Sleeping next to your celebrity crush hug pillow not enough? Now you can peel his clothes off

We recently looked at the physical and psychological benefits of sleeping with hug pillows, or dakimakura as they’re known in Japan. But while that discussion was limited to plain, undecorated dakimakura, it’s no secret that a large number of jumbo-size pillows in Japan are adorned with drawings or photos of the owner’s anime or celebrity crush.

Sometimes these dakimakura end up being used for relatively chaste purposes, like a romantic train ride. We don’t think it’s going too far, though, to speculate they’re also put to more lascivious means as stand-ins for obsessive fans’ lust towards their unattainable objects of desire. As a result, one new dakimakura allows you to tear the clothes off a rock star.

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Now trending in Japan: Duct-taped hug pillows

Back in my teaching days, some of my more hormonally afflicted students would take great pleasure in asking me whatever inappropriate or perverted questions popped into their heads, often wrongly assuming that I wouldn’t understand what they were saying. Sometimes they’d even break out some crude English with questions like (pointing to my crotch) “Sensei, are you long boy?”, “Do you play sex?”, or “How about Japanese adult video?”

One question that came up curiously often, though, was whether I was “esu” or “emu“, or in English: “Are you a sadist or a masochist?”

I’ve never really thought of myself as either, but chats with a few of my Japanese coworkers soon led me to believe that a surprising number of people here consider themselves to be one or the other. Can you guess which group the owners of these gagged dakimakura belong to?

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Popular new Japanese love pillows seem dirty but promise to smell clean

Well, wouldn’t you know it? Just because app developers are releasing a program which would allow otaku the interactive experience of sleeping next to Hatsune Miku doesn’t mean that Japan’s commonly found love pillows are losing any ground. In fact, two of Animate’s most recent pillow case and perfume sets sold out within a day of release! There’s nothing about this item set that isn’t to some extent creepy.

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Fans looking for naked Hatsune Miku faced with naked dog instead

Hatsune Miku fans eager to order the “Naked Hatsune Miku Love Pillow Cover” were faced with quite an unexpected image on the product’s Amazon JP page!

(This post contains images that may not be safe for work)

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Western fan artists’ answer to Japanese “Love Pillows” – you’ll never look at Batman the same way again

Ever wanted to take your favorite anime/TV/movie character to bed with you? Of course, Japan has the answer in dakimakura covers, essential items in any otaku home that usually feature cute anime girls (bishōjo) splayed out and staring up with wide, innocent eyes. Dakimakura comes from daku, meaning “to embrace” and makura, meaning “pillow”. They are sometimes referred to as “love pillows” in the West (I’ll leave you to figure out why).

Taking inspiration from Japanese dakimakura, some Western fan artists have decided to create their very own covers featuring some well-known characters. Now you can see Marvel favorites Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America as you’ve never seen them before – in your bed!

Warning: Some of the pictures below might not be safe for the workplace, or those averse to a bit of (male) bare flesh.

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