With new Country Ma’am cookie-scented lip cream, you can enjoy the delectable cookies all day long

Forever on your lips, never on your hips!

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Japanese chef’s awesome giant pancake makes us want to cook them the old fashioned way again

Drawing inspiration from an internationally beloved children’s book, chef creates a hybrid pancake/cookie.

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Yoku Moku’s Cigare cookies to become available in new matcha flavor!

The internationally popular cigar-shaped cookie will be getting its first new flavor in 13 years!

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New Häagen-Dazs ice cream from Japan makes news for all the wrong reasons

The company’s latest luxury release has Japanese ice cream lovers craving Chinese food.

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Japanese mother makes cookies that look like tiny meals

The Internet has gone crazy for this incredible biscuit collection that looks like a range of tiny food replicas.

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Artist carves cute Studio Ghibli characters into Oreo cookie filling 【Video】

Who can resist scrumptious Oreo cookies, especially when they’re inscribed with our favorite Ghibli anime characters? Read More

Japanese internet browser cookies are higher quality than some of the browsers themselves 【Pics】

These handmade cookies are the perfect snack for surfing the web.

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Comparing the new made-in-China Oreos to the made-in-Japan ones we knew and loved【Taste test】

RocketNews24’s Meg pits the two cookies against each other, and also tosses made-in-China-for-China Oreos into the fray.

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Tokyo has an all-you-can-eat cookie cafe, and the amazing deal costs less than 10 bucks

Yes, they serve milk.

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Mouth-watering cheesecake Oreos about to hit stores in Japan

No, not Oreo cheesecakes, but cheesecake Oreos!

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The treat you’ve been waiting for: watermelon chocolate chip cookies!!

If you like watermelon, you’ll definitely want to sink your teeth into these unique treats…and you won’t even have to worry about getting your fingers wet with juice!  

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Hungry for art? Japanese cookie artist uses icing to make unbelievable edible masterpieces【Pics】

You mean we’re supposed to eat these?!

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We try the new full-sized matcha Oreo cookies from Japan

The full-sized Oreo sandwich cookie now comes filled with a delicious green tea matcha cream centre.

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Want something sweet to add to your drink? Make some Rilakkuma cup-hanging cookies!【Video】

Watch the step-by-step process of how to cook these cute, completely edible cup accessories yourself.

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Ramen cookies? Video shows all you need to know to make these awesome desserts 【Video】

Two of the world’s great foods combine in these eye-catching sweets.

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Incredible edible Nintendo desserts are the most delicious kind of fanart

Check out these home-made gaming-themed treats and get some inspiration for your own baked goods!

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Solid gold Millennium Puzzle too expensive? How about a cookie version instead?!

That solid gold Millennium Puzzle may not be for sale, but fans of the popular card game anime franchise Yu-Gi-Oh! will probably enjoy this one more in the long-run—after all, it’s edible!

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New rum raisin-flavored chocolate Oreo bars to go on sale in Japan

Despite the popularity of goodies like Kit Kats and Oreos around the world, most countries sell only the original flavors of such snacks with perhaps one or two flavor variations on the side. This area, however, is where Japan goes totally nuts with novel and often downright bizarre marketing campaigns to introduce the latest flavors of ordinary snacks—just ask anyone who’s ever had the courage to try wasabi Kit Kats or strawberry chocolate-covered shrimp chips!

Case in point, confectionery and baked goods company Yamazaki Nabisco has unveiled its newest flavor of the popular Oreo cookie: rum raisin.

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Celebrate the incoming Attack on Titan movie with a suitably colossal Oreo cookie 【Recipe】

With less than a month to go before the release of the live-action Attack on Titan film in Japan, related merchandise and tie-in collaborations have brought us everything from point cards to hot dogs in recent days.

Whether you’re anxiously awaiting the movie’s opening date here in Japan or further abroad, there’s one way everyone can join in the celebrations: with a giant Oreo cookie. Check out the delicious recipe after the jump, complete with all the mouth-watering step-by-step details. A snack this sweet and giant-sized is sure to stop any Colossal Titan in its tracks!

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Japanese Cigar cookies a big hit in the UAE, we try them to see how good they are! 【Taste Test】

One thing we definitely have plenty of in Japan is sweets, be it cookies, chocolates, ice cream or cakes. From sakura flavored treats to mochi-infused ice cream, you don’t have to look too hard to find a dessert that captures your fancy, whatever your mood happens to be. Interestingly, one trend we seem to be seeing in recent years is the increasing popularity of Japanese confections in the Middle East, the U.A.E. in particular.

Now, it’s quite common these days to see a popular snack or dessert from one country become a huge hit in another part of the world, but one Japanese treat that apparently has been acquiring a growing number of fans in the U.A.E. is not the latest dessert fad to hit Tokyo, nor is it created from a unique and unexpected combination of Japanese ingredients. It’s a conventional, albeit tasty, Western-style cookie, and what’s more, these cookies have been around here in Japan for over four decades!

Naturally, we bought a box and tried them to see what makes them so special!

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