Chinese fan-produced anime poster is crammed with heroes: we lose count at 115

Who needs copyrights when you’ve got over nine dozen iconic anime characters?

The past few years have seen a handful of anime projects featuring anime characters crossing over from one franchise to the other. Famed thief Lupin III crossed paths with the great detective Conan himself in 2009, and the pirates of One Piece have teamed up with both omnivorous master hunter Toriko and Dragon Ball hero Son Goku.

But what if instead of just combining one or two series, you tried to combine all of them?

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We spend a night at the Legoland Hotel (no assembly required)

There are plenty of reasons to visit San Diego, California. Aside from beautiful beaches, visitors to the Golden State’s southernmost metropolitan area can watch professional baseball and football, see killer whales and other marine life at Sea World, and dine on authentic Mexican cuisine.

And of course, there’s also Legoland California, North America’s first theme park dedicated to the Danish blocks that have captivated generations of kids. Since its opening in 1999, Legoland California has gone through numerous renovations, and as of April even has its own Legoland Hotel, one of only three in the world.

Needless to say, we booked our reservation as soon as possible.

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This US$21,000 future chair will increase productivity, bankrupt your company

We can see why this futuristic pod… chair… thing is called “The Emperor,” because there’s no way you wouldn’t feel like some powerful sci-fi movie villain hunting the rebels from your battle cruiser’s control station when sitting in it. But if you can actually keep your power fantasies from distracting you, this chair guarantees increased productivity and maximal office comfort.

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We try Japan’s latest instant noodles: pineapple ramen (with 3-D photos!!)

With so many different ramen restaurants in Japan, you have to do something pretty special to get yours to stand out. One establishment that certainly qualifies is lengthily-named Papapapa-Pine, whose claim to fame is its ramen with chunks of pineapple and broth made with the juice of the tropical fruit. But with only one branch in Tokyo, most people living in the capital haven’t had a chance to try this unique concoction.

That all changed on June 3, though, when instant ramen based on Papapapa-Pine’s went on sale at the Daily Yamazaki (also known as Daily Store) chain of convenience stores. We dispatched our crack reporters for an immediate taste test.

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Mammoth GameCenter CX 10th anniversary project underway

“GameCenter CX”–also known as “Retro Game Master” in the West– has captured the hearts and minds of literally millions of video game fans across the globe since first airing in 2003. The premise of the show is simple: middle-aged, self-confessed game otaku and part-time comedian Shinya Arino pits himself against a series of treasured but often fiendishly difficult old-school video games, playing through them with the help of his cheeky “assistant directors”, a pile of snacks and stack of cooling towelettes to stick to his forehead.

The show has already spawned nine DVD boxsets in its native Japan, with English translations of many of the shows made available to Western audiences both in DVD format and online. But now, the show’s parent company has announced that a special 10th anniversary project is underway that will purportedly take an entire year to complete.

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These abstract Street Fighter motion sculptures will melt your mind 【Video】

We’ve seen some pretty quirky artistic interpretations of arcade fist-and-fireball fest Street Fighter in our time, but this one quite took our breath away.

Before you say it, yes we know the above image looks like little more than a mass of triangles suspended in midair, but we’re absolutely positive that once you’ve seen the following video in motion, you’ll swear you’re watching the characters from everyone’s favourite arcade fighter performing their signature moves before your very eyes.

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One more reason to hate Mondays: bad beef

Ah, Mondays! I’m sure you’re just like me in that you always wake up 30 minutes before your alarm goes off, bursting with energy at the idea of getting a start on spending the next five days at the office. Or, more accurately, you may be just like me in that you have a tendency to lie in order to cover up just how much you hate Monday mornings.

But when duty calls, you’ve got to go. As you struggle to convince your body to drag itself out of bed, maybe you try to sweeten the deal by promising yourself a tasty dinner as a reward for not just creating your own little three-day weekend by calling in sick. Yeah, you can make it through your shift if you’ve got something to look forward to at the end of it, like maybe some high-grade beef. And why bother cooking at home when Japan is filled with yakiniku (Korean barbeque) restaurants?

Not so fast there, cowboy. It turns out Monday is the worst day to go out to eat yakiniku.

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Japanese artist recreates Matsumoto Castle out of cardboard

Matsumoto-jo, also known as “Crow Castle,” is located in Nagano Prefecture and has been designated as a National Treasure of Japan. Surprisingly, the photo above isn’t that of a professionally made model of the famous castle. A Japanese artist that goes by the moniker, Upunushu, created this replica of Matsumoto Castle entirely out of cardboard. Each intricate detail, from the stone walls to the tiny emblem designs below the roof, were made by hand.

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Big (eats) in Japan: The gluttonous gallery of ‘o-mori’

In Japanese, o-mori refers to an extra large food portion. Feeling particularly hungry? Just upgrade your regular ramen by ordering “ramen o-mori.”

Of course, some restaurants don’t feel the phrase “large portion” does their creations justice, and have come up with their own special codes such as toku-mori, giga-mori, mega-mori, deka-mori, and doka-mori. They all mean the same thing, though: gargantuan grub. Come along with us on a tour of Japan’s culinary behemoths, and bring your appetite.

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Preserve those precious fire hydrant memories forever with Sony’s wearable dog cam 【Video】

It’s a good thing that dogs are so notoriously anti-internet, because if they caught sight of any of the following videos, shot with a camera and harness designed especially for pooches, they’d be at the door with their leashes in their mouths in seconds.

