Pikachu Shoes: The Only Way to Get Your Boyfriend to Notice Them

Ladies, are you looking for something to liven up your wardrobe but not go overboard? Are you tired of the man in your life not paying attention to your new shoes that you spent hours choosing?

If so, then visit for your next pair.  Here you can find sparkly and eye-catching designs that are too far over the edge of good-taste.  I guarantee your husband or boyfriend will compliment you on your 1-UP designed shoes faster than you could imagine.
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Japan Develops Flashing LED Shoelaces, Perfect For Night Joggers and Pet-Walkers

Jogging at night can be dangerous even if carrying a flashlight or wearing protective gear.

While you probably don’t need to go as far as wrapping yourself up in Christmas lights, it can never hurt to make yourself light up as much as possible, and what better place to start with than your jogging shoes: on February 23, Sanyo Transport began selling flashing LED shoelaces from its online store e-supply.

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Three Women Get Identical Plastic Surgeries and Take Over-Coordination to Scary New Places

Have you ever met up with a friend only to find that you chose the same outfit to wear somewhere public?  Or have you ever been in a class where someone you don’t know or even don’t like was wearing the same shirt as you?  The feeling of awkwardness, annoyance, and/or embarrassment that comes with these situations is something most of us try to avoid.

However, three mysterious women in China have decided to make this a way of life by making their faces identical with cosmetic surgery.

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Around the world women often turn to bizarre-looking contraptions in the quest to look more beautiful and Japan is perhaps home to some of the strangest.  Sometimes it even seems like beauty product makers are playing a huge joke on their customers by making them look more ridiculous than beautiful.

The latest of such products is Hana-Tsun (Pointy Nose), produced by Glim Inc., who are no strangers to thinking outside the box when it comes to beauty products.

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Japanese Shoppers Buying Tomato Juice Like There’s No Tomorrow, Or Like There’s A Fat Tomorrow

Supermarkets all across Japan have been struggling to keep up with demand for that barely-tolerated gritty beverage known as tomato juice.  This is the latest in an ongoing series of food fads many in the country believe to be effective in reducing weight like cabbage and bananas.

At the beginning of February one supermarket in Osaka had a well-stocked shelf of tomato juice daily, most likely catering to the odd person avoiding blood clots or making Bloody Marys.  However, on the weekend of February 10, hordes of shoppers descended on their supply of juice like so many locusts on a farm.  By the 14th, the staff was turning desperate dieters away as new shipments could not reach them in time.
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50-Year-Old Man Shaves Hello Kitty On His Head To Surprise 80-Year-Old Father

While there’s no contesting that the world loves Hello Kitty, we think it can be argued that Taiwan’s adoration for Sanrio’s mascot character is unrivaled and may even border on madness.

Just look at Taiwanese airline carrier Eva Air’s Hello Kitty Jet to see the kind of national idol status Hello Kitty has achieved.

That’s nothing more than business promotion, you say? Well then, how do you explain the 50-year-old Taiwanese man who had Hello Kitty shaved on the back of his head to amuse his 80-year-old father!?

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K-On! Full Facial T-Shirts Challenge The Fashion Conscious Fan

With the successful release of a feature length film in December 2011, Japanese anime K-On! is enjoying broader popularity than ever before.

The release of the film was accompanied by waves of new merchandise and even a tie-up with convenience store Lawson.

Yet there is one product series in particular that has been gaining attention for seeming to challenge fans to prove their devotion and enthusiasm for K-On!: full color T-shirts designed with one of the main character’s face occupying the entire front side.

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Japan Brings Comfort To The Foreign Masses With Shoe-Socks, Socks That Look Like Shoes With Socks

It’s custom in Japan to take off your shoes upon entering a house. This is done mostly to keep floors clean and in good condition, but also because socks and slippers are just more comfortable than shoes.

The Japanese are rather proud of this tradition and often have trouble understanding why people in other countries wouldn’t want to take off their shoes after going inside.

Japanese company Satoyama Socks suspects that many people may just not feel comfortable taking their shoes off while everyone else keeps theirs on.

And that’s why they designed Shoe-Socks.

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Bust-Reducing Bras See Strong Sales In Japan, Women May Prefer Slim Figure Over Big Breasts

Many women look to the padded bra as a quick and easy way to boost their sex appeal, the traditional logic being that men prefer a bigger bust.

However, recent strong sales in Japan of a bra designed to make big breasts look smaller suggests that Japanese women may find a flat chest more flattering.

