New “front zipper swimsuit” craze triggers a wave of booby fan-art on Twitter

When it comes to competition swimwear, most of us immediately think of is the kind of gear we see worn by professional swimmers. Trends have shifted over the years as technology improved and demands have changed; swimsuits with racerbacks and varying leg lengths to cater to different needs, preferences and races are most commonly seen on female professional swimmers today.

Last week, Japanese “fetish swimsuit” maker REALISE released a new “competition swimsuit” that changed everyone’s perspective on racing swimwear. Instead of having an open back like many Speedo or TYR suits do, REALISE’s revolutionary design has an open front, allowing its wearers to show off their bosoms, just because. As always, the trend-sensitive Twitter users of Japan were quick to respond to the new fashion statement and… well, just see for yourselves after the break! (Needless to say, some of these illustrations are NSFW.)

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Nailed it: Thai man’s low budget cosplay is a gift to the Internet【Photos】

Taking up cosplay as a hobby takes a pretty significant time commitment to put together that perfect costume to dress up as your favorite video game, comic book or movie character. And for those of us without the, ahem, natural assets to boost our cosplay game, buying all those wigs, fashion accessories and snowman apparel can make the hobby an extremely expensive way to spend your free time.

However, this innovative cosplay enthusiast from Thailand doesn’t let his limited budget get in the way of making some creative, and frankly, kind of creepy costumes. We’ve spotted him before, but click below to see his latest creative, if not incredibly cheap, take on Dragonball Z, the Teletubbies, Taylor Swift and much more.

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Shibuya celebrates Halloween 2014 with crazy costumes and huge crowds

While you might not see a lot of trick or treaters out in Japan, if you find yourself in Tokyo, specifically Shibuya, you’re sure to see some original and inspiring costumes. Let’s take a look at some of the best homemade and store-bought costumes spotted in Shibuya this Halloween.

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Start planning for next year’s Halloween with this official Majin Buu costume

With Halloween just around the corner, enthusiasts are already pouring their hearts and souls into putting together their costume for the year. In case you still need some ideashowever, or are already looking for something to pull in plenty of candy next year, here’s a costume that is sure to get you plenty of treats. In collaboration with Dragon Ball Kai the costume designers at Trantrip have created this official Majin Buu costume.

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Halloween lashes from the 100 yen store will add a bit of spook to your eyes

It’s already October, which means Halloween is right around the corner. Have you picked out your costume yet? Trick-or-treaters in Japan were treated to some extra inspiration by Daiso, a discount store where everything is 100 yen (US$1), in the form of an impressive variety of Halloween lashes featuring cobwebs, haunted houses, and swirly stars. Early wearers of these accessories have been praising them for their high quality (but really, would you expect any less from Daiso?). Let’s take a closer look at these outrageous falsies!

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Anna and Elsa come to life: The best Halloween costumes of the year?【Photos】

Halloween is now less than two months away, so it’s time to start planning your costume. There are a wealth of options to choose from, of course, but this year we probably wouldn’t recommend going as Anna or Elsa from Frozen. Not because they aren’t awesome, but because we’re fairly certain that no one will be able to compete with the awesomeness of these hand-crafted costumes.

We’ve seen fans make some pretty amazing things in the past, but this very well might take the royal cake.

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These Disney princesses are ready to kick ass in their awesome battle gear!【Photos】

What are some of the common traits of the Disney princesses? They’re young, they’re beautiful, they’re always singing, and quite a handful of their stories revolve around the men they fall in love with. What if, for a change, they weren’t twirling around on the dance floor in poofy gowns but donning armor, wielding weapons and fighting on a battlefield? They would still be young and beautiful, but they would probably look a lot cooler! See them after the jump!

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Shark Cat entertaining Shark Baby while riding a Roomba? Why not!

While some people escape to the beach during the sweltering days of August, others jump in front of the TV to feast their eyes on all the glorious carnage that the Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week has to offer. And now we can add a new form of entertainment to that summer bucket list–watching cats cosplaying as sharks.

Some of you may have already seen this video of a cat dressed in a shark costume riding a Roomba floating around the internet, but don’t let that stop you from giving it another watch!

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The amazing cosplayers of (the first two days of) Comic-Con 2014

Our Japanese reporter Yoshio is currently attending his first ever Comic-Con in San Diego. After completing such epic quests as flying across the Pacific and finding a parking spot near the Convention Center, he’s been enjoying Preview Night plus the first two days of the show.

But while Comic-Con is the world’s biggest celebration of comics, animation, movies, video games, and all other sorts of 2-D fiction, Yoshio’s been blown away by something very real and three-dimensional: all of the amazing cosplayers!

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Fan makes brutal Attack on Titan cosplay gown of Eren’s mom

While we’ve seen plenty of Attack on Titan cosplay over the past year or so, we’ve certainly never seen anything like this.

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“Glowing Man” brings smiles to the people of Tokyo while inspiring runners around the world

Early last week we published an article about an unidentified “glowing man” that was spotted on a midnight train in Tokyo. No one knew who he was or where he came from, but everyone on the train that night loved him. After just a few hours, our wonderful readers clued us in to the mystery man’s identity, and what would you know, the very next day we got a friendly email from the glowing man himself.

