Japanese Twitter user’s chart shows 12 levels of art skill based on how you draw a giraffe

It’s not a stretch to say that something’s a bit odd about this chart…

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Japanese fan blown away by J.K. Rowling’s reaction to his Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts drawing

It’s not every day that one of the world’s most renowned authors sits up and takes notice of one of your illustrations.

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Japanese Internet blown away by lifelike curves and sexy feminine poses of super flexible figurine

The plump flesh and curvy proportions of this doll are so realistic they’re actually NSFW.

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Professional manga artist shows how to improve drawing skills in series of two-minute video clips

From trees to clothing and anatomical features, these live-action drawing tips will have you sketching like a pro in minutes!

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Artist who knows nothing about Pokémon draws pictures of them based only on names【Pics】

If you’d never heard of a “Snorlax,” what would you think it looks like?

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Problems drawing body parts hampering your manga artist aspirations? Let this app lend you a hand

Who’s got two thumbs and likes to help artists? Handy Art Reference Tool does!

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Never been into a girl’s room before? Then this reference photo book is for you

Get a glimpse at the personal sanctuary of women from all walks of life.

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Improve your drawing skills with these videos featuring a veteran Japanese animator【Video】

From explosions to roses, there are sure to be some tips to help you out!

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“Pecs are just like boobs!” or “The correct way to draw pectoral muscles”

Even if you’re not an artist, it’s important to understand the way pecs work — for science.

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Japanese artist impresses with gorgeous picture of Hatsune Miku drawn using only three colors

Because sometimes simple is best.

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New, ultra-poseable figures spark excitement among Japan’s artsy community

These figures will literally bend over backwards to be your new life model. 

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Mesmerizing time-lapse video shows enormous, intricate maze being drawn over six months【Video】

A Japanese hobbyist spent six months drawing a massive and complex maze on a wall-sized sheet of paper. Thankfully, he filmed the whole thing and set it to some catchy J-Pop for our viewing pleasure.

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Japanese Twitter spills secret on how to draw perfect feet: Use an 8, some 6s, and an 11

Never fear drawing a human foot again with this handy trick.

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Another Excel artist appears, though he claims he “can’t draw…”

Just keep drawing.” To improve his skills, a striving artist takes this advice and runs with it… to a rather unlikely place!

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Bandai to release life-like posable plastic figures to help you draw “realistic” epic poses

It seems like Bandai really wants us to get better at drawing. First they released the totally awesome and totally-not-just-for-kids Magic Illustrator, and now they’ve announced that they will be selling life-like posable figures for all of your human-sketching needs.

And what’s more, these figures come with dozens of sweet accessories, making it easier than ever to draw a someone wielding a sword, a deadly cellphone, or their own awesome lightning fists. Ready to never again lose friends by asking them to hold a pose while you carefully draw it? Then read on!

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Bandai’s new Magic Illustrator may be for kids, but we want one too!

Are you terrible at drawing but really wish you could to sketch some pictures of things you like? Do you have zero qualms about using a giant plastic drawing board designed for small children?

Well then we have good news for you! Bandai’s “Magical Illustrator” turns anything you can look at into something that you can trace into a perfect two-dimensional rendition. The only catch? Well, you’re going to have to be taught how to use it by two elementary school girls.

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19 stunning youkai illustrations to wow your eyes and send chills down your spine

With all the headlines Youkai Watch is grabbing these days, it’s easy to forget that these distinctly Japanese spirits can actually be pretty scary or, at the very least, pretty badass. But these legendary creatures have been around in myths and tales for quite some time, and there’s no doubt that they are nothing short of awesome, in one form or another.

And to help us remember just how cool youkai can be, one anonymous Internet user posted 19 ink illustrations online for the world to see. And once you do see them, we have no doubt you’ll be wishing for me, just like us!

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Japanese professor specialising in bone structure thrills students with skeleton Pikachu sketch

What would Pikachu look like under the flesh? It’s a question that’s, weirdly, been asked a number of times over the years, with several hypotheses appearing online in the form of cute yet macabre drawings, usually sketched by talented artists and anime fans.

But what if we asked for a professional opinion? As far as we know, Pikachu’s official X-ray slides are yet to be discovered, but if they ever were, they would probably look just like the image above. Because this latest rendering of the electric Pokémon’s skeletal structure comes from the mind of a professor who studies bones and vertebrae for a living.

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New magnetic “slate” lets you write on actual paper, digitize your drawings in real-time

Digital drawing tablets, despite their best efforts, have always felt different from the real thing. For many artists, note-takers, or expert doodlers, nothing beats the feeling of putting actual pen to actual paper.

But now, thanks to iSketchnote, you can write on a real piece of paper using a real pen, while still digitizing it in real-time on a tablet or PC as you draw.

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Teacher draws over students’ doodles to make red pen masterpieces

Remember those days in school when you just couldn’t focus on your school work, so instead of taking notes you doodled all over your papers? You’re not alone. Students all over the world scribble on their school supplies, much to the teachers’ dismay. Armed with a red pen, one teacher in Thailand has decided to fight back.

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