Father’s Day

Wishing you had a kid on Father’s Day? This “rental son” might (not) be the answer!

Father’s Day is always tough for the kids–there’s quite possibly no one harder to shop for than a father, despite what hardware store commercials would have you believe. After all, even if you do decide to get him a new set of tools, how can you be sure that these are the right tools to get him? You’re almost better off just setting your money on fire!

But what about the men out there who are spending the day wishing they had someone to buy them presents they never actually wanted? Thankfully, there’s a new item up for rent on Japan’s Yahoo! Auction site that might be just the thing…

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There’s something not quite right about these mannequins…

“Hey, you, go dress the mannequins in the window. Do whatever you want, but make sure you show off this season’s gift items. And make it summer-y, you know. It’s getting warmer, after all.” “Ok, boss, whatever you say…”

We have no idea whether this was employee sabotage or a knowing campaign, but this window display is certainly attracting attention in all the right places.

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Celebrate Father’s Day with the artistic stylings of schoolchildren!

It’s that time of year again! We’re sure most of you will be celebrating fatherhood on 16 June, and what father wouldn’t love a handmade portrait from their child? Although I did notice that after turning 25, the charm seemed to wear off.

Still let’s take a moment to check out what some kids in China think of their dads through the medium of crayon and pencil.

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