Joseph Tame is more than just a guy who wears a crazy costume. He’s hoping to unite strangers and break down barriers through the sport of long-distance running. And with the help of over 32 meters of LED lights, plenty of pink pinwheels (which he insists are wind turbines), and a social media rig straight out of a sci-fi flick, Joseph will unite the world this Sunday at the Tokyo Marathon where he’ll be live-streaming the entire race with the help of his homemade gear.

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Glowing man spotted on the last train home in Tokyo

Early this morning, a peculiar fellow was spotted riding the rails in Tokyo. Wrapped in layers of lights and adorned in pink pinwheels, he didn’t even bother sitting in the half-empty carriage. Just what was this glowing man doing on the last train home? The answer may surprise you.

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Have a very cute and sexy Christmas with these “Christmas Barbie” costumes!

All right, we’ve already told you in past articles about how Christmas is a huge romantic event for couples in Japan. Well, how about making the event a little bit more fun (or naughty, depending on how you roll) with a cute Barbie-style Christmas costume from major Japanese discount chain store Don Quijote? That’s right, ladies: donning one of these could be a huge treat for the special man in your life … provided he’s been good this year, of course!

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The Kawasaki Halloween Parade 2013 in pictures: Mario, multiple Miyazakis and mythical monsters

Last weekend in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture, thousands of hardcore cosplayers and Halloween lovers descended on the streets of Kawasaki City to take part in the Kawasaki Halloween Parade 2013, the 17th of its kind and Japan’s largest public parade dedicated to the Western festival.

The 1.5 km course was flanked by food stalls and specially decorated shops catering to the tourists and locals vying to get the best shots of the coolest outfits, and despite the somewhat inclement weather last weekend, thousands turned up to witness and take part in the event, proving once and for all that Halloween has most definitely found a permanent home in Japan.

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Disney’s Rapunzel as Sailor Moon is the best thing we’ve seen this week

Disney princesses get to have fun sometimes, right? When they’re not saving the day or being saved by their handsome prince, we’re sure they find time to kick back with their friends and celebrate holidays. The following is what a few of the most popular Disney princesses might wear on Halloween as envisioned by artist Isaiah K Stephens. And of course strong princesses like Pocahontas, Jasmine, and Merida would dress as their favorite female superhero or heroine.

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New cosplay seller enters stores across Japan, just in time for Halloween

We’re well into fall now, and it’s time to start preparing for some horror-filled festivities on October 31. Japan is getting all geared-up with ghosts and skeletons clearly on display and plenty of Halloween parties planned for the days leading up to the turn of the month. But of course, what’s a Halloween party without a good costume? And what’s a good costume without a band of beautiful girls ready to promote it?

Clearstone costume maker recently released a new cosplay series called Tokimeki Graffiti, modeled and promoted by the idol group, Already, whether for the quality of the costumes or the influence of idols, sales are really skyrocketing!

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The awesome outfits of cosplayers at Tokyo Disneyland

Cosplay isn’t just for conventions or the Kyoto subway. Tokyo Disneyland during the Halloween season is a great place for Disney fans to show off their cosplay skills. Usually, anyone out of elementary school isn’t allowed to enter Tokyo Disneyland in full costume, but during the first and last week of the Disney Halloween event (September 9 to 15 and October 25 to 31), anyone is invited to cosplay at the park. Let’s take a look at some of the impressive costumes from the first week of the TDL Halloween season.

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Japan’s Top 10 Cosplay Costumes of 2012

With the myriad of cosplay costumes available in Japan, first-time cosplayers must be overwhelmed with all the choices. Luckily, Cospa, a major cosplay costume company in Japan, has narrowed down the choices, releasing the 2012 costume sales rankings. Coming in at number one is everyone’s favorite vocaloid, Hatsune Miku.

Check out the rest of the top ten cosplay costumes of the year:      

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【Fixed】 Collection of Ingenious Short Skits From the Japanese Program That Brought Us “Matrix Ping Pong” Now on YouTube

Kasou Taisho, or All Japan Kasoh (Costume) Grand Prix, is a semi-annual televised contest in which amateur groups or individuals perform short skits which are rated by a panel of judges.

Many of the skits make extensive use of kurogo: stagehands dressed in all black to imply they are “invisible” to the audience while they move around props or actors on stage. This allows performers to create clever illusions and “fake” special effects, such as in the classic “Matrix Ping Pong” skit, which you can see above.

Having been on the air for more than 30 years, the show no doubt has an extensive library of short, funny video clips—or as we call it these days, internet crack. And finally figuring out that crack sells, Kasou Taisho has posted nearly 100 of their finest skits from over the years for your viewing pleasure on YouTube.

We hope you weren’t planning on doing anything productive over the next half hour…

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Confessions of Snow White in Tokyo on a Weekday

Earlier this week, we heard the confessions of a crossdressing man in Tokyo (the beauty in the middle of the above photo).  As it turns out, this one-night crossdresser works with our next costume-wearing confessor (and they all work at our Japanese sister site, Pouch).

Snow White, pictured above, was hesitant to walk the streets of Japan in costume on a weekday.  However, she swallowed her fear and spent the entire day as a Disney princess.  The following is her account of a day as Snow White in Tokyo on a weekday.

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