You’ll never want to stop cleaning with this penguin mop topper

There are a lot of things in this world that are better done with a buddy – getting coffee, taking walks, watching movies…cleaning. Yes, I said cleaning! While cleaning is probably the most dreaded chore out there, with a “Penguin SuiSui” cleaning partner you might never stop polishing those floors.

The Penguin SuiSui (suisui is a mimetic word expressing smoothness or unhindered work) is not like a high-tech Roomba, who will do the cleaning for you. He is, however, a low-tech buddy that will just keep you excited for the task at hand. He’s a fabric penguin with a hole in his back so you can slip him over the stick of your sweeper and he can swivel around the floor with you as you clean.

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Robot rebellion begins with a cranky Roomba, Internet users too busy laughing to fight back

2015 is only a few months away, and while we’re still nowhere near getting the hoverboards from Back to the Future Part II, we do, at the very least, have robots to do our house chores for us! It’s such an exciting new frontier for housework that someone even made a robot vacuum simulator! While you might still have to make your own dinner, at least you can always drop your onion skins on the floor without worry, knowing your little automated vacuum buddy will clean up after you.

It’s like we really are living in the future! Unfortunately, while our robot vacuums may be automated, it turns out that they’re not much smarter than a pile of rocks, as one shocked Japanese Twitter user recently discovered.

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These cats have a new favorite pastime: Getting their ears cleaned【Video】

A very common scene in Asian dramas and movies is where the doting parent or significant other fetches an ear pick and starts poking away in the other person’s ears. This event is commonplace in Asian families for reasons ranging from “it’s a lover’s ritual” to simply “I need to get that earwax out of your ear” (BTW: The earwax of Europeans and Africans is apparently different to the earwax of Asians and Native Americans).

Typically, the person getting their ears cleaned has their head in the other person’s lap, their eyes closed, enjoying the ear pick getting to places a finger can never reach. And it turns out that our ever-curious furry feline friends have taken notice of this relaxing event and have decided that they too want their ears cleaned.

And what’s even stranger is, they seem to like it!

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Race against the clock: Shinkansen staff have just 7 minutes to get bullet train ready to ride

Japan’s shinkansen, or bullet train in the West, was the world’s first high-speed train running at 200km per hour, and today the Tōkaidō Shinkansen is the world’s most used high-speed rail line. Impressively, even with over 120,000 trains running on the line each year, the average delay time is a mere 36 seconds!

Part of the reason the bullet train system can run as smoothly as it does is thanks to the ‘hospitality group’ working behind the scenes of the sleek, futuristic facades of these famous trains. These cleaning crews are charged with covering every inch of a train’s interior when it arrives at its final stop and preparing it for the next wave of customers–and they have just seven minutes to do it.

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Have you seen this runaway robot?

Owning a Roomba or other automated cleaning robot to take care of floor dust can be such an awesome convenience. But you’d better take care and show them some appreciation, because these handy tools have been known to escape when overworked and left unattended. Remember the rogue Roomba that restlessly cleaned the streets around Tokyo’s Kanda train station? Well, it’s happened again in a different part of the world, but this time it’s the owners who sounded the alarm.

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How to organize and store your cats: An impractical guide

Cats, by their very nature, are languid, sprawling creatures that refuse to do anything you tell them to. “Come here, Maru!” you coo soothingly only to find that Maru has dashed off after an errant box, knocking over a lamp, a picture, and, somehow, the refrigerator.

While it’s always cute when it happens to other people, it sure would be nice if our cats were just a little neater, right?

Well, it looks like one Japanese blog has figured out how to neatly arrange their felines. Let’s learn by closely examining these pictures—try not to let the adorableness distract you!

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Five things men in Japan hide before inviting over a woman

When a single man invites a lady to his home, it’s generally not without a bit of forethought. At the very least, one needs to make sure that the toilet’s clean and the seat is down before she arrives. It wouldn’t do to make a bad impression in one’s own home. But what about those personal items that may leave a bad impression all their own? There are surely a lot of things normally on display that wouldn’t suit an average woman’s sensitivities.

To get a better idea of the male approach to having female visitors, Trend News here in Japan asked a group of men in their 20s and 30s what things they try to hide before accepting a visit from a lady friend. Here are their top five answers!

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Fluffy “Space Balls” Want to Keep Your Apartment Dust Free!

What is it with Japan and weird cleaning devices today? No sooner have we received news of a remote-controlled “awesome mop” and driveable dustbin than these fluffy little creatures turn up intent on keeping our homes clean!

Going by the moniker Mocoro (a play on the word marimo, a round, fluffy moss ball, and korokoro the onomatopoeic word for a rolling object) these new time savers/lazifiers from Japanese home appliance company CCP are designed to roll around your room picking up dust while you put your feet up.

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No Time for Cleaning? Japan’s “Hot Cleaning Guys” Will Take Care of it For You!

Are you too busy or tired to clean your home? I’m sure many of us feel that way often enough; I know I certainly do! Well, all of you ladies out there lamenting the state of cleanliness in your homes, there’s good news for you! How would you like to employ the services of the new “Hot Cleaning Men”, now available through the House Office Cleaning Association?

Yes, if you’re really desperate, you can now have hot-looking, professional cleaning men come to your rescue … for a price, of course. Read More

The Tao of Toilet Cleaning: Beautiful Message of Humanity Or Ramblings of an Eccentric Anal-Retentive? You Decide

Many people probably aren’t aware of Mr. Hidesaburo Kagiyama.  Some people in Japan may know him as the President of Yellow Hat, an auto supply and parts retail chain in the country.  People outside of Japan may have heard of him for another reason as a founder of the now international Learning by Cleaning Association, and if you couldn’t tell by the name, this guy loves cleaning.

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