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New Japanese dating simulator lets you romance real-life YouTube celebrities

It’s a sign of the times as romance sim video game holds up YouTube video makers as dreamy potential boyfriends.

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Dating simulator’s artwork submission rejected for being too painfully realistic

There’s a fine line between “cute displeased” and “hurt-the-player’s-feelings” displeased.

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Lonely Japanese gamers giddy over the prospect of getting to smell girls in VR titles

Will new technology let them really experience the scent of virtual girls?

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The handsome booth samurai of Tokyo Game Show 2016【Photos】

We get romanced by a team of smooth-skinned samurai at Tokyo Game Show, and also an insane stalker.

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New Japanese VR dating simulator reads your brainwaves and chooses the ideal girlfriend for you

No need to choose who’s the best girl when you can let brain activity sensors make the selection for you.

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I Hate You: Japan’s anime-style mobile romance game starring girls who will never, ever love you

Developers warn players of potential emotional trauma while fans praise dating simulator’s realism.

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Otaku husbands and their cardboard, dating simulator waifus share photos of their newlywed bliss

You know how some guys who are anime or game fanatics like to refer to their favorite characters as their waifu? Well, things just got real.

The creators of an erotic game, Golden Marriage Jewel Days, ran a promotional campaign that gave their fans a chance to win life-sized cardboard standees of their favorite in-game heroines, in exchange for photos of their lives as “newlyweds”. Check out the lucky winners and their 2-D blushing brides after the break!

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New smartphone game allows you to date the man, monkey, or dessert of your dreams

A common element in Japanese dating simulator video games is that they all feature an extensive cast of potential romantic partners. Still, there are only so many characters the designers can cram into a single game, and some gamers find that the available roster of would-be boyfriends just doesn’t measure up to their preexisting celebrity or anime crush.

Seeking to solve this problem is mobile game developer GimmickPlus, with a new smartphone title that lets you drop pictures of your favorite actor or girls’ manga character straight into the game. But as we’ve seen before, when you give users a template to create romantic tension with you also give them the means to craft bizarre humor, and Fantasy Condominium-You Can Fall in Love with Your Ideal Boyfriend is no exception.

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