16-Year-Old Taiwanese Model Bounces Into Spotlight With Mai Shiranui Cosplay

While we’re not sure if the iconic outfit of SNK character Mai Shiranui is the most popular choice for female cosplayers, it has proved itself the most likely to get you attention—assuming you have the body to pull it off.

Taiwanese model Lan Fenghuang, also known as Mia, is the latest Mai wannabe to make it into the spotlight thanks to a series of self-shot photos that went viral in China, Taiwan and Japan. It looks like Lan fits the physical requirements perfectly, but even more jaw-dropping is that this beautiful cosplayer is reported to be only 16-years-old.

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Perhaps you’re familiar with duckface, the facial expression employed by some females in which they push their lips outward and curl them upward to make themselves look sexy or cute*.

In Japan, duckface became popular circa 1998, after the debut of popular singer Ami Suzuki, who often used the expression in photo shoots. Since then, duckface has become a widely-recognized method for Japanese females to express their ‘cuteness’ or ‘sexiness,’ with the Japanese term “duck-mouth” even being published in a dictionary for the first time in 2005. Today, duckface remains the distorted face of choice for many young Japanese females posing for the camera.

Recently, we here at RocketNews24 wondered that if duckface is a tried-and-true method for Japanese women to increase their sex-appeal, how well will it work for Japanese men?

To find out, we asked the one person who could use a visual boost more than anyone else we know, Mr. Satoh. Read More


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