Hilarious stories of computer fail: Turns out not everyone in Japan is tech savvy

When it comes to technology, Japan is thought of as one of the world’s leaders in quality and innovation. Japanese cell phones, televisions and cameras have long been considered some of the best in the world. But what about personal computers? How many people whom you know would pick a Fujitsu over a Mac or an HP?

The truth is that Japan is a bit behind when it comes to using home computers. Most of the functions that a computer serves can also be performed using cell phones and word processors, so a lot of Japanese people fail to see the point of owning one, and may only gain an introduction to computers if their work requires it. Many schools do not have computer labs for the students to use, and many households do not even have so much as a home computer for the family to share. This means that many Japanese people do not come into contact with computers until they are well into their adult lives. This can lead to some strange misunderstandings, as the things we consider to be common computer knowledge become amusingly misunderstood.

Naver Matome collected a fun sample of stories from people whose friends and family had trouble with their computers. Their ignorance is our bliss in this amusing collection of computer fail.

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New Fujitsu Technology Lets Users Scan Objects and Manipulate Data with Their Bare Fingertips

Imagine putting a travel brochure on the table, touching the word “Hawaii” and having a video of sandy beaches appear next to it. Better yet, image tossing some Post-it notes onto the table and tapping them with your finger to instantly digitize and upload them to your computer. Sounds like something from a movie set in the distant future, doesn’t it?

Fujitsu Labs has made this and more possible with a new interface system that may let us toss out our mouse and scanner in a single throw.

Watching the video below, you might think cutting edge sensors are required, but all it takes is a run-of-the-mill webcam and an on-the-market projector.

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Japanese Man Creates Computer Screen Made of Mist

Winter in Japan is a particularly dry time of year. So it’s only natural that folks who generally enjoy a humid climate tend to break out the old humidifier every once in a while.

One such simple desktop dehumidifier was one indie inventor’s inspiration for something so futuristic it looks like it came out of a sci-fi movie: a computer display made of mist.

Hatsune Miku was used for testing purposes, as is the custom with all budding technology in Japan.

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Custom-Made Transparent “Pain PC” Featuring Window8 Moe Mascots, Yuu & Ai Madobe

First, there was “itasha,” or “pain mobile,” a car so nerdy it hurt.  Then there was a “painful” helicopter created by the Japan Self Defense Forces that featured manga-influenced designs.

Now, there’s a transparent “itaPC,” or “pain PC,” featuring the official, Japan-exclusive Windows 8-themed “moe” mascots, Yuu and Ai Madobe.

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Cute Anime Girls Driving Sales of Windows 8 in Japan

On October 29, Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said that since its release on Friday, Windows 8 has been selling at a higher rate than Windows 7, the best-selling version of Windows to date.

Despite confusion over alleged magic touch screen-imbuing capabilities, Windows 8 seems to be doing well in Japan as well— so well, in fact, that limited-quantity DSP editions of the operating system, which feature two unofficial Windows 8-themed “moe” mascots, are already beginning to sell out, proving once again that the Japanese will buy anything with a cute anime girl on it (not that there was a lack evidence).

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