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This Year’s Hot Chirstmas Gift for that Special Someone You Never Want To See Again: The Frank Mulle…I Mean Miura Watch

Are you looking for something to give to that special someone in your life? Choosing the right gift is a huge burden for many of us this time of year, especially with so many options to choose from.

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Everyone’s Talking About Some Hot Chick’s Armpit Hair

So, everybody, what do you think when you see a girl’s armpit hair? Does it make a difference if she’s smoking hot? A lot of people would probably be surprised, and some of them might even reject her entirely over the matter.

Well, this has apparently become a big topic of conversation in China, where a pretty young woman bared her hairy pits to the world.
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Fashionistas, Take Note: These Hot iPhone Covers Are Just 100 Yen!

There is a shopping wonderland where every item is only about a buck and you can buy pretty much any daily necessity and a whole lot of stuff you didn’t even know existed. This fabled place is the Japanese 100 yen shop, and it’s head and shoulders above the dingy dollar shops you know from home. You can even pick up a stylish cover to pimp your iPhone, with an unexpected abundance of styles and colors to satisfy even the most demanding fashion divas.

Of course, price is one thing, but quality is also going to be a major factor. Can decoration-loving fashionistas really buy with confidence? Can these cheap covers really protect our all-important iPhones? Rocket News decided to find out.
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Doll-Faced Four-Year-Old Russian Model Melts Hearts, Saves World

What better to heat you up as the weather turns cold than some Babes from the North? Russian models have a reputation for knowing how to keep warm, but four-year-old model Kristina Pimenova is crushing hearts with her doll-like features and uber-cute poses.

Down, boy! Here, go chew on Nozomi Sasaki for another 15 years. She’s from the Russia of Japan (otherwise known as Akita Prefecture).

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We Take Cues From Reddit Picture, Attempt The First Japanese “Kubipan”

Recently on our Japanese site, we introduced a picture (above) uploaded to reddit of a young black male who had sits causally with his pants pulled up over his shoulders. The picture was a hit with our Japanese readers, who interpreted it as a herald of the end of koshipan—the Japanese word for ‘saggy pants,’ which is a portmanteau of hips (koshi) and pants (pantsu)—and the beginning of a new age: the age of kubipan (kubi = neck).

Feeling it our mission to keep Japan up to date with the latest hip-hop fashion, we called upon our own Mr. Satoh to model the basics of kubipan for our Japanese readers who are interested in trying it themselves.

However, we soon realized how foolish we were to believe such a challenging new style could be easily manipulated. Read More

Revolutionary Korean Umbrella UFOCAP Frees Both Hands So You Can Cover Your Face In Shame

It’s said that man has been using umbrellas to shield himself from the rain for roughly 4000 years. Over this time, the basic structure of the umbrella has never deviated far from the convenient, hand-held device we use even to this day.

However, ever visionaries of the future, the Koreans have taken inspiration from the limitless possibilities of space to bring us a new form of umbrella that surpasses the bounds of human invention. They have brought us…the UFOCAP. Read More

They say that God creates no one perfect, but after laying eyes on 23 year old Chinese supermodel Ai Shangzen, we’re beginning to think that claim is debatable. Read More

REAL-F is a Japanese company that claims it is “pursuing a ‘real’ that exceeds the real.” While it’s hard to come up with a tangible image of what that could mean, the company has indeed succeeded in creating a mask that is so realistic we’re not sure we want to see anything that exceeds it.

Using a technology developed in-house called 3 Dimension Photo Form (3DPF), the folks at REAL-F will take multiple high-resolution images of your face from different angles and imprint them on a vinyl chloride resin mold. The mask, officially known as “The Real Mask,” is so detailed that it even your blood vessels, pores, and iris details will appear on the final product. Read More


On September 17 an exhibition showcasing the new product collaboration between fashion brand Gucci and manga artist Hiroki Araki, known worldwide for his ongoing manga Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure, opened at the GUCCI store in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The event is being held to commemorate Gucci’s 90th anniversary. Read More

A Day in the Life of a Cosplay Photo Buff

I slung my camera over my shoulder, ready to invade the world of cosplay for the first time at this year’s summer Comic Market 80 at Tokyo Big Sight.

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Chinese Weather Girl’s T-Shirt Eludes Censors, Causes Storm

An apparently unwitting weather forecaster walked into the WZTV studio in Zhejiang Province, China wearing a T-shirt bearing arguably the most offensive (and versatile) word in the English language.

The censors slumbered and studio personnel allowed the young woman to give her cheerful report of the day’s weather with said word emblazoned across her chest above an angry and possibly homicidal cousin of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

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