Chinese Farmer Builds Wind Powered Car, Could Maybe Definitely not Work… Then Again…

People often say that China, despite being a power house of manufacturing, does very little in the way of innovation.  This is just not true. The Chinese have given us gunpowder, fortune cookies, and the floating bed.

Most recently, one Chinese man set out to make a wind powered car and claims he succeeded – but did he?

A video report of his story was put up on YouTube and comments were divided on the plausibility of this wind car, but no definitive answers have been put forth.

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Japan Develops Single Passenger Silent Mini Electric Helicopters, Travels at 100km/h (62mph)

Every once in a while a story comes along about a flying car or helicopter that fits in a briefcase, but they always disappear into the ether never coming to fruition.  It’s understandable since everyone having their own mass produced flying machine would be a safety and law enforcement nightmare.

This time, however, Hirobo in Hiroshima Prefecture may be rolling out a personal helicopter that will actually get off the ground.

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