Nyaran the travel mascot cat goes edible and the results melt our hearts!

From cakes to rice rolls, these delicious looking food items inspired by popular mascot cat Nyaran are almost too cute to eat!

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We try Japan’s amazing-looking salad “cakes,” now on sale in Tokyo! 【Pictures】

Looks can be both beautiful and deceiving.

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Time to go bananas for McDonald’s Japan’s chocolate banana smoothie and other new treats

This spring, the Golden Arches might look just a bit like yellow bananas.

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Pixar character pastries from Ginza Cozy Corner are just as awesome as the films themselves

These might be a Children’s Day special, but we know a few adults who’d be interested.

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Japan’s newest elegant and delicious green tea cheesecake is only available at…7-Eleven?

Japanese convenience stores continue to be awesome with this new matcha dessert.

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Adorable cat-shaped cakes come out to play/get eaten in Tokyo

Theme confectioner’s newest creations are so cute you could (and should) eat them right up.

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Eat your way back to school with adorable randoseru Japanese backpack cakes

What better way to start the new school year than with a cake shaped like a Japanese elementary school student’s backpack?

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New cafe in Japan serves up salads in the form of gorgeous colourful cakes

Complete with pretty layers of vegetables, you won’t ever have to feel guilty about eating these slices of “cake.”

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Japanese bakery’s giant strawberry cake looks the part, but does it taste it? 【Taste test】

We taste test the latest offering from Ibaraki Prefecture’s Farmkuchen Fukasaku.

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Bite-sized Easter cakes from Ginza Cozy Corner feature cute bunny-eared Disney characters

The adorable mini cake set is just one of nine items in the sweet limited-edition collection.

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Japanese cake maker creates cherry blossom tiramisu

Bravo, Japan! Bravo!

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These beautiful cakes not only taste like strawberries, they look like strawberries too!

These cakes made with puréed strawberries don’t just bring you the sweet taste of the red fruit, they look like the berry too!

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Cute cats and sakura cherry blossoms meet for a deliciously sweet collaboration

Kittens and their paw prints will be blossoming at Tokyo Skytree for a limited time this spring.

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Disney princess cakes from Ginza Cozy Corner are as pretty and sweet as the characters themselves

The delicious Disney Princess release is in honour of Girls’ Day in Japan this year.

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Incredible edible Nintendo desserts are the most delicious kind of fanart

Check out these home-made gaming-themed treats and get some inspiration for your own baked goods!

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New bite-sized cakes of Disney Tsum Tsum characters’ butts are adorable, full of booty

Everyone loves a cute tuchus!

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Japanese meat-lovers celebrating their birthdays with crazy literal beefcakes

Let’s play a little word association game. When I say “birthday,” what’s the next word that comes to mind?

For everyone who said “suit,” well, we’ve always suspected that at least a handful of people at any given moment are reading RocketNews24 while completely nude. Still, I’m guessing that far more of you thought of birthday parties and birthday cakes, which tend to go hand in hand. But what do you make the centerpiece of your birthday celebration edibles if sweets aren’t your thing?

Simple: you get a cake made of meat, like these carnivorous Japanese citizens.

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Limited edition Star Wars sweets are the cutest collection of edible characters in the galaxy

Star Wars fans in Japan have to be the luckiest group of Padawans on the planet. From samurai figurines to cup clingers to ukiyo-e woodblock-style covers, limited-edition releases in the Land of the Rising Sun are blessed with extraordinary details that can’t be found anywhere else in the galaxy.

Now it’s time for Japanese confectionery chain Ginza Cozy Corner to weigh in on the celebrations, with a stunning lineup of cakes, tarts and limited edition tins that feature some of the cutest characters from the movie alongside some edible dark foes. We’ll need to summon up every ounce of the force within to bite into these because these are the most amazing sweets we’ve ever seen!

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Edible owls and cats make sweet appearance at Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro Store!

If you love cats and owls — and judging from the popularity of cat and owl cafes in Japan, we’re guessing there are a good number of people who do — then the Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro Store in Tokyo may be a place you want to check out this month. Their ongoing special event features various cat and owl-themed products including irresistibly cute sweets, and we just had to share with you the images of these expertly crafted cat and owl cakes!

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Watermelon mousse cake sounds too good to be true, but it’s real and in our office 【Taste-test】

When we heard about a special dessert called the suika baumkuchen being offered through online retailer Rakuten, we were pretty psyched, since it combines two of the greatest things on the planet: watermelon and cake. As a matter of fact, we were so excited that at first we thought it was only going to be available for one hour on August 1.

But as we spent hours drooling over the watermelon cake’s webpage, which had us so captivated we barely had time to use the Internet to look at pictures of cats and swimsuit models, we noticed something: the suika baumkuchen is actually available right now! We put in our order right away, and now we’re here to bring you our report on this incredible culinary crossover.

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