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School bag cushions: The ultimate Japanese schoolgirl accessory

Now you can complete your sailor suit schoolgirl outfit with a school bag from a variety of historical Japanese eras.

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New “rich girl” schoolgirl roomwear arrives to celebrate the start of the academic year in Japan

The Ojo-sama is the newest addition to the growing field of schoolgirl-style pajamas.

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Japan’s Sandwiched Between Twintails Pillow gets upgrade, is now even more temptingly cozy

Extra padding and new material make a compelling argument for spending the entire day in the prone position.

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Japanese company brings back “cotton wife” body pillow to enhance the realism of VR games

Now you can explore the world of virtual reality while stroking the soft body of your favourite character at the same time.

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Japanese factory lures new workers with calendar featuring beautiful cosplayer

Cosplaying in factory work clothes and schoolgirl uniforms is all for a good cause.

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Japanese schoolgirl roomwear takes sailor suit uniform to another level as wearable blanket

We’ve seen some crazy things from Japan, but this is the first time we’ve ever seen a blanket dressed up as a school uniform.

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Japan’s crazy-comfortable pajama jumpsuits promise to ruin your productivity this winter

Get set to put off all your responsibilities until at least the spring.

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Protect yourself from insects this summer with the full-body mosquito net jumpsuit from Japan

Whether you’re at a festival or playing Pokémon Go outdoors, now you can protect yourself from nasty mozzie bites with a full-body mosquito net!

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New “rolling” umbrella with wheels lets you take it for a stroll on rainy days

It’s the perfect way to stand out while staying dry during the rainy season.

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Say hello to the “Japanese Cotton Wife” who comes in two sizes and wears a suit of skin

Novelty goods manufacturer Bibi Lab has been outdoing itself lately. They’ve given us everything from pillows shaped like anime pigtails, mosquito net jumpsuits and even sailor-style schoolgirl uniforms for men.

Now they’ve redesigned the concept of the huggy pillow, giving it a feminine shape and calling it the “Japanese Cotton Wife”. Available in two sizes, the manufacturers have worked particularly hard on perfecting the lady’s nude bodysuit, saying they’ve done an excellent job of making it look like it contains human muscle and subcutaneous fat. Because that’s not creepy at all…

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Cosplay in your sleep with this giant anime-style “pigtails pillow”【Pics & Video】

The creative team at Bibi Lab have been at it again. The inventive brand dedicated to bringing weird and wonderful items out into the world have delighted us with life-sized human-shaped pillows, mosquito net jumpsuits and even sailor-style schoolgirl uniforms for men.

Now there’s another item we’ll be adding to our growing collection of Bibi Lab products: the giant anime-style pigtails pillow.

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More versatile than a snuggie or slanket, “Dame Gi” is the last thing you’ll put on…ever

Summer has already given way to fall, and those cold winter nights will soon be upon us. As economical as Japan’s method of heating individual rooms can be—usually involving air conditioning units or kerosene stoves—it does have its issues, the biggest of which being that only a couple of rooms are heated at any one time, leaving everywhere else in the house freezing cold. During winter, trips to the bathroom in a Japanese house are no fun.

But this winter brings with it a new clothing item that is going to solve all your lounging and heating issues in one fell swoop. This light-weight but incredibly warm one-piece is so comfortable, it’s like you’re wearing nothing at all.

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