Date that deity! Japan picks the top 5 most dateable Buddhas

With the popularity of Saint Young Men, a story about Buddha and Jesus living together in Japan, readers have had the chance to imagine how a god would react to everyday life. Do they live up to their holy ideals? Or are they a little more human? Some avid readers have gone beyond those basics to imagining themselves dating one of these divine deities!

And why limit yourself to the Jesus or Buddha of Saint Young Men, when there is a directory full of other Buddhas to pursue?! We took to the streets of Nara and Kamakura, famous hot spots for Buddhist temples, and polled women on which Buddha they would want to date! 

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Off with its head! China rages against statue parody of Buddha

When envisioning the face of Buddha, one usually thinks of a round face, a head full of tight curls, and a kind, knowing smile. That, however, is not the direction that a group of Chinese builders took when designing this statue of the pot-bellied prince turned religious icon. Much to the surprise of its creators, citizens responded with rage and disgust over the media coverage of this great, golden landmark.

What parody of the Enlightened has sparked such terrible anger? One look at its face, and I’m sure you’ll understand.

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Hilarious Comic About Room-Sharing Jesus and Buddha, “Saint Onīsan”, to Become Animated Movie

It was revealed yesterday that Saint Onīsan, quite possibly this writer’s favourite manga right now, is to become an animated feature film.

For the unfamiliar, Saint Onīsan (lit. Saint young man), is Hikaru Nakamura’s serial comic that tells the tale of Jesus and Buddha, who come down to Earth from heaven for a little rest and relaxation, setting up camp in a small apartment in Tachikawa, Tokyo.

Constantly on a budget but always keen to explore, Jesus and Buddha do their best to keep their true identities secret while experiencing as much everyday human life as possible. Doing everything from experiencing local festivals to shopping for a rice cooker, the pair often find themselves getting into genuinely hilarious mishaps. Read More

Golden Buddha Statue Discovered Inside Normal Buddha Statue in Northern Thailand

In the tiny Northern Thai village of Ban Dan, legend has it that hundreds of years ago, when the Siamese kingdom of Ayutthaya was at war with the neighboring country of Burma, a valuable golden Buddha was hidden in the large Buddha statue a local Buddhist temple.

It turns out the legends was true: on August 4, the head of a golden Buddha statue was discovered inside the 5 meter-tall Buddha statue of the Wat Ban Dan Tai temple.

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