Have ridiculously expensive tastes? Set your wallet on fire with these Andy Warhol candy tins

Sometimes Japan produces things that are totally worth the high asking price if you really want them: like the US$16,000 wood-carved dragon guitar, or the $1.4 million golden Godzilla. But then there are the things that make you laugh out loud when you see the price: like $18 per cup Geisha Starbucks coffee or $100 rainbow-colored tissues.

A set of 30 newly-released candy tins based on the artwork of Andy Warhol definitely falls into the “excuse me what?!” category. Sure they’re beautifully made and come inside lacquered medicine boxes, but you won’t believe how much they asking for them.

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Sun, sea, and sumo: Fans of Japan’s oldest sport can soon book their dream vacation

Rikishi, oyakata, tokoyama, and Yokozuna. If these Japanese words mean anything to you, then you are likely a super sumo fan. Like any popular sport, it’s expensive to see your favorite athletes compete – and actually meeting and chatting with them seems like a distant dream. This is not so different for Japan’s national sport of sumo, with 13,000 fans at each tournament cheering for their favorites, you are just one in the crowd.

But, of course everyone wants more – more chances to take pictures and more chances to meet your favorite stars. Well, if you have nothing else planned for December, right now is your last chance to sign up for the Grand Sumo Cruise! Just be ready to open up your wallet!

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This ice cream spoon uses your body heat to get the perfect scoop, costs more than most desserts

You may remember the limited edition “ice cream shovels” produced last year to solve the problem of too-hard-to-eat frozen treats found at convenience stores. Well now there’s another spoon that’s specially engineered to use the heat from your hands to get you closer to the perfect scoop. An item that’s this well-thought-out is going to have a hefty price tag, but you’ll probably be surprised at just how expensive this ice cream spoon actually is.

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The top overpriced products in Japan

Tokyo and its big city cousin to the south, Osaka, are consistently voted among the most expensive places in the world in international polls. Japan in general is notorious for its high prices, prompting many potential visitors to choose a different, more cost-effective destination. Sure, from an outside perspective, prices in Japan are more than most are used to, but what do those who actually live there think? Japanese website, Ameba News, asked 570 working Japanese adults to name any products they felt weren’t priced correctly, whether too expensive or too cheap. The results may surprised you.

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iPhone5S sells for US$10,000 on eBay

Since the 20 September launch of the iPhone5S and iPhone5C some people have already purchased theirs while others remain on waiting lists. All around the world the iPhone5S is in short supply, the gold model in particular proving especially difficult to lay hands on.

So when a gold iPhone5S became available on eBay this week the bidding quickly got out of control, with the price of the phone shooting up to around US$10,000.

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Human Butt Pillows for $11/min: Japan’s “Cuddle Cafe” Adds Cheeky New Service

Sleeping! Hand holding! Awkward conversation and pent-up sexual frustration!

What you’re about to witness, ladies and gentlemen, is “cuddle cafe” Soineya’s new oshiri makura (lit. butt pillow) service; the latest in awkward things that men can pay to do with young girls who don’t actually like them.

The concept is simple: a pretty girl enters your private booth, lies on her front and lets you rest your head on her bottom. But don’t drift into too deep a sleep, there, sonny- just one minute of oshiri makura action will cost you an incredible 1,000 yen (US$11).

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Comprising Just 2% of the Global Population, Japanese Pay 18% of the World’s Total Insurance Premiums

The Japanese love their insurance. According to the weekly tabloid Shukan Post, the average household in Japan pays 454,300 yen (approx. US$5,393) a year in life insurance premiums in an effort to feel safe and protect loved ones. Comprising just 2% of the global population, Japan pays 18% of the world’s total insurance premiums, this which works out to average insurance spending of US$3,500 per capita, the highest level in the world.
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Tokyo Disneyland Sees Its First Ever Wedding at Cinderella’s Castle, Fairy Magic Starts At US$96,000

Flying in the face of the popular urban myth that couples who visit Tokyo Disneyland always leave single, on Friday, September 28, Takayuki Abiko and his bride Mayumi Kagoshi became the first couple ever to marry at Tokyo Disneyland’s Cinderella castle, inducing excited gasps and striking fear into the hearts of many across the land.

The “Disney Royal Dream Wedding” plan only began taking reservations at the beginning of September this year, giving Takayuki and Mayumi the privilege of being the first couple ever to exchange rows of love in the gigantic fairytale ballroom, and throwing them into the media spotlight. Read More

No Voice for the Poor: 77,000 US Dollars Just to Stand for Election in Japan

Want to be the next political leader in Japan? We hope you’ve got deep pockets!

It was revealed by internet-condensing extraordinaire Naver this week that, in order to put themselves forward for election, aspiring political leaders much first make a mandatory deposit of six million yen (77,000 US dollars / 59,000 euros) into the legal system, making Japan the most expensive country in the world to announce one’s candidacy. Read More


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