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Gundam meets iconic architecture, saves the human race while looking appropriately moody

Forget Transformers — what’s fun about a robot that turns into a dirty old city bus anyway? When it comes to gargantuan protectors of the human race, we want something with a little more style.

Thankfully, that’s precisely what Japanese toy designer Tsuyoshi Nonaka is bringing to the table today with his epic realisation of what the love child of ’70s building-cum-art installation the Tower of the Sun and a Mobile Suit Gundam might look like.

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Quiz: Can you guess which hugely popular manga artists these desks belong to?

My first apartment in Japan so small that when my brother came to visit, he joked that we’d have to breathe in shifts so that we didn’t use up all the oxygen in the room. A bit of an exaggeration, but the place was tiny enough that all of my movements had to be controlled and precise, unless I wanted to knock something over and start a domino effect that would topple everything I owned. That meant living small, with only the things absolutely necessary for life in this transient plane of existence.

I blame this lack of proper furniture for my not producing a manga comic masterpiece during that phase of my life, and not my complete lack of artistic talent or ability to craft a narrative about anything other than the trials and tribulations faced by handsome online writers as they romance their legions of female groupies. After all, just think of what I could have created if I’d had one of these desks belonging to some of the most successful manga artists in the industry…

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Strap on your thinking caps: bath salts based on popsicle based on soup go on sale

We’ve talked before about how Gari Gari-kun, the popsicle/shaved ice hybrid, is among the most refreshing treats produced by modern society, especially during the hot, humid summer months.

But Japan is a country where a daily bath, as opposed to just a shower, is a way of life. Since most people bathe at night, this presents a problem if you’ve just cooled yourself off with a nice after-dinner Gari Gari-kun and don’t want that feeling to go to waste from soaking in a pool of hot water. Thankfully, toy manufacturer Bandai has a whole lineup of Gari Gari-kun themed bath salts, based on the some of its most popular popsicle flavors, such as soda (really a mix of apple and citrus), pear, and corn…wait, corn?!

Perhaps we should start at the beginning.

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Hanging Gardens of Singapore: the PARKROYAL on Pickering

We’ve all heard about the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world and I’m sure we all wish we could go back in time and see them at the height of their glory. For me, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon might have been the best, even if they probably didn’t actually exist.

Unfortunately, no one’s figured out how time travel works yet. Fortunately, though, PARKROYAL on Pickering seems like a pretty amazing substitute. (And, starting at US$180 a night, probably cheaper than time travel too.)

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Let there be light! This clever sheet of paper is actually a handy torch

To the untrained eye, this little device created by designer Kazuhiro Yamanaka appears to be a regular piece of paper. Well, almost. When rolled into a cylindrical tube, however, two cleverly hidden switches power up an attached LED and voila, instant illumination.
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Needle Master: Swedish artist wows net users with stunning video game embroidery

Believe it or not, the above image is not a still taken from an old 16-bit video game. This is the work of Per Fhager, a Swedish artist whose stunning needlework is currently taking the internet by storm.

From Nintendo classics like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros 2 to old-school shooters like Pop’n TwinBee and Blazing Star, Per’s mercilessly detailed work really has to be seen to be believed.

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Beautiful works of art made with Microsoft Excel

A few weeks ago, we featured a video that showed each step to drawing Gundam using Microsoft Excel. The whole RocketNews24 office couldn’t believe that something as cool as a giant robot can be made using the most boring Office program available.

Another Excel artist, 73-year-old Tatsuo Horiuchi of Japan, has been getting attention online recently for his beautiful scenery pictures created by only using shapes in Microsoft Excel.

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Forget bearskin rugs, brighten up your workspace with this cool Totoro mouse pad

Although we’d positively abhor the very thought of seeing one of our favourite Studio Ghibli characters skinned and laid face-up on the hardwood floor of our cavernous offices, it wasn’t until we stumbled upon this fluffy Totoro mouse pad that we realised how much we’d love to have him adorning our desks at work.

Yep, thanks to, now both Totoro and the eternally grinning Catbus can be yours for just a few dollars, at once making all of your coworkers jealous and worrying household pets.

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Eat your heart out, Tom Cruise: Belgian man makes his own samurai armor (and it’s amazing)

Unable to afford the real deal and being too tall for a store-bought replica, one Belgian man by the name of Danny has crafted a suit of samurai armor for himself. And, while there are lots of amazing cosplay costumes out there, this one may very well be the best I’ve ever seen.

A fan of warriors of various cultures, from vikings to the samurai, Danny seems to have had a great affinity for armor, helmets, and weapons from a young age. In fact, he started collecting Japanese swords at the tender age of 16. (Quite a bit more productive than 16-year-olds these days.) Read More

From Russia with love (for J-pop), we present trilingual cover band Pudra

It’s taken several years, but as anime and computer generated vocaloid songs continue to grow in popularity abroad, Japanese pop music has solidified a passionate overseas fan base. Go to YouTube and do a search for the opening or closing theme of a major recent anime hit, and you’ve got a decent chance of finding a foreign fan doing a cover, either while strumming a guitar or with the vocal-less karaoke mix from the song’s single playing in the background.

But that’s not good enough for Russian band, Pudra (meaning “powder”). This quartet of teenage girls goes all out with their anime song performances, with full arrangement and polished videos. And while many foreign cover artists rewrite lyrics in their native languages, Pudra sings all of their J-pop renditions in their original Japanese. Read More

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