Can memes on gender stereotypes bring the world together?

As the 1990s-era self-help book taught us, something it seems like men are from Mars and women are from Venus. But where are the stereotypes about men and women coming from? Whether or not perceived gender differences are a product of biology, environment or an outdated patriarchal worldview is an argument for another day, but it certainly seems like men and women worldwide think the same about the opposite gender. Some male and female behaviors know no international borders and we have found the memes to (somewhat unscientifically) prove it!

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A Chinese Perspective: Some of the Most Surprising Cultural Differences upon Coming to Japan

On February 1, a Chinese newspaper writing primarily for Chinese nationals residing in Japan published an article titled “Some of the Things that  Surprised Me when Coming to Japan”. Written by Chinese men and women who have experienced the Japanese lifestyle, the publication gives accounts of some quite startling differences between Chinese and Japanese customs and what is taken for granted as common sense.

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