Studio Ghibli sound effects master recreates canned coffee commercial with just his voice 【Video】

We bet you’ve never heard anything quite so “delicious for your ears” as this unique commercial and its accompanying second !

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Synchronized dance group World Order stars in new commercial showcasing basic business skills

The crisply suited men of World Order are here to teach you some basic Japanese business tricks (and advertise an energy drink while they’re at it).

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As earthquakes rock the region, Kyushu Shinkansen commercial is more poignant than ever【Video】

This moving video shows the people of Kyushu on a happier day.

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Kansai Electric celebrates turning 65 with a look into the past

The Osaka area’s Kansai Electric Power Company, also known as KEPCO, has recently released a new commercial that’s a nostalgia-inducing picture-walk through the last 65 years of life in Japan.

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This OL has had enough BS for one day, goes on smelly kicking rampage in new ad【Video】

Forget kung fu action films, the newest kicking badass is this stinky-footed office lady from Japan.

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Steamy Heinz Japan commercials urge married women to have affairs with handsome pig【Videos】

Don’t blink or you might miss what these inter-species romance vignettes are actually trying to promote.

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Uniqlo asks women to draw pictures of their breasts, say words about them【Videos】

We can’t quite decide whether Japanese fashion giant Uniqlo’s latest promotional campaign is cute, empowering, or just plain silly.

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Makers of frozen snack sincerely apologize for a 9-cent price increase

The maker’s of Japan’s famous ice candy Garigari-kun released an ad apologizing for a 9-cent price increase, and I still haven’t heard jack from my insurance company.

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Artist takes paper planes to the next level, builds tiny seats complete with tray tables【Video】

Paper artist recreates airplanes to-scale in painstaking, minute detail.

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Energetic schoolgirl’s “Pension dance” commercial for Nagano bank isn’t easy to forget

This dance and and its accompanying catchy little jingle, nicknamed the “brainwashing song,” are currently stuck in people’s heads around Japan.

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Son comes out to father in surprisingly moving commercial from McDonald’s Taiwan【Video】

Fast food empire McDonald’s took an unexpected, socially conscious turn in Taiwan recently when it produced a commercial depicting a young man telling his father that he’s gay.

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Give yourself acid flashbacks with this bewildering new commercial for a Japanese soft drink

Some things you just can’t unsee.

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Clever costume changes in SoftBank’s new Disney-themed, CG-free ad【Video】

Ninety seconds is all you need to reach the “happily ever after” ending of this super-cute video.
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1 in 10 emotional viewers “cried” at Pokémon Super Bowl 50 advert

The Pokémon franchise aired a nostalgia-inducing commercial for its 20th anniversary during the Super Bowl football game on February 7.

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Subaru’s beloved canine family is back in a new and entertaining series of commercials 【Videos】

Whoever said that “cats rule and dogs drool?” Subaru brings back the Barkleys with five new amusing car commercials!

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Hate your job? Be honest: Is it really worse than massaging hot supermodels for a living?

This Singaporean ad shows that there’s nothing more unbearable than rubbing down beautiful ladies all day.

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Pokémon’s full minute-long version of epic Super Bowl ad streamed to celebrate 20th anniversary

Short version of live-action ad to air on February 7.

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Toyota wants Japan to think of its new model Prius as an “erotic” vehicle【Video】

Why drive a boring old hybrid when you could have an Erotic Vehicle?

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Test the depths of your knowledge of Japan with this snack pack

Transplanting yourself into another country can help you learn the language, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll absorb every bit of the culture. This image is a perfect example of that: Your understanding will depend entirely on how familiar you are with Japanese culture and history. So, we’ve broken this package down into five degrees of cultural awareness! And don’t feel bad if you don’t “get it,” because quite a few Japanese people were lost as well.

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Japanese curry commercial is the weirdest thing you’ll see all week, make you cry lasers【Video】

Every once in a while a commercial comes along that so accurately deconstructs the human condition that it’s hard for any of us to not cry lasers over it. There was that one time Intel showed us the harrowing tale of a young boy whose friend was dying of cancer, and that Toyota one about a father and daughter? Well, I darn near vaporized my cat while watching that one.

Now, noodle giant Nissin and their White Curry Meshi (rice) bring us a spot titled “Sorrow of Wasteland“, which tells the story of desperate struggle between two men who were once friends. Get your tissues and ruby-quartz glasses out for this one, folks!

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