Japanese cosplayers steal hearts as Love Live! plus-size idol unit Debu Raibu!

Meet the group that cosplayers and fans are falling in love with.

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Let your cosplay soar: Make it look like you’re really flying with this awesome, simple trick【Pics】

No Photoshopping or camera manipulation needed in this ingeniously creative idea.

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Hilarious Pokémon cosplay at Comiket 90 includes PokéStops and Exeggutor Alola form【Pics】

Nothing says you’ve touched the heart of the internet better than being cosplayed.

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The swimsuit, idol, and swimsuit idol cosplayers of Summer Comiket 2016【Photos】

Cosplayers covered all bases at the massive anime art event.

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More cosplay from summer Comiket 2016 — now with 30 percent more beefcake!

Buff blade boys and sexy Squirtle catch the eyes of attendees at Japan’s biggest otaku event.

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The Comiket Cloud: Anime convention’s attendees reportedly creating weather

Several visitors to the doujin anime, game, and manga convention Comiket have reported peculiar clouds generated by the heat and sweat of everyone present.

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Comiket 90: Japanese cosplayers bring the heat to opening day of summer event

Comiket sizzled on opening day with hot beauties from favourites like One PieceLove Live!, and even Pokémon.

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How to survive the unmistakable smell of an anime convention

Short of carrying a hose to wash down smelly attendees, this tip may be your best defense.

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Shopping at Comiket? Don’t forget a Gentleman’s Bag to keep your racy purchases on the down low

Completely opaque bags being offered to keep merchandise in mint condition and away from sensitive eyes.

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The 5 weirdest niche interest comics we picked up at Comiket 89

Comiket isn’t just about anime—it caters to hardcore otaku of all varieties, as we quickly discovered during our most recent visit.

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Can Comiket take much more? Crazy crowds push facilities to the limits once again

Comiket’s crowds continue to swell, pushing the venue to its limits.

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Which corporate booths wooed otaku with the best Comiket freebies?

Comiket doesn’t have to cost you a fortune! Take a look at what you can pick up for just the price of entry—in other words, absolutely free.

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The suave and stylish Pokémon cosplay of Comiket 89【Pics】

You’ve never seen Pokémon as classy as this before.

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Cosplaying beauties, knights, and sextuplets brave the cold on Comiket 89’s opening day【Photos】

Comiket 89 is now underway at Tokyo Big Sight from December 29-31. Check out our photo montage of the best cosplays from Tuesday’s opening day!

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New book compiles taste tests of shampoos used by 30 of Japan’s top anime voice actresses

That way you can skip straight to pounding shots of the shampoo you’ll like best.

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The perfect gift for your cosplaying foodie friends – an anime recipe cookbook

Have you ever watched an anime and thought, “Mmm, that food looks delicious?” Then this is exactly the cookbook you are looking for.

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Japan raises the bar for weirdness, produces fan-made magazine devoted to male nipples

Male nipples get a bad rap. Not only are they often proclaimed as “useless,” many Japanese people think they’re pretty gross too. What’s a mipple to do in such a hate-filled world?

Thankfully Japan has the, well, a solution: a magazine devoted to showing the beautiful side of male nipples, appropriately titled “I Love Everyone! Man’s Nipple.” What exactly is inside this revolutionary magazine and where can you pick up your copy? Read on to find out!

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Comiket queues aren’t getting any shorter and otaku aren’t getting any more patient【Video】

NatsuComi, or Summer Comiket, is now over and done with for another half a year after bringing together anime fans from all over the Japan, and indeed the world, in the sweltering summer heat. Ridiculous amounts of money were spent, litres of sweat were released into the atmosphere, and bizarre and beautiful cosplays went viral.

For three days each Summer and Winter, the convention center Tokyo Big Sight is turned into an otaku paradise, but for people working in the area it can be a nightmare. Legions of volunteers make sure the con runs smoothly, but there’s also the regular employees working at the nearby restaurants, cafes, and train station who have to prepare for the huge influx of people.

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Japanese Twitter user reveals why taxi drivers flock to Big Sight during Comiket

Comiket 88 is over now, sadly enough, but the Internet is still awash in the afterglow of dojinshi and cosplay. Of course, everyone is already looking forward to the next event this winter, from cosplayers to artists to taxi drivers.

Yes, you read that right, it seems that fans and artists aren’t the only ones who love Comiket! Apparently the massive event draws taxi drivers from all over Tokyo because it’s the best place to make money, according to one tweet that captured a ton of attention in Japan last weekend.

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Otaku cosplays as the costume as he transforms into boob-lifting String from Danmachi

Cosplay is all about slipping into a costume in order to assume the identity of a fictional character. But what do you do when the costume itself has become more famous than the character who wears it?

That was the problem faced by one attendee of the recent Comiket dojinshi event, who wanted to show his support not so much for the goddess Hestia from light novel and anime franchise Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, but for the boob-lifting string and impressive bust that the character is so closely associated with.

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