Cup Noodle

We taste test the new Squid Ink Black Cup Noodle!

Could Nissin’s new instant ramen ever match the black-as-night colour of our souls?

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Nissin to sell rice bowls covered in those little “mystery meat” cubes from Cup Noodle

The only mystery here is why Nissin hadn’t thought of this earlier.

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Pitch-black instant ramen added to Cup Noodle lineup to fill dark hole in our ramen-loving hearts

Special ingredient makes for an instant ramen that looks like no other.

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Chill out this summer with a refreshing iced Cup Noodle

If you can’t stand the heat, then get out a delicious-looking Cup Noodle Somen.

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Cup Noodle gets fancy with rich abalone and oyster stew flavor

Oh you fancy, huh?

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Feeling tired? Get an energy boost with this new Miso Ginger Cup Noodle from Nissin!

What’s so special about this Cup Noodle? Well, you can have it instead of an energy drink!

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Nissin’s new Bukkomi Meshi is the guilty pleasure of rice plus instant ramen broth

Nissin knows what’s in the hearts of carb-lovers way too well.

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Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy with epic Cup Noodle worthy of a final boss

Thirty years spanning fifteen iconic “final” adventures. Let the feast begin!
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Nissin Cup Noodle flavored seasoning for rice?!?

Oh, come on! How is this not a real thing?

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Matcha green tea instant Cup Noodle ramen is here, with a totally unexpected taste【Taste test】

Does this mean ramen ceremonies will start replacing tea ceremonies?

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Samurai in full armor doing extreme sports has passersby, internet watching in awe【Video】

A different type of Seven Samurai.

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Fan support makes fictitious Cup Noodle shopping bags a reality, sell out in days

Cup Noodle continues its reign as the most democratic instant ramen brand around.

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Cup Noodle introduces their 45th anniversary character,  Cup Noodle the Great

Because it’s not enough to have reconstituted mystery meat products; you need mysterious mascots as well.

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Cup Noodle Mystery Meat Festival sales suspended due to overwhelming demand

Generally mystery meat is something to be avoided, unless you’re talking about Cup Noodle brand mystery meat.

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Nissin’s Cup Noodle gets glamorous birthday makeover!

It’s Cup Noodle’s 45th birthday this year, and the noodles are looking good in a special commemorative package!

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Celebrate Japan’s newest national holiday with a limited-edition Cup Noodle cooker

Because nothing says Mountain Day more than being able to cook instant noodles in nature.

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Cup Noodle to release “Luxury Shark Fin” and “Softshell Turtle” flavors

Nissin, the maker of Cup Noodle, is about to unroll a pair of “Luxury” flavors of instant ramen. And one of them is “shark fin”…

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Nissin gets experimental with its Cup Noodles

Shampoos, bowling pins, erasers and more.

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The internet’s latest culinary masterpiece: Cup Noodle Steamed Egg【Taste Test】

Although the internet has revolutionized our lives in countless ways, one of the most appreciated is the simple yet outside-the-box recipes that appear on it from time to time. Where else can we discover that a rice cooker can be used to make mind-blowing pancakes or crème caramel on top of instant ramen makes for a delicious flavor boost?

Now, a Twitter user going by the handle of @rea941 has unveiled a new way to enjoy Japan’s favorite instant food, Cup Noodle. With the leftover soup you can make a delicious chawanmushi egg custard. It’s so easy the entire recipe could fit in a single tweet!

With easy, delicious, and cheap being the trifecta of RocketNews24 gourmet bliss, we couldn’t help but make some for ourselves.

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We try Cup Noodle Ice Cream, filled with shrimp, meat, eggs, chives, and madness 【Taste test】

A few days ago, we heard that Nissin, maker of Cup Noodle, was now selling ice cream topped with meat, chives, and all the other fixings that are found in instant ramen at the Cup Noodles Museum. One of my coworkers, who lives not far from the Osaka Cup Noodles Museum, bravely volunteered to try it out, and I was all set to let him be our guinea pig, since I’ve already taken one for the RocketNews24 team as far as strange desserts go.

But as it turns out, the Cup Noodle Ice Cream is available exclusively at the second Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama. Hey, wait a second! That’s where I live!

Uh oh…

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