One Piece’s creator refusing to write about his struggles could be a reason for its huge success

With over 416 million copies sold worldwide, he sure knows what makes readers tick.

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Japanese artist explains why some people have a good sense of direction and others don’t

People in Japan are nodding their heads in agreement over the four-panel comic, which perfectly reveals the different brain processes that make all the difference.

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This Japanese Pokémon fan comic about Gyarados in love has us crying water-type tears

Even big scary monsters need love too.

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Comic about international travel hits the nail on the head about the most bizarre spa behaviors

You miss doing what in Russia?!

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Japanese comic shows four reasons people from different countries spend money on smartphone games

Are you Japanese, American, Korean or Chinese when it comes to smartphone game transactions?

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Japan has some ridiculously confusing highway signs, funny manga shows us

No wonder so many people just take the train.

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Comic illustrates what Japan’s PM was likely thinking moments before emerging as Mario

C’mon Abe, you can do it! You’ve got nothing to lose… Except maybe your pride.
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“The Jerk at the Pokéstop” – RocketNews24 original comic【Comic】

Slimier than a Grimer, greedier than a Meowth.

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Kirby’s “you are what you eat” transformation is even better when applied to real life

Lovable Kirby gives all of us who enjoy eating some life goals.

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Textbook for learners of Japanese with boy who can’t stop eating roses may be the weirdest ever

Offbeat learning aid has Japanese travelers cracking up even before the aliens makes their appearance.

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Join the “Pretty Guardians” — the first official Sailor Moon fan club!

Sailor Moon fans have been waiting for this a very long time — more than 20 years, in fact!

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Japanese comic explains why a negative multiplied with another negative is a positive

We always thought basic math principles were useful, but who knew they could be funny too?

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Is your girlfriend a cat, dog, gorilla or penguin type? Take this Twitter comic test to find out!

According to Twitter in Japan, there are four main “personality types” when it comes to girlfriends: cat, dog, gorilla or penguin. Say what?!

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Koalas: Super cute, super dumb, and the most charitable parents of the animal kingdom?

After reading this adorable comic, you may never be able to look at the humble koala in the same way ever again–but you’ll love them even more!

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Four-panel comic perfectly encapsulates returning to school after summer ends

Those dog days of summer are turning into sweet school days as students around the world are getting ready to go back to school for fall. In Japan, their summer vacation has already finished and a familiar scene is probably playing out in high schools across the country.

But don’t take our word for it, ding dong ding dong, there goes the bell. Here comes our teacher, Iron Man sensei!

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Japanese people share 11 amusing tales relating to pregnancy and childbirth

Ah, childbirth. That lovely moment when the child you’ve been waiting to meet for months finally comes into the world and brings with it all the joys that come with parenthood. If you’re a woman, that moment also equates to the feeling of your body being ripped into bits as you forcefully expel a new human being from your body. (Sorry if you’re drinking your morning tea as you read this!)

Like the rest of the female population around the world, Japanese women are no strangers to the pains of birthing a child. Below, we have gathered eleven of amusing anecdotes that have been shared over social media relating to their pregnancies, the hysterical states they were in during childbirth, and the time after their child’s birth. And don’t miss the one story at the end that will positively melt your heart.

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Attack on Kansai: manga creators post free comic translated into the Osaka area dialect

There seems to be no stopping the enormously popular manga-turned-anime series (and soon-to-be live-action film) Attack on Titan with fans all over the world who can’t get enough of its terrifying world. Attack on Titan has seen crossovers and fan-made tributes before, but last week the manga creators themselves surprised fans when they published a special online comic of the first issue completely translated into the Kansai dialect spoken in western Japan around Osaka.

Attack on Titan announced the free comic by posting a picture of the redesigned cover showing well-known symbols of the Osaka area, such as the Hanshin Tigers baseball team, takoyaki and of course, purple-haired obachan.

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We check out the new Rose of Versailles comic — the first one to come out in forty years!

Earlier this month, we reported to you about how a new volume of the popular girls’ manga The Rose of Versailles was coming out, after more than 40 years since the last volume was published in May of 1974. Now, that’s certainly a long time to wait for a comic, and just as promised at the end of our previous article, we were at the front of the line to get our hands on the new volume when it was released this Monday. We didn’t want to be kept waiting any longer than necessary, after all, to take a look at the newest addition to the series. And how was the new volume? See our impressions and pictures below to find out. Oh, and we’ll also take a look at a collaboration between the manga and a fashion magazine as well!

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Disney meets manga — never before seen crossover announced for new Big Hero 6 movie!

Back in May, we reported to you about how we would be getting our first Japanese Disney hero in the upcoming film Big Hero 6 based on the Marvel comic of the same title. Since then, we’ve found out that the film will be titled Baymax in Japan, after the protagonist Hiro Hamada’s white fluffy companion robot. We’ve also learned from a recent announcement that Disney will be getting involved in a highly unique crossover for Big Hero 6 that’s never been done one with any of their other movies before — in advance of the movie release, Big Hero 6 will be serialized as a manga here in Japan starting in the beginning of next month, and there will even be a prequel manga published as well!  Now, that’s a piece of news we’re certainly excited to hear!

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Characters that are “difficult to color because they move too much” have taken over Twitter!

Do you like manga? We definitely do! Here at RocketNews24, we cover topics related to manga (or comics) every once in awhile, so you might have seen quite a few articles featuring images of manga drawn by professionals and amateurs alike. But have you seen manga that has a mind of its own? We found some on Twitter!

Check out these adorable, albeit slightly mischievous, characters who fidget about and “interact” with their artists within their little manga frames!

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