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Donate Blood, Get Free Poster –> Sell Poster Online for $316 –> Blood Worth $316?

The annual “running of the nerds” that takes place before the doors of Comiket (Comic Market) open to the public is a sight to be seen. Every year, Comiket offers hoards of otaku their chance at snagging some extremely limited edition items, and this year was no exception.

These enthusiastic comic-lovers are so obsessed with getting their hands on Comiket’s ultra rare items that one otaku shelled out 27,500 yen (US $316) for a poster that was given out for free.

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Hey Wait, These Aren’t Oreos! Chinese Netizens Angered by Good Deed Rewarded with Rip-Off Snack

If you’ve ever donated blood in Japan, you probably know that blood donors are often given tasty drinks and snacks as a kind of Thank-you gift for their good deed. Well, the same is apparently true in China. However, a snack received by one particular blood donor in China has caused considerable anger among Chinese internet users on Weibo, the Chinese version of twitter. Read More


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