Every Ghibli movie poster is part of this beautiful postage stamp set going on sale this month

Totoro and Kiki are ready to help deliver your letters.

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New Yu-Gi-Oh! movie gets special screenings just for fans where they can shout and cosplay

Grab your costume and three shades of hair dye, Yu-Gi-Oh! fans!

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Kingdom Hearts orchestral world tour announced, will perform video games’ music in six countries

Grab your tickets and your keyblades, because two Kingdom Hearts concert series are coming with a total of 15 performances in six countries.

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The amazing merchandise of the Sailor Moon art exhibition gift shop 【Photos】

After you’ve checked out the art and food of the Sailor Moon art exhibit, don’t forget to pick up some souvenirs!

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Every Yu-Gi-Oh! card ever, all in one place at awesome Tokyo train station display 【Photos】

Duelists and anime fans drawn to the sight of 7,000-plus gleaming, mint-condition collectible cards from the hit franchise.

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We got a sneak peek at the stellar Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Exhibit【Photos】

We knew it was going to be sailor-tastic, but it’s better than we imagined.

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Otaku Lovers: Japan’s new singles event that’s just for hardcore anime and video game fans

Matchmaking party allows participants to wear their fandom on their sleeve.

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Tokyo and Osaka’s Sailor Moon Crystal Cafes to feature new Outer Senshi drinks and desserts!

For a short period starting next month, anime cafe Anion Station will be celebrating the new season of Sailor Moon Crystal with another round of drinks and desserts, this time in honor of Sailor Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto!

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New pop-up cafe in Tokyo offers drinks with hands-on animation, art and design on the side

Next time you feel like taking a coffee break, why not head over to the NagaLatte Cafe in Harajuku, where you can try Snow Brand Milk’s newest beverage and experience what it’s like to work as a manga illustrator, animator, or other creative professional?

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Tokyo cosplay studio to hold photography event just for dolls and figures this summer

For a single day in June, cosplay studio Haco Stadium will be welcoming dolls, instead of people, to partake in photo shoots at their Ikebukuro location.

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Forget chocolate and strawberry – Japan now has fried chicken-flavored ice cream

What else would you expect to be on the dessert menu at the Fried Chicken Festival?

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Try traditional Japanese yabusame horseback archery from the back of a moving taxi in Yokohama

For two days only, you’ll be able to try your hand at “Taxi Yabusame”, which involves hitting nine targets from the backseat of a cab.

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Love Street Fighter and ramen? Then you’ll want to head to Shinjuku Station tonight or tomorrow!

Looking for a free meal? Then stop by Shinjuku Station and try some Hadoken ramen!

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Tokyo Mask Festival invites visitors to put on a new face and join the masquerade

Author Victor Hugo once said, “Virtue has a veil, vice a mask,” but what if Japanese, contemporary, and fetish masks are your vice? You’ll want to check out Tokyo Mask Festival Vol. 2!

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A feast for the eyes — Sailor Moon Art Exhibit is coming to Tokyo this April!

Sailor Moon fans can look forward to an exciting treat in the coming months — an art exhibit in the fashionable Roppongi district of Tokyo!

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Grab your formalwear, gamers! Full-orchestra Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy concerts coming soon

Two-concert event to cover decades of video game musical history.

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Roppongi Hills celebrates the return of artist Takashi Murakami with cute pop-up cafe

Internationally acclaimed contemporary artist Takashi Murakami has returned to Japan with a long-awaited exhibition and Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills is celebrating with a cafe that offers up his art in edible form.

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Virtual idol Hatsune Miku announces seven-city U.S., Canadian concert tour

The world’s biggest virtual idol is returning to the U.S. on a new concert tour, and also making her Canadian performance debut.

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Otaku speed-dating party lets participants chat online before event, review each other during it

Even as the world of otaku becomes an increasingly co-ed one, many of Japan’s obsessive fans of anime, video games, and other forms of pop culture struggle in finding a romantic partner. That’s where Aeullura, a matchmaking company specializing in konkatsu (marriage-minded dating) events for otaku, comes in.

But conventional speed-dating can be intimidating for even ordinarily outgoing individuals, let alone otaku who might very well spend more of their free time watching fictional characters than interacting with other people. Add in the pressure of a ticking clock, and some might not feel confident in their ability to walk up to an attractive stranger, make a good impression, and then find out more about them.

That’s why Aeullura is flipping that sequence of events for its upcoming otaku matchmaking party by giving the speed daters access to a wealth of information about one another, and even letting them communicate online, before putting them all in the same room together.

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Evangelion episode to be shown on giant skyscraper monitors across Japan for 20th anniversary

Japan’s urban landscape is dotted with giant TV monitors mounted on the sides of skyscrapers. Despite what you might expect, though, from watching science fiction anime or young adult-literature-sourced movies depicting dystopian futures, they aren’t constantly broadcasting information about where citizens should evacuate to during the current alien invasion or directives from the Office of the Supreme Leader.

No, usually they’re just devoted to ad loops. But this weekend, public big screens across Japan will be showing something a little more exciting: The entire first episode of anime hit Evangelion.

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