Japanese university lecturer arrested for assualting…an ambulance

The sound of an ambulance siren could never be considered something pleasant, but it’s not really something the average person hates. It’s annoying, but then again it’s meant to be annoying–and it’s usually part of rescuing someone in need. We may not like it, but we certainly do appreciate it.

So, while most people may cringe and cover their ears when an ambulance goes screeching by, we doubt anyone would actually get mad and try to assault one!

Unless you happen to be this university lecturer…

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Not for the squeamish: Man severs genitals after eating hallucinogenic mushrooms

For some people an overactive imagination can be a dangerous thing, as this latest incident involving hallucinogenic mushrooms and a man’s nether regions clearly demonstrates. The incident occurred on June 18, and can only be described as something that enters into the realms of the surreal.

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Some Chinese ‘ambulances’ not suited to save you

It’s an ill-kept secret that China is full of various counterfeits and bootlegs. The truth of it seems harmless enough when it’s limited to Hollywood films but recently the existence of phony ambulances has been brought to light by Beijing’s Morning Post. Apparently, China’s emergency medical transport system has been dispatching ill-suited medical vans and pulling in quite a profit doing so.

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Pensioner Dies After Being Denied Treatment at 25 Different Hospitals

A 75-year-old man from Saitama Prefecture, Japan, has died after being refused treatment as many as 36 times at 25 different hospitals in an around the prefecture, Japanese website The Mainichi has revealed.

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