Amazing Tokyo restaurant offers all-you-can-drink beer plans starting at less than a buck

This may be the best deal ever for fans of beer and shochu sours who’re tight on cash and time.

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Tokyo yakiniku restaurant will hook you up with 2.9 kilos (6.4 pounds) of beef for less than US$3

You’ll need to bring a big appetite but just a little cash.

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Unlimited kushiage skewers, stewed oden, and booze at this Tokyo restaurant for under 20 bucks

Come for the fried food and alcohol, stay for the traditional Japanese winter comfort cuisine.

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Tokyo restaurant’s all-you-can-eat crab is less than 18 bucks, and its cocktails under 50 cents

If you like to eat or drink, you owe yourself a trip here.

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Tokyo’s Metropolitan Assembly Hall building is one of the cheapest places to drink in the city

All-you-can-drink beer costs just 600 yen (US$5.80), which will barely get you a single glass in many other Tokyo restaurants.

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Tokyo restaurant ready to feed you and friends yakiniku all day long for under 10 bucks

Full day of Korean barbeque could work out to just 69 yen (US$0.66) per person per meal.

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We stuff our faces with Wednesday night all-you-can-eat fried chicken from KFC Japan

How many pieces of finger-lickin’ chicken do you think our Japanese reporters will be able to finish by the end of the 45-minute feast?

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KFC offering all-you-can-eat fried chicken in Japan every Wednesday starting in mid-summer!

Count us Kentucky fried in!

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Mister Donut is offering all-you-can-eat donuts in Tokyo!

It’s a literally sweet dream come true.

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See all this delicious yakiniku? It cost less than three bucks at this Tokyo restaurant

Limited-time offer of all-you-can-eat meat is so good and so cheap that it’ll make you forgive the corny pun behind it.

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Anime matchmaking comes to America with Otaku Speed Dating

Are you a big otaku with a big hole in your heart? This might be just what you’re looking for to help you find who you’re looking for.

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Cheapo News: Tokyo Grocer selling “expired” items for pennies on the dollar

Sankei Super doesn’t vouch for the flavor, but the local Tokyo grocer offers select expired items at massive discounts, in addition to an already cheap lineup of other goods.

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At under a buck, Tokyo restaurant’s all-you-can-eat fried chicken is a ticket to poultry paradise

See all that mouth-watering Japanese-style karaage fried chicken? It only cost us 100 yen, and we could have eaten twice as much without getting charged any more.

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Anime store’s super-generous merchandise deal is a 4,700-percent return on your shopping investment

With 60 items for just 1,000 yen (US$8.35), Animate’s lucky bag might just be the luckiest of all.

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Breakfast for a buck! Tokyo university offering ridiculously cheap, mouth-watering morning meals

No one said the most important meal of the day can’t also be the cheapest.

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Burger King Japan giving discounts if you bring a McDonald’s Big Mac into one of its restaurants

For companies in the fast food hamburger business, there’s no way of getting around the fact that they’re in competition with McDonald’s. So instead of trying to tiptoe around the situation, Burger King Japan has decided to try to tackle its rival head-on with the new Big King 4.0 sandwich, which Burger King has just introduced to the Japanese market.

If you’ve got burgers on the brain, the name Big King no doubt reminds you of McDonald’s Big Mac, and that’s fine with Burger King. As a matter of fact, thanks to an unusual promotion going on right now, Burger King will give you a discount on a Big King if you bring in a receipt showing you recently bought a Big Mac, or, even stranger, if you bring in the actual McDonald’s hamburger itself.

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We check out another all-you-can-eat yakiniku deal in Shinjuku, just 1,080 yen!

In short order, it seems we at RocketNews24 have found ourselves not only unwitting experts in fast foodology – what, with our near-constant coverage of McDonald’s new pie flavors and Lotteria’s most recent forays into madness – but we’ve also added quite a few notches into our cheap, all-you-can-eat yakiniku deals belt (which doesn’t even fit us anymore, if we’re being honest).

But, recently, our resident yakiniku fiend, Mr. Sato, reported he may just have found the cheap all-you-can-eat yakiniku restaurant to rule them all.

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KFC Japan celebrates Colonel’s birthday with all-you-can-eat fried chicken, free for some kids

One of the upsides to being a little kid is that you can get presents even on someone else’s birthday. But like getting your food pre-cut into bite-sized pieces and having older people carry you around when you’re tired, you can only expect to receive bags of party favors up to a certain age.

A rare exception to this, though, is the birthday of Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Harland Sanders. To celebrate Sanders’ birthday, KFC Japan is offering all-you-can eat fried chicken, but the unlimited bird is just part of the chain’s generosity on that special day.

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Time to ham it up at this chain of Japanese wine bars with all-you-can-eat prosciutto for 500 yen

Freshness Burger is a well-known fast food burger chain in Japan. A lesser-known fact would be that they’ve gone a little gourmet and also have a chain of cheap tapas-like wine bars called FreBar, which offers arguably even better value than Freshness Burger.

For just 500 yen (US$4) you can have as much cured ham (prosciutto) as you like in an hour courtesy of their current promotion, called nama hamu tabehodai in Japanese. Mr Sato, RocketNews24 Japan writer and food adventurer, couldn’t pass up this offer, but just how many plates could he get through?

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So, who wants a free house by the sea in Japan?

We like to think of ourselves as pretty capable bargain hunters. After all, we still think back fondly on the day we got a car for 980 yen (US$8.25) and the night we got liquored up with unlimited sake for 3,000 yen (thankfully that wasn’t all within the same 24-hour period).

But as attractive as those deals were, we think we’ve found something even more enticing: a house in a coastal town in Japan that’s completely free.

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