Starter Pokémon skin care face packs let you transform into your first Pocket Monster partner

Pikachu and other classic starter Pokémon face packs, of course, give fans special reasons to use ‘em all.

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With new Country Ma’am cookie-scented lip cream, you can enjoy the delectable cookies all day long

Forever on your lips, never on your hips!

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Classic anime Magic Knight Rayearth kicks off new cosmetic line with sword, gauntlet items

“Sword of rouge” sounds like a fantasy weapon, but it’s an actual part of this makeup collection inspired by the hit Clamp anime.

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Sailor Moon’s Comic Heart Compact will transform your cheeks as a gorgeous blush container

Anime heroine’s transformation item really can change the way you look.

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Japan’s Pokémon cosmetics are back in time for summer and cuter than ever!【Photos】

Extra-stylish Pikachu and starter Pokémon adorn compacts, water bottles, and snacks.

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Net user shares clever discovery to make her boss feel concerned and let her go home early

This worker discovered a surprising trick which makes use of only one simple object for a potentially epic lifehack. 

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New Sailor Moon blush and brushes will have you yelling out “Moon Prism Power Makeup!” 

Is it too early to start making a Christmas wish list?

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New Japanese video chat program adds digital makeup to the faces of female telecommuters 【Video】

Shiseido now has a cosmetics-free way to change your appearance.

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New Japanese facial cleanser from Kanebo dispenses fragrant foam in the shape of a rose

Here’s another beauty product that appeals to your playful side!

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The power of makeup shows a daring transformation【Video】

Why worry about surgery scars when you can just make(up) your worries away?

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Japan’s new Pokémon cosmetics will have you looking pretty in Pika

Female Pikachu takes center stage in promoting new line of makeup created with Japanese fashion brand.

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Kailijumei’s line of color-changing, flower lipsticks are all the rage now across the world

This Chinese lipstick is so beautiful in its design that you won’t want to use it on yourself.

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FRISK breath mints to debut as cosmetics and skincare products!

How do you turn internationally popular breath mints into a line of cosmetics and skincare items? Here’s how!

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Japanese cosmetics company’s eight-model video has one big secret【Video】

Just how versatile is Shiseido’s makeup? Watch and see.

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Gifu police chase shoplifter with 20 patrol cars and helicopter, fail to catch him

He must have really wanted that make-up…

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Sailor Moon cloth masks are here to protect you from germs the magical girl way!

As we head into winter, you can spot more and more people out and about in Japan wearing cloth masks. The main reason is to prevent the spread of germs during cold and flu season, but recent research suggests that for women, wearing a pink mask could make them appear twice as attractive.

Based on that, we can only assume that anyone wearing one of these new Sailor Moon masks instantly becomes three times as good-looking.

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Sailor Moon girls Pluto and Chibiusa save your lips and your hips with lip balm and chopsticks

Sailor Moon’s 20th Anniversary year has been an absolute boon for fans of the series. We’ve seen everything from sanitary equipment  to lingerie to tiny little miniature versions of the everyday items they use.

What we really can’t get enough of is the bevy of adorable merchandise from Premium Bandai. And now that they’ve added new Sailor Pluto and Chibiusa items to their Miracle Romance line and DX My Chopsticks Collection, we’re heading straight to the online register!

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Sailor Moon facial powder gets a sequel with this beautiful Crystal Star Compact replica

A while back, we took a look at a replica of Sailor Moon’s Transformation Brooch which held cosmetic powder formulated to give you the look of anime-like perfectly unblemished skin. Die-hard fans, however, know that the brooch breaks shortly after the end of the anime’s first major story arc.

Early in Sailor Moon R the brooch is upgraded to the Crystal Star Compact, and if you’re looking to keep pace with Sailor Moon herself, now you can order a faithful recreation of her second transformation item that’s also filled with facial powder.

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Check out the dirtiest festival in all of South Korea by heading down to Boryeong

Here at RocketNews24, you will often read about crazy Japanese festivals, but the rest of Asia also has some pretty fantastic festivals as well. Last year we sent some of our writers to the giant water festival in Thailand where they had a wet and wild time and came back thoroughly rinsed off.

Don’t expect to stay as squeaky clean at this festival in South Korea, though. The Boryeong Mud Festival is coming up next month and it puts any mud wrestling event you have ever seen to shame.

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e.l.f. Cosmetics delights Frozen fans with an Elsa makeover in a book

I subscribe to a handful of beauty gurus on YouTube, and the moment Frozen turned out to be such a mega hit, I knew I had to brace myself for a rush of Elsa-inspired makeovers taking over my subscription list. True enough, the Elsa-themed tutorial videos came in like a wrecking ball and suddenly my YouTube feed was flooded with women sporting blonde braids and smokey purple eyelids.

The thing about these makeup tutorials is that many of these YouTube beauty gurus have a rather extensive collection of makeup palettes and tools, so they can easily create different looks, but the average person might not own products in all the colors required to replicate Elsa’s look. That, was until e.l.f. launched their Disney Elsa makeup series that provided the full package at affordable prices. Check out the lineup after the break!

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