Japan’s public transportation system is so awesome even birds apparently want to use it 【Video】

”Why fly when you can ride?” this crow in Sapporo seems to be asking.

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Give gifts in Japanese origami-style bird envelope pouches!

This is the cutest alternative to wrapping paper we’ve ever seen!

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Budgerigar wows Internet by happily rolling around in a toilet roll

Your daily dose of lolwtf has arrived in the shape of a hilarious bird who can’t get enough of his toilet roll ride!

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Parrots amuse owners in Japan by mimicking household items to get some attention

Lying down and acting like a computer mouse is sure to get you some affection!

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Japanese dad proves you don’t need an alarm clock as long as you’ve got a pet rooster【Video】

And to think, for all these years we’ve been using timed electronics like a bunch of chumps!

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Japanese police melt hearts with show of extreme courtesy to wildlife

In true Japanese fashion, the three officers went above and beyond to ensure this family of ducks made it safely across the street.

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Check out this fun cake sensation that’s sweeping the nation【Photos】

You can pick up one of these yourself — it’ll only cost you one big bill.

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Birds of a feather squabble together: cute bird sibling fight goes viral 【Video】

Just be thankful the yellow one isn’t going after you.

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Why have chicken tonight, when you can have cockatiel omelet rice instead?!【Photos】

It might be too cute to eat, but we can’t help wanting more!

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Parrot perched on a door in Japan forgets how to be a bird, remembers how to be awesome 【Video】

Sure, he could fly down from there, but that’s just what you’d be expecting him to do.

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Try not to chuckle about this important Japanese discovery regarding great tits (the birds)

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: So a pair of great tits walk into a bar and start chatting…

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Bird pastries at Tokyo’s Patisserie Swallow Tail are (almost) too cute to eat 【Pics】

These birds were made for both eating and tweeting!

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Two parrots plot to escape from cage, one gets an unpleasant surprise (betrayal?) 【Video】

Two birds, one valiant attempt at escape. But are these two feathered friends really working together, or is there some “fowl” play involved?

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“You win!” Pet bird in Japan can’t stop singing Final Fantasy’s victory music

The video game-loving owner of this bird must feel like a winner every day.

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Karaoke-loving pet bird in Japan dances, sings along to rock band’s video 【Video】

Java sparrows are pretty popular pets in Japan, where they’re called buncho. But even though buncho literally means “literature bird,” some of the cute little creatures apparently have more of a gift for music, like in this video of one Java sparrow dancing adorably to the sounds of one of Japan’s most popular rock bands and singing along like he’s at karaoke.

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Parrot owner left in the cold in Japan as his pet bird hogs the space heater

Last weekend, it was like someone flipped a switch and put an end to the pleasantly mild weather Japan has been enjoying this fall. Since then, it’s been piercingly cold winds, gray skies, and as of this morning, a steady downpour on the Tokyo area.

To fight off the chill, many people fired up their halogen space heaters. Handy as they may be, though, they don’t warm the air so much as the body of whoever is sitting closest to the device. As such, everyone wants the prime spot right in front of the heater, including this cozy pet parrot.

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Happy Java sparrow Day! Pet owners celebrate their adorable birds on Twitter【Photos】

October 24 may be seven days before Halloween to most people, but for those in Japan with a Java sparrow (called buncho in Japanese), it’s the day to celebrate your cute little buddy.

Last year the hashtag #文鳥の日2014 (#buncho no hi 2014) was trending and owners all over the country shared pictures of their pet birds. Luckily, this year we were treated to even more pictures of Java sparrows as proud owners wanted to share their joy with the Twitterverse.

Enjoy the best selection of these adorable little guys, after the jump.

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Check out these white balls of cuteness — irresistible java sparrow coin purses!!

It appears these white little critters have recently been creating a bit of a”flutter” in the Japanese Twitterverse, and we guess that should come as no surprise, considering how utterly cute they look. But what exactly are these fluffy white balls? They’re actually coin purses made by craft artist Piyoyama, and people who have fallen in love with the little birds are asking where they can get their hands on one of them!

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Pigeon cuts in line, casually boards train in Japan【Video】

A lot has been written about Japan’s incredible train culture. From carriages dressed up as anime characters to people who band together to rescue a fellow commuter, you don’t even have to get on a train to experience all the action; you can see it all first-hand from the platform itself.

That’s what one commuter found when they stumbled upon this little guy while waiting for the train in Japan. Caught on video, it shows an adventurous pigeon who doesn’t even flinch when the train arrives, instead walking up to the passenger doors, waiting for them to open and then hopping on board to find a seat.

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Look like you’ve just taken a hadoken to the head with this dizzy birdy halo

Little birdies flying around someone’s injured head in cartoons and the like have been making severe physical trauma fun since time immemorial. Fans of Street Fighter II will also remember this age-old gag as that frustrating feature that would leave your character momentarily stunned and vulnerable to any attack.

Every time those baby chicks started circling, I’d suck air through my teeth and start violently slamming both hands on the joystick and buttons. Meanwhile, my opponent would just smile and slowly walk up to deliver some easy yoga noogies.

Now you too can recreate all that fun and mild annoyance with the Street Fighter II Piyoru Headband!

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