thousands of people, not least the people of Japan where the balloon took off from, who were only too happy to commemorate and share of this piece of aviation history in the form of tweets and photos.

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Shaolin monk “walks on water,” smashes world record

No Hollywood special effects, no magician’s helper, heck, not even any mystical kung-fu powers here. All it took for this Shaolin monk in China to walk on water was practice, practice and more practice! That said, running across hundreds of metres of wooden panels placed on the surface of a lake is definitely not a feat that any layman could achieve without proper training, a high level of fitness and immense concentration.

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Truck driver hailed as “hero” for cutting off car on wet highway

There is perhaps no greater feeling of anger and frustration than getting cut off on an expressway. To have your pleasant cruising speed shattered by some jerk-off who can’t tilt their head an extra inch or position their mirrors properly is usually an unforgivable act in the driving world.

However, this one truck driver in particular has earned the acclaim of everyone who watched the harrowing video of it cutting off a car as they both drove along at high speeds on a rainy highway. After watching the video we’re pretty sure you’ll understand why.

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Step into a different dimension in this breathtaking life-sized kaleidoscope

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk into a human-sized kaleidoscope? If the thought has crossed your mind but there is nothing of the sort to be found in your neighborhood, you can now live vicariously through the following photographs.

Introducing Wink Space, a work of art made by a pair of Japanese designers at an arts festival last year. Wait till you see its exquisite design–it’s absolutely spellbinding!

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Zhongshan man makes the catch of his life: a one-year-old child

For those of you who thought phys-ed class never taught skills valuable in the real world, we bring you the story and footage of one Mr. Li of Zhongshan City, Guangdong.

Upon seeing an infant at a second-story window, the man dashed below and readied himself to make the most important catch of his life.

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Cat locks owner out of the house, confirms plans for world domination

We’ve all had days where things just go inexplicably wrong. Forgetting your homework, tripping over the cat, or worst of all, getting locked out of the house–all of these are horrible ways to start or end any day of the week. But have you ever wondered why it seems that when one thing goes bad, everything goes bad? Well, this video might provide an answer to the mystery: It’s all the cat!!

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Restaurant in Asakusa offers up itty-bitty sushi made with just a single grain of rice!

Restaurant “Sushiya no Hachi” (すし屋の野八) in Asakusa, Tokyo is serving up some really tiny sushi. So tiny, in fact, that you might not even be able to find it on your plate!

Sushi chef Hironori Ikeno is the man behind these minuscule works of art. He has perfected his craft to the point that he can make each piece using only one grain of rice. Don’t believe your eyes? Don’t worry- you’re not the only one who needs a magnifying glass!

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Byoudo Temple’s Phoenix Hall rebuilt as stunning papercraft project

Japan is well-known for its beautiful sightseeing destinations, particularly in and around Kyoto. From Kiyomizu Temple to the Gold Pavilion, there’s a nearly unlimited supply of gorgeous buildings to check out. But perhaps one of the most fascinating is the Phoenix Hall in Byoudou Temple, the expansive temple gracing the ten-yen coin.

Sadly, the hall has been undergoing repairs since September 2012, making it off-limits to visitors. Fortunately, the Phoenix Hall will reopen in March next year, but what a bummer it must have been for visitor who missed out over the last 16 months. Well fret not, disappointed sight-seers! We’ve found something almost as awesome: A Nico Nico Douga user has made a near-exact replica of the structure–using only cardboard!

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Japanese violinist perfectly mimics patrol car siren, blows our minds

There’s no shortage of brilliant musicians on the Internet putting their unique spins on popular songs or performing in unusual locations. From shamisen duos playing on moving vehicles to symphonic video game music, it seems like there couldn’t possibly be anything new for us to discover.

Emphasis on the “seems like,” because you are not going to believe what this Japanese violinist manages to pull off!

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Teen powerlifter wows Japanese commenters with massive biceps and doll-like face

“You punch like a girl” was never a very good insult. Aside from being stupidly sexist, it ignores the fact that plenty of women are badasses who could take on nearly any opponent–male or female. And after you see this young woman’s physique, you’ll definitely start taking the phrase as a compliment!

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Boom! Head shot! Goalie takes bullet to the head, keeps playing

In the world of sports, it’s not unusual to hear of players working through physical and mental maladies for the sake of the games they love. In fact, some might say that these kinds of amazing stories are a large part of what keeps fans interested.

But we’re not sure how many players can claim they’ve played a soccer game with a bullet in their brain pan!

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Chinese Motorists Undergoing Extreme Lucky Streak

Recently in China motorists have been walking away from accidents which would normally prove fatal. In the following two videos we will see a person riding a scooter get broadsided by a car and a huge pole crash through the windshield and into the driver’s seat of a bus. In each incidence of freakish luck both drivers appear visibly shaken neither looked seriously injured.

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Young Man Beats the Hell out of Demon Mode Taiko No Tatsujin, Possibly Some Onlookers as Well

Walk into any amusement center with video game cabinets and you’re bound to run into a Taiko No Tatsujin machine, almost always with people young and old whacking away at it.

It’s a taiko (traditional Japanese drum) simulator rhythm game where you play J-Pop, classical or video game theme songs in the medium of taiko by hitting the drum in time with the various symbols that scroll by.

But for one guy playing at the Oni (demon) level of difficulty, it’s a brutal yet beautiful assault on the drums leaving spectators dazzled as they watched from a safe distance of about three meters.

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Amazing Stop Motion Animation Made with Action Figures- Dragon Ball Z and More!

A while back we showed some action figure stop motion animation that was amazing in quality but… well, really weird. Watching it you couldn’t help but wonder “wow, if only this level of quality was executed with a more lucid plot.”

Enter Counter656 Productions which seems to be one Taiwanese man in his living room with action figures.  He’s been at it for a while but recently out did himself with a battle scene between Dragon Ball’s Trunks and Piccolo.

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Fan’s Dragon Ball Z Flipbooks Go Super-Saiyan and Rival the Official Anime’s Technique

As the world waits for the release of the new Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods movie next March, one series of videos posted on YouTube has been helping to keep eager fans satiated.

They feature the incredible skills of a French artist going by the YouTube handle of Etoilec1, who recreated three of the franchise’s greatest matchups in flipbook animation.

Three mind-blowing videos after the jump!

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Twitter War of Hand Tricks Gets Bizarre, Amazing and Occasionally Disgusting

Everyone has that one friend who can touch their nose with their tongue or fold their arms behind their back.  These accomplishments are great for parties and other social events, but on what stage can these people demonstrate such pointless feats for the whole world to enjoy? Twitter!

The following are some of the most hand-bending and mind-bending hand tricks you have ever seen as submitted during a twitter show-off.  Give them a try yourself. Just don’t get hurt.

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The Top 25 Things In Japan Most Likely To Blow Foreigners’ Minds

The following is a list of things in Japan that have surprised, fascinated, and shocked the outside world.  Some of these things you’ll wish you had in your home country and a few you may never want to see in person.  So, without further ado, here are the top 25 Japanese things, from obscure to notorious, that leave foreigners mouths agape